Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners 2020

Yeah, this is going to be good, So we’re going to be going over how you get money today using the 6 best affiliate Network. So I’m going to be talking about a couple, different ways that you can get money And you can make up to $ 5,400 with one sale with one lead with one click. I’M going to show you how you can do that with one of these affiliate networks, Which I’ll go over in a little bit So stay tuned. We have really cool affiliate networks coming up where you can make high ticket commissions or where you can work with big brands, Where you can get recurring commissions where you can get affiliate networks to pay for your car release, All sorts of stuff. Let’S check it out. I’Ve been doing affiliate marketing for 10 years now, So I have a very good idea of what the best affiliate networks are And I’m excited to show you what I believe the current best are for the year 2020. Let’S get it

Gosh fricking love this Okay. I love this money gun Now. Let’S talk about affiliate networks. I’Ve been doing this for a while. I know what the best ones are, But I’m going to start out with something that …. If you want to work with big brands, I’m just going to list them all out. Number 3 and number 6 are high ticket affiliate programs. So you’ll want to stick around for those okay, I’m going to give you links to sign up for every one of these affiliate networks. In the description below I’ll be explaining to kind of what percentages they pay out, what traffic sources they’re good for, and some information about, the products etc So that you have an idea of what you’ll need to do to market these …. You know the products on these networks and how much money you can expect to earn Now between these networks. You can do all of this worldwide. Some networks will accept some countries. Some networks will accept out their countries, But overall these cover every single country in the world.

Okay ShareASale, So ShareASale is a great network because they work with a lot of big brands. You can see here’s. You know Major League Baseball right. This is Jillian Michaels, Really famous weight loss trainer, So you see MBA stores. So you have a lot of big brands that are working with this Now, there’s a link in the description We’ll send you to this page. If you want to join ShareASale and apply to be a part of share sale, I suggest you sign up A lot of these affiliate networks. Will ask you for a website.

Now you can give him one of your social media profiles. You can use that as your website. I do suggest you get a website, though. Okay Register a website It cost like $ 3 a month. There’S no reason not to have a website So ShareAsale right here And as you see, this is if you’re logged in to ShareASale. You see all the merchants. Now it’s interesting to note about ShareASale is a lot of their programs. Are physical products, A lot of clothing lines, you’re, seeing a lot of makeup lines: eyeglasses physical goods, accessories, All sorts of stuff? Like that, A lot of these programs, they don’t pay super high commissions, They’ll pay, maybe anywhere from 5 % about 15 % commissions. So if you sell a product from the NBA store, let’s say you sell to you know: Kevin Durant, jerseys or a Lebron, James Jersey. You can make about $ 50 each make about 10 bucks. But the great thing about this is they’re big brands.

And you can get in front of people really easily, And this is stuff that people are going to buy anyways. You don’t really have to do much sales. You just have to get in front of the right people and put the product in front of their face. They’Re going to buy it anyways, Let’s move onwards, The next site is called max web, And this is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks. They focus primarily on digital products. Okay, So software products, online training, products, training, products for you know gardening or making money or whatever. So there’s a lot of stuff like that They’re very fast-growing, They’re kind of similar to Clickbank They’re kind of like a Clickbank competitor. They generally have much higher payouts. So, generally, you will get paid anywhere between 25 to 75 percent of the sales

So much more aggressive commissions than a SharaASale, But the merchants are much less known, So you’re actually going to have to use presale pages or what have you? It’S not like Nike. You know People are already searching for Nike. These are products. People aren’t searching for So you’ll need to do cold traffic Use all any of the methods that we’re using that. I teach you in my free traffic methods playlist, Which I’ll have my assistant put a link up here, so that you can go to the free traffic methods, But you can use all those methods for a lot of the products on Maxweb and they’ll work very effectively. Okay, now here’s a really exciting affiliate network that can make you a lot of money. It’S one of our first high ticket affiliate programs where you can make up to $ 54,00 with one sale. I definitely sign up for this affiliate network right here. It’S called the super affiliate Network And it’s run by this guy Misha Wilson, Wine guy, And they just have a freaking fantastic track record of success. Now, as you see here, I’m logged into the dashboard

And this program is actually an old image of me, Pre-beard image of John Crestani. So I look like kind of a douchebag, But you can make a lot of money doing this Check this out. They even have a leaderboard where you can see …. Who else is making money with this program? So you can even see the top earners. You know, I’m not even up there, but Paulo David Kirby, Greg Chang. You can see all these people And you can see people’s ranks And it’s really exciting, because they’ve really created a community of success here And you see normal people from all walks of life making tons of money with this program. So I definitely hop on this And it’s just so … The amount of success and the amount of hype they bring. It’S really fun, They have events all around the world. They have what’s called their Maui intensive, which I really highly recommend. You go to Great program. You really teach they really immerse, you in affiliate marketing and starting an internet business, and you can learn so much from attending their events.

I highly suggest you attend their events. They have a lot of Education within their program. It’S not just an affiliate network, but it’s also an education platform, so you can learn a lot of stuff there And, if you’re wondering about the commission structure, let me bring this up here. They pay anywhere from 30 to 70 percent, So you can earn as much as 70 % on some of these sales and they offer training products that range from $ 24 up to about $ 18,000, And you can earn about 30 % of $ 18,000 about $ 5,400, So you have the chance of you know getting $ 5,000 commission, which is really really really cool. So I definitely try this program And, what’s even better is they will pay for a car for you. So if you get enough sales with this program, you will get $ 2,500 a month towards a car. Pretty neat $ 2,500 a month is like a Ferrari, So you move up the ranks with this business You’re, getting a free Ferrari, You’re, getting free events.

You’Re, getting all sorts of stuff, Really cool business and really cool business model. Now the next site I’m going to discuss with you is called digistore24 And digistore24 is the largest affiliate network in Germany. They actually do about a quarter billion dollars a year, just in the German market And they’re fast expanding in the US. I mean they’re they’re, leading a Panzer tank blitzkrieg of the American market. They’Ve been opening offices out here, hiring tons of people And they’re going to be pretty big.

I just started an American market in 2019, So you can expect to see a lot of companies signing up and working with this A lot of affiliates, And I would definitely encourage you to sign up for digi store as well. They will accept people from anywhere in the world – I think, even like North Korea and stuff So sign up there and apply to every one of these networks that I’m telling you about.

Digistore 24 is similar to Clickbank, in the sense that it’s mostly digital products, Mostly lower ticket kind of under $ 100 digital products. But that’s a really good niche, And here we are in the actual product categories of digistore. So you see it’s digital products And you can see right now in the U.S.. They only have 72 products. Now, if you compare that to Clickbank, Clickbank has about 5,000 different products that you can promote, But they’re growing fast. You know last time I checked they only had 30 products, So there’s a lot more products being added every month, And you can see this is a software a product for marketers advanced keyword tool Once again, a software for businesses, collaboration tool, Here’s one of their top Selling products It’s called 3 day, potty training, Every mom wants to train their kids, how to potty in 30 days. You know, I know my wife was trying to figure out how to potty train our daughter. So this is a great product to promote again It’s kind of like lower ticket $ 15. It’S something that ever single mother wants to have for her son or daughter.

clickfunnels dream car winner

Sleep training for babies, You have all sorts of different products that you can sell in this marketplace, So check it out. Okay, now, fifth, Affiliate Network is one of my favorites. You’Ve probably heard me talk about this in a lot of videos By the way, if you’re getting value from this video, if you’re, finding out new affiliate networks that you like type in value in the comments Type in value, and give me some exclamation points and give Me a big like If you’re getting value from this video already, because I want to make sure that this is new information for you. Okay, I want to make sure I’m not just repeating stuff that you’ve already heard before I want to help you make in affiliate marketing. You should be putting this stuff in action If you aren’t putting this stuff in action, but you want to make sure to check out my free traffic methods. Playlist. I have a playlist of all the free traffic methods cost nothing too. You don’t have to spend money on ads or software anything and you can start getting your affiliate links out there.

And I suggest right after this video, you watch all of those videos and you put start putting some stuff in action, So you can actually start earning those $ 5,400 commissions. So here’s Clickbank And Clickbank has about 5,000 products Not going to spend too much time on them. But if you want to market my own product make sure you sign up for Clickbank Now my product, it’s a training course Sells 1,000 bucks plus $ 250 a month recurring Millions of dollars worth of my product sells per month And we’re paying out affiliates. Hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, So, if you’re wondering, if you’re thinking “, Who the hell would pay $ 100,000 for education, ?”, Well, hundreds of millions of people around the world do every year for college.

You know they pay much more than a thousand dollars, And this is one of the top selling products on the internet. So I payout affiliates hundreds of thousands of dollars a month And my affiliates are getting 50 % of this, So my affiliates are making recurring commissions They’re, making $ 500 per sale, And we have a lot of support for our affiliates. As you can see, we are providing …

Some of the biggest names in the industry have promoted my product A lot of big marketers. Here’S an example of one marketer who made $ 27,000 in a single day And that’s not even counting the recurring commissions that he made from the 250 dollars a month. Here’S some of our success stories. I have students making millions of dollars using the methods of that. I trained people in the course And I provide a lot of serious … Just if you’re doing emails, we’ve provide email swipes for you If you’re doing Facebook ads. If you’re doing free traffic methods, We have all the free traffic methods here: Reddit Craigslist Tumblr, Pinterest deviantART. So we we provide a lot of resources for you to be successful and make money as an affiliate, And that’s part of the reason why this is so successful. So I definitely suggest you hop on this and start making money

Click funnels Now, click funnels has about 20 products that you can sell through their affiliate Network, And you can click the link in the description for all of these programs to join all of these affiliate networks And, what’s great about click funnels is they also will buy A car for you, okay, You get enough sales, you get a hundred click funnels users and click funnels will pay you $ 500 a month for your lease, Each customer …. This isn’t high ticket. Each customer has to pay $ 97 a month And of that you get 40 %. So each time you get a customer you’re getting $ 40 a month for life, So you get a hundred click funnels users And effectively you could probably retire. That would be $ 4,000 a month coming in every single month And you get your car paid for So you’ll make a nice income and you get it free car. A lot of people are doing this. I have a free car, So pretty neat Yeah And click funnels is also nice because they get …. They also give a lot of support, So they give you a lot of swipe files. They give you a lot of ads.

They give you a lot of funnels, they give you a lot of materials to help, you be an affiliate and they give you a lot of training in order to be an affiliate so that you can make money And here’s some of their dream car winners. So you see all of these people. You know Todd Brown Mike Tai Lopez. Look at that He’s a clickfunnels dream car winner. All of these people have one dream: cars through click funnels. I don’t. I wonder if they put my picture on here.

All of these people have gotten cars. You can get a car too. Lots of people are doing it, it’s really fun, And why not? Now the last program is another high ticket affiliate program, And that program is called 6 figure mentors Similar to Clickbank. They are selling …, You sell digital products through 6 figure mentors, But also similar to the super affiliate network. There’S also a training component. They spend a lot of time training. You There’s a lot of materials that they give you to help you effectively market and make money online. I’Ve been training on the sign up page to be an affiliate

And people are getting a lot of success. You know they’re creating a lot of people that are be successfully making money marketing. All of these people. You see Normal people from walks of life players, …, Matthew, …, You know, look all normal. People are making money and reaching large levels of success doing this program And you can click the link down And you can get started with six figure. Mentors Woo. Oh man, That’s a lot of affiliate networks. Hope you got some value from that And let me know in the comments below what was your favorite affiliate network, Because I I want to go in whatever affiliate network is the most interesting to you Other than Clickbank. I’Ve talked about Clickbank a lot Make sure. Let me know in the comments below And I’ll go over, how I promote it. My methods, What I would suggest you do if you want to get out there and start making money with that affiliate Network.

Now the ones we talked about just to recall, We talked about digi store. We talked about max web, we talked about click funnels, we talked about super affiliate network, we talked about six figure, mentors Talked about ShareASale, Those are the 5. I’Ve already done videos on Clickbank. If you want to learn more about how to promote on Clickbank, I’m going to have my assistant post up a video right above me or somewhere. But let me know in the comments which was your favorite network other than Clickbank, And I will do a video showing you how to promote it and how to make money with it. So you can start getting commissions into your bank account as well. I want everybody on this channel to be successful. I want you to be successful Because the more money you make the more money I make We’re in this together We’re doing affiliate marketing together, and I want you to be successful. So that’s why I’m sharing all these tips Make sure you like this video You subscribe to this channel.

Hit that notification bell Talk to you soon. I release videos every day day through Friday, Make sure you’re on the notification list. So you can see what I come out with next..

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