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Hey everybody lance groom here: are you ready to start buying and selling domains? Are you ready to start flipping the domains you have? Are you tired, sick and tired of seeing your domains out there in your portfolio collecting dust bunnies, not selling, not moving at all and every single time you go in another one’s due to expire, and you got to pay the money to renew it. Well, no more! I’M going to show you an exciting way to flip domains and this new product that jamie lewis has came out with called stuff your bank and i’m going to show you how to do it, i’m so excited. In fact, i’m going to give you a close, comprehensive study of this, which is going to be a training session on a webinar. So when you come on through and you grab it, there’s going to be a webinar sign up link and i’m going to show you my latest flips and my latest ways to buy and sell domains the type of domains i’m buying and the way that i’m selling Them it’s going to be that exciting domain buying and selling has never been so hot. So in just a minute we’re going to go inside. Look at the sales page look inside the membership area of stuff, your bank and all the things you can do with the software and things to do with buying and selling domains. Jamie lewis knows how to flip, i’m actually the main broker on flippa i’ve been around for years and i’m always in the nose students come to me all the time lance. How do you do this or lance? I just sold this, and this is what’s working, so i’m always at the center of the action of what’s going on with buying and selling domains. So what i want you to do not until we’re done with this video here is click the link below and you’re. Not going to believe it when you see the sales page, jamie lewis and his wife susie are so funny jamie’s reciting a wrap he’s jumping around a santa costume and i think susie is kind of like an elf santa. She is so funny. So you’ve got to see this you’re going to click the link below in just a minute, but let’s make sure we have this right, i’m going to show you the sales page you’re going to go inside the membership area with me and i’m going to show you Everything that’s involved with getting stuff your bank also, if you’ve gotten this product in the past a few months ago, make sure you grab it again, because this webinar this training is worth it on all the new tricks and hacks that i’m doing to flip domains as Well, as walking through this product, so let’s go inside the membership area. Right now and i’ll see you then okay, we’re on the sales page here in just a minute, i’m going to go over it for you, but one thing real, quick. I want to tell you many of you guys, don’t know in gals that i got my start. I’M a domain flipper also the main broker on flippa. I got my start learning from jamie lewis. Okay, he taught me a lot of great things. He had some great software and i learned a lot of the tricks, a lot of the trades from him being my mentor, and i really respect him for that and i’ve done very well. I’Ve sold thousands and thousands tens of thousands over forty five thousand dollars in domains over the last couple years and recently sold one for over fifteen thousand dollars. Okay, i got the opportunity to be invited on a private zoom call with a few other students and to share some like success, and some of these trends. That’S going on right now with some new software that he has called stuff your bank, we’re going to look at it in just a minute inside the membership area, and i’m going to tell you about some exciting bonuses will blow your mind. Okay. So what i want you to do is stay tuned for my review. Access, learn how i made so much money in flipping domains and how i got my start and what i’ve been able to do with stuff your bank? Okay. So, let’s look over the sales page a little bit and then we’re gon na go inside the membership area. I’M gon na show you around then show you some exciting upgrades and everything there that’s going on and also make sure you understand more about what stuff your bank is. Then. Last but not least, we’ll talk about my bonus, which is a webinar training. It’S a live training that you’re going to be able to see on how to use this product, monetize stuff, your bank and also some of the new ways and exciting ways. I’Ve done for flipping domain names, list, building, um buying and selling type of domain names. I get and all these different new hacks are going to carry you into 2021

Okay, so we’re on top of stuff your bank. Okay, now i’m not going to play the audio here, but you can kind of see. Jamie is just going crazy on here. It’S hilarious he’s got a wrap. He’S got his wife susie on here. Oh, my goodness. I think this is a place i’m going to pause it um nice little treat for you and then it’ll tell you a little bit more about what’s going on you’re, going to see kind of an exciting guest appearance for me i’ll, be in this video talking a Little bit about some exciting flips that i’ve been able to do and so forth. Okay, so we’ll scroll down a little bit you’re going to see, look at all the screenshots here, pretty exciting. Okay! Now, i’m just gon na kind of quickly go over some of this stuff, okay and what you get but i’ll. Let you go here by clicking the link in the description below okay, so pretty cool um flipping domains is a huge business buying and selling um. I had an opportunity to uh, sell some really big stuff just uh this year and i just can’t believe how many domains are coming available now during cobid, unfortunately, that a lot of people are just letting their domains go um and not renewing them. So i’m always out there picking stuff up and selling it okay. So this is real newbie friendly um proven you can earn a lot of different types of incomes, um, different ways, selling buying and selling domains. There’S different angles: you can approach it. You can approach it as somebody that just wants to build a website on it and flip it or sell just the domain itself. You can list build, you can teach a product once you learn how to buy and sell domains. You can become a broker. You can act as a broker on escrow.com there’s all kinds of ways to do things: okay, with domains as a product. You don’t get refunds on because who refunds a good domain? Name, it’s pretty straightforward. They know what they’re getting okay, so david kirby and jamie lewis bring this to you. Um 100 money back guarantee. Here’S some of your frequently asked questions just make sure you look it over and you quickly grab this product because jamie’s knowing to raise the price uh. Probably going to go up pretty soon again, okay and then make sure you go to your warrior, plus account here and you go to your purchase history, and you also see the bonus, which is a link from zoom to sign up for my webinar live training for How to monetize stuff your bank and a course how to flip domains and buy and sell okay, so right now we’re going to go inside the membership area and you’re not going to believe all the things that are in there. In fact, there are actually domain names waiting for you, and i can’t show you these right now because i was told not to even buy any of these myself save them for you, they’re available right now inside the membership area, he’s sorted out some pretty cool ones. Let me show you all the tutorials everything that’s waiting for you and you’re going to be so excited and then we’re going to come back out here. We’Re going to talk about my bonuses and i’m going to show you what i’m going to do to help you out. Okay, so we’re inside the membership area of stuff, your bank and you’re going to see inside here, um i’m not going to click domains, because these are domains that are available to buy that were searched out. But you can actually look on your own time. You’Re going to see expired, domains marketplace partner with jamie swipes, entrepreneur, leagues. All these different links, you can click you’re gon na see a bunch of video tutorials. Okay, just some of the video tutorials here i’ll click here. Okay and he’s got a lot of information. So um i’m not going to scroll down too far, because i don’t want to give everything away until you buy it and purchase it, but there’s a wealth of information you’re buying software with training for domain names. How powerful is that that’s huge? Okay, i remember when he had his software a long time ago, um demeanor elite, and i learned from that. That’S really cool okay. So once again, the front end, which is stuff your bank 2.0, is it features full training on how to use a software that features jamie’s private vault domains to quickly and easily profit exclusively from domains. He has hand-picked from them. Let’S talk about some of the exciting upgrades, okay, so upgrade one. This is the oto does two things. Firstly, the front end for the stuff. Your bank is throttled at 20 daily software searches within jamie’s private domain vault, with this upgrade you’re able to get unlimited, daily searches. How great is that? Secondly, jamie has run down his domain marketplace for years. Okay, so he has placed the marketplace inside the stuff. Your bank’s membership area in here, so that anybody takes advantage of oto one get to make additional profits from stuff your bank, okay, without leaving the membership area, that’s a huge number of daily buyers and sellers in the marketplace. He has have generated thousand thousand dollars using this okay, so 201 is a very good uh upgrade oto2 is the high roller club. Okay, this upgrade lets you profit from domains pick daily uh before you sell them, okay, so the upgrade again literally lets you profit from domains. You pick up before you sell it. I want to make sure i reiterate that the front end features domains that are very profitable uh, but they don’t have any traffic going to them. With this upgrade you get to access jamie’s massive software database of domains ready for this that have huge traffic going to them. Okay, very cool oto, three jamie! Does it for you, one of the hardest. Most time consuming things about this method is actual listing of the domains with oto2 he’s done it all for you to sell his copy sells listings for you, with proven to convert copywriting personally done by jamie lewis himself same copy that he’s used to earn hundreds of Thousands of dollars i’ve seen one of his website that he sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Um, it was pretty cool. Oto4 is lifetime access to jamie’s weekly live training. So you get a lot of training here, uh in the membership area, with personal coaching directly from him um, it’s undeveloped, invaluable training, as jamie actually has mastered this and has agreed to open up it instead inside of stuff, your bank for a limited time, okay, also Oto fives entrepreneur league this oto. You receive six more income streams right here: six more income streams, um the entrepreneur club to get instantly access, fully upgraded access, complete funnels to stuff your bank and five more other best-selling programs. Any does have a lot of them. Okay, so you want to make sure you take advantage of those otos pretty cool stuff. Okay, wasn’t that exciting? So in just a few minutes, i’m going to have you click the link below okay, but make sure also you smash the like button in this video make sure you drop a nice comment, and you also subscribe that way that way. That way. That way, wherever you see the subscribe button and, of course, and be a part of my channel when we learn lots of fun stuff now, when you come through, okay, with warrior plus you’re gon na see in the top right, which is gon na, actually be your Purchase history, you’re gon na see a webinar sign up link from zoom we’re gon na have some training right after christmas, and i’m gon na show you how to flip domains and buy domains and different types of extensions. Oh, my goodness, there’s so much stuff. I’M gon na show you and how to get recurve billing every single month by people buying domains through you, okay, i missed thousands tens of thousands of dollars over the last three years, not sending people to this place, so i can get paid every single time they Buy domains and a lot of people have hundreds of millions, sometimes thousands of domains. So when they renew you can make money. So i’m going to show you all this when you buy the product – okay and also look at some of the upgrades okay, this free training here is very exciting, but it comes with coming aboard this product. Some of the upgrades you’re going to see as well in this tutorial. I’Ve just showed you make sure you log in the membership area scroll all the way down on the left side here of the membership area. You’Ll see some of those upgrades pick one you’ll be so excited, i’m lance groom. I can’t wait to work with you grab them now. The bonuses are limited and i’m only going to have so many people on this webinar. You don’t want to miss this. I don’t do this very often so click the link below right now and i’ll talk to you soon. You

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