4 Strategies to Get More Instagram Followers

Today we have four strategies to grow your Instagram following here on the journey: [ Music ] all right on instagram. You probably got a great cadence going already with how often you’re posting but you’re definitely thinking how do I get more followers right. I know I was asked that actually just recently when I was doing a seminar in Orlando and it’s a good thing to think about, because the more followers the more likes right, the more likes spread, more word-of-mouth yeah, the more conversion to your website. The more you grow all these fun things right yeah, but, as I was gon na, ask well what are best practices to get more followers on Instagram, so we’re gon na break it down into four ways to gain more followers, starting with don’t skip over that bio. Make an awesome, bio about your business. I know I have a favorite one was that there was this pub in LA when I lived there and they did this really bold move. They decided to go 100 %, vegan interesting for a pub yeah and in their violence’s. Okay, yeah good plan tres, so they get right a little good pun now this week, alright anyway, so like it’s their announcement that hey we’re plant-based now, it’s also funny which is their voice, their sense of humor and then from there. They like have added links, for example, if they want to direct you to their website or anything that they’re promoting that month. So when it comes to your bio, that was just one example: okay yeah we’re plant base, but I also recommend, if you’ve been in business for a long time whenever you open up. Add that that’s! Oh, it’s always a big one for me, especially when I’m checking out like an auto repair shop. I want to know they’re, not just like the new shop in town. It makes me feel like I can trust them more they’ve been around a while. So I’d also incorporate anything that really demonstrates your personality or your vibe. So if you’re, a restaurant and you’re known for fine dining, like let people know that so you get the right audience versus if you’re super like div’ hipster, vegan crunchy plays exactly right I’ll, be there yep she’ll be there. I might try it, but with your bio, you really want to be strategic about what you put out. There basically put how you actually help your followers and what they’re going to get out of it, the more that you describe like cool, what’s in it for them they’re gon na read that go! Oh cool! That’S me like. I want to talk about or see vegan pubs or I want to have help with real estate, or I want to have help with whatever put helping you do blog whatever. That is add that in there and what a cool little trick is so an Instagram bio. You can’t really do those line breaks it’ll, make it just one giant paragraph, but instead open up notes like on your phone. Add your BIOS. There add your line, breaks your emojis, whatever you want to do then copypasta that over and then it’s like all nice and organized it’s little sentences versus one giant, paragraph yeah. Absolutely and one thing I would also include you, mentioned real estate and then I started thing about home services and I start think about where your service area might be or areas. So a few only service, certain cities. You know spell that out through your customers as well. So, at a glance I know: hey it’s worth picking up the phone and calling you to do business with you as a potential customer or not all right now with including the the bio is, the link that Instagram gives us. It’S the only place where we can link to another source. What are some things that we should basically link to you there yeah, so there’s a lot of options. I know I actually did this recently for the journey. I added the youtube link. All of our yeah. I saw that you basically posted about it and say: hey check out my link in the bio yeah then went right to the video. Did you click on it? I might have so if you want to direct people to a YouTube channel, that you’re doing or other social media platforms that you’re on or maybe you’re offering a really exciting discount or a special giveaway. And then you direct them to there and you could do this in your Instagram stories – hey Lincoln bio or on your Instagram post, Oh check out the link in our bio. So that’s a great. I see that a lot, especially for giveaways or 10 % off really cool shirt yeah. I dig it and then I think last thing with the bio is the basically display name. What a lot of businesses will do. They’Ll just put their business name there, but if it’s not super apparent about what your business is, maybe that won’t resonate with your audience, but you can add your business name and then that line then basically put the services that you offer, whether it’s real estate investing Or vegan pubs, or whatever it looks like so when someone’s going through searching the fee, they can see your business name and then cool that industry makes my entice them to want to jump in and explore your page a bit more alright. So that takes us to number two infuse, your Instagram with personality. What does it actually mean other than your award-winning personality? So that means think about what content you’re doing what you’re putting out there don’t try too hard. It’S gon na come off that you’re, trying too hard be authentic, be real and plan ahead, because that’s one thing I noticed too is that when content is just being rushed, personalities left out completely so just take the time. Think what is really me? What is my voice? What is my business about? Do I have a good sense of humor yeah and for the most part, people follow your Instagram page, not only just for the services you offer, but they follow it for you right. So, the more that you share you and just share your day to day your struggles, your wins your opportunities and just going on their post about you, the more that you’ll really relate to them and connect with that audience. The more willing that they’re gon na be to just follow you and your presence yeah as soon as you come off, just sounding like a business or predictable or a robot you’re going to get less engagement, and why would I follow you up? I unfollow you if become too salesy or sound too much like a business, and you know they can seem confusing right because you’re like I am a bit right. I want to sell my service. I want to make money like I’m on there to get more business. So, yes, I hear you but consumers, especially Millennials. We want to see a personality, so authenticity for the win and speaking of Millennials, I read an interesting stat. The other day it said Millennials prefer user-generated content so be sure to incorporate that on your Instagram. It’S like the mecca for user-generated content, which, if you don’t know what that is, it’s essentially content that other people have created for you about. You, like your customers, taking pictures of their pizza and then mentioning you. You can repurpose that into your own post and there was also another stat that said 85 % of people when they see user-generated content, they actually visual user-generated content. They actually trust it more than businesses what they’re saying about themselves or brands or colleagues or your family. So strangers are pretty powerful, yeah and there’s many ways to really create that user-generated content. We’Ve got a video for you to check out up there, but we what quick things you can do run a contest create just a personalized hashtag with your business and tell everyone a hashtag it and then you can go search. Those hashtags. Then all that user-generated content is there reach out to them, say: hey you mind if I post this get their permission just in case and then add that content to your own feed create that user-generated content get people to really like you and buy into your business And you win and you grow your following another awesome way to infuse personality in your Instagram. It’S actually really quite simple. Ask questions like what so I sold so I sell this hotel and they did a post on Instagram and it said I feel I was like. I feel most at home when I have blank, so the hotel asking that question was just a really cool way to not only get their audience engage because people love to talk about themselves right, but they also then shared what makes them feel most at home. It was like curled up with the book cozy with some hot tea yeah and another added benefit with that is now they’re, getting basically a survey data of their audience. What makes them feel at home, they can be kind of the best examples make sure they include that in their hotel. I think that’s so true. Cuz, like really enjoys um cucumber water yeah. What about in your Lobby makes them feel at home. So another really simple and effective way to infuse personality on your Instagram. Besides asking questions and used to January content showcase your team, I mean what a great way to like be authentic and show who’s behind the scenes. You know: do some bTW! Yes, how is that recipe coming together who’s underneath the hood of the car? When I get my oil change like who makes this business plus, when you see a familiar face, some of your favorite local businesses as a customer, so nice – that’s all I need – is just like a little incentive to go back and visit. You yeah absolutely, and I know we do this a lot i GoDaddy our guides are the face of or bran, and you can basically do with the same with your employees like they’re. The face of your brand they’re, representing your business every day, so show them off. Show tell their story, let the people connect with them, and it should help them just resonate with your audience and build that loyalty all right. So the third way that we want to talk about actually getting more followers on Instagram we’ve kind of touched on it, but hashtags are the popular hashtags, like just industry, wise think about it, and you could Google this. You know what industry you’re in let’s say: you’re in retail popular hashtags, to use if you’re in retail, you, google it right now and one that I love to see, especially for some in spouse fashion and so hashtag OOTD know that stands for outfit of the day. That’S right: nealy pays attention to what I’m penciling he’s hip and hip with the clothes. So retail you’ll see that a lot o TD and a lot of people love to use it to just get like. I said, inspiration for their fashion and it’s gon na help. You to get in front of new customers more followers, which is what this video is all about, but don’t stop there don’t stop with just industry specific hashtags or branded. You can also do neighborhood or local hashtag. Okay, you’re, like for in Seattle, like hashtag, Seattle, coffee, for example. Yes, they bring around Seattle, coffee, yeah, that’d, be a great spot. You know, branch out outside of Starbucks find a local business to go to. We could get a cup of coffee before we come in and shoot the journey, and with these hashtags it’s not necessarily just for you to post about really join in on the conversation of other people. Basically talking about these hashtags, what I recommend spend like 10-15 minutes. A night search a couple hashtags and just start adding conversation to other people’s posts and adding value. Don’T just put generic comments because nobody’s gon na care about that people are gon na think you’re spam. But if you actually go in and add value and continue on the conversation, maybe ask questions: it’s really gon na help you connect with a larger audience and show that you’re an actual person, not just a faceless business. Alright Emma did you know that 70 % of people on Instagram watch and scrimped stories on a daily basis. No, but I’m not surprised, I definitely spend way more time on Instagram stories than just like scrolling through my insta. I feel the same way you know if this story it’s authentic and it’s shows personality which tees up our fourth way, to get more followers incorporate fans content like user-generated okay into your Instagram stories. So, instead of like we’re posting it we’re posting, it basically posting on to your story. Yes, so, for example, I was, I recently got a new surfboard. It’S that’s my baby. I love it way to go home and serve um. I really got this new surfboard and I was curious about the brand and the brand is modern, surfboards and I checked out their Instagram and what really sold me was their Instagram stories and they are doing an awesome job of repurposing, their fans content, and so this Is a really cool way to see people like me, potential customer well, for them it was already a customer and they’re out there like getting pitted and showing off their boards. So I got info for like what board I wanted yeah. I also just like increase my hype to go catch some waves, but it’s really cool to see their fans and where they’re surfing and what boards they’re intrigued by and they got me really excited, and the good news is like we mentioned earlier. Instagram is the mecca of fan content, but is your responsibility to be paying attention to when people are mentioning it like? You were talking about earlier, you’ll, get a notification and you can go one step further, not only reposting their post. You can repost their stories now. The only way to do this is if they mention you in their story, so encourage your fans or followers to mention in the story. When they talk about you that way, you can repost it on your own channel cuz. They don’t do it. You don’t be able to do it. It makes it really easy to like Neely it’s great about this. When we’re doing the journey shoe and he’ll mention me, and then it just pops up in my inbox on Instagram and I’m like Oh Neely mentioned me. Do I add this to your story? First, let me check it. Oh, this is cool and then I can just click. Add this to my story. Super quick, add little gif, add some conversation say: hey thanks for the the shout out or whatever you want to do. Make it personal, don’t just click the mention in my story. Add your little two cents to it. It’Ll really basically resonate with that person. Now they think they’re little instafamous too. All right, that’s a wrap. You just learned four ways to get more. Instagram followers be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe ring that bell, if you want to get these episodes first, this is journey. See you next time, you

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