Add YouTube Subscribe Button On All Your Videos

Add Subscribe Button

Add YouTube Subscribe Button On All Your VideosHey everybody Lance chrome here and welcome back to my channel you’re gonna love this video now I get a lot of questions that people ask me how to add an interactive clickable to add subscribe button inside their video, not an animation but actually clickable so I’m using my right hand right now not my left hand but my right hand a point ok over that side and that’s how it appears you’re gonna see a button on the videos when I show you how to do that that they click people click to subscribe and it’s going to get a higher click-through rate higher subscribe rate to your channel versus an animation to have a clickable button, okay so it’s pretty cool how it’s July 18, 2020, YouTube has a tendency to move things around and how you click and get around navigating their site but as of now this is very current okay so let’s get started.

Alright, I’m gonna go ahead and do this here for you right now alright so I’m going to look at a video that has no watermark no subscribe button okay I’m gonna go to the end it’s meted out okay where it should fall, and show up but it’s not there okay I have removed it so I’m gonna be adding it again now bear in mind that when you do add it okay it’s going to go on all your videos that however you set it at the end or whatever okay so I’m gonna do this I’m gonna go back to YouTube, okay and I’m gonna go to how to get there okay so you’re on you’re gonna click your picture you’re logged in you’re going to left click you’re going to click a course YouTube studio okay that’s the navigation and then when you get to youtube students to do going to be on top of your dashboard you’re going to go down to settings click settings, okay then you’re going to click channel again okay and we’re gonna go to branding to add subscribe button.

Add Subscribe Button 2020 – – By Lance Groom

okay, that’s the endgame that’s where we want to be on brandy so now we’re on brandy now what I’ve done I searched YouTube it has to be as you see here 150 by 150 pixels, okay you can adjust it to size but I type in YouTube subscribe button 150 by 150 okay but make sure it is that size so I’m going to choose image now I have an image already downloaded here so we’re going to go and pick it up right there okay I’m going to open it now I want it to go at the end of the video now let’s say that I was done recording my video is all done and I’m ending it and it’s like hey thank you you have a nice day you know I can make a separate video and add to the end of that saying hey I’m Lance groom thank you for coming to my channel click the subscribe button and I can actually point over there you’ll see the add subscribe button right now.

And what I would do is set up a custom time okay so if you set up this add subscribe button custom time on it then that’s when it would come on OK or you can do it on the entire video which I don’t recommend I’m gonna do it at the end of the video, okay so we’ll do it right there so notice it’s right here okay cool add subscribe button image I think I chose this one right here pretty cool okay I’m actually gonna have a link with this image below my description that you can click and save it, okay yeah I had to adjust it just a teeny bit was like 143 by something I just grabbed the image you know just in my pixels and popping back down and save it 150 150 okay so I’m gonna go ahead and save it don’t forget to save it okay right now check this out let’s go back to this video or refresh it okay and we’re going to go to the end of the video okay so go to the end of the video let’s see where it pops up so we’re about mmm 238 on the video but it’s to 21 to 23.

No, I just popped in and that cool so let’s go ahead and add the subscribe button I already subscribe to my channel oh wait I can’t subscribe okay now let’s go to a private browser I’m gonna go ahead and show you what it looks like cuz I’m not logged into my account okay so we’re gonna go to the end of this where the subscribe button comes on and hover over it I’ll click Subscribe and that cool so that’s what you want to do you again it’s well worth it at the end of the video to tell people to go ahead and subscribe your channel so you can make one master video at the end of a certain video and tell them subscribed now click that add subscribe button and they’re all set and you’re set getting more subscribers I hope you like this video I hope you subscribe to this channel and we’ll talk to you soon.


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Add Subscribe Button

Also, see this below

Do you remember when live streaming was just introduced to Youtube years ago? Currently, something similar is happening which could change the way we do Youtube marketing.
Keep reading this If you want to find out what it is and how you can profit from this new feature.
As you know I am obsessed with Youtube marketing and I am studying all the time how I could improve what I do, finding new ways to bring more traffic/leads/sales to my sites. Also I like to share with others what I discover, so here we go.
I have just learned today about the newest feature of Youtube called “Shorts”.
Basically, with this, they are competing with TikTok and this was released in beta in September but I do not see many people talking about “Shorts”.
You see I have highlighted the word “mobile” above.
This new update is all about mobile users on Youtube.
Just think about this for a moment.
Originally Youtube content and the horizontal video mode were created for desktop users mostly, right?
The problem with this is that most people consume content today using their mobile devices…and here is another problem.
When you are on the mobile and on the go, you do not have the time to watch 10-20 minutes long videos and because of that most people just won`t watch the most part of your videos AKA you are losing traffic!
Do you remember when live streaming was just brand new to Youtube?
Youtube preferred live videos over regular videos and most of us who take advantage of that new update were able to enjoy a huge boost in ranking and traffic.
Something similar is happening currently…
**Youtube wants you to create “Shorts”!
*Shorts is nothing more than a vertical video that is less than 60 sec long.

Shorts will be displayed for mobile devices and finding Shorts videos on desktop, type “#shorts” in the search bar to see this type of video.
When you are uploading your video to Youtube, you need to make sure it is less than 60 sec long and it is in vertical(mobile) view.
At the end of your title, make sure to add “#shorts” – so your short video will be recognized as Shorts.
Also, make sure to add “#shorts” in your description as well, so it can start showing up to mobile users.
Right now Youtube is giving a massive boost to Shorts compared to regular videos, just like what they were doing with live streams in the beginning.
You can see crappy shorts all over Youtube that is getting HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS and in some cases even MILLIONS of views!
The really cool feature of your short video is that you can place a subscribe button below your video and your viewers just need to click on it to subscribe.
Simply you can create these **SHORTS **to tell them to subscribe, go to your channel or visit your website to learn more about you and your content.
It seems to work great as a hook where you can make them want more of your content and with the right call to action, these short videos could become game-changer for us marketers!
I am still in the study mode and need to find out how to effectively use this new feature, as soon as I figure it out – will share it here.
πŸ‘‰ Let me know what do you think and If it is the first time you hear about SHORTS?

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