Amazon Book Publishing Is The Best Way To Make Money Online For Beginners

0:00 In this video, I just want to briefly talk about why I believe that Amazon publishing is the best online business for a beginner to get into, at least for myself. If I were starting over again, publishing is what I choose every single time, even if I didn’t have you know the skills that I have now Now, we’ve been in the world of online business since 2016, So run five years at this point – and I am aware Of basically every online business opportunity there is, I guess, the majority of it selling physical products publishing, which is very unknown in the grand scheme of things. You know the majority of people within online businesses don’t know that this exists.

And then you have like digital marketing agency style of business, consulting business, things like that that makes up the majority of the online business opportunities are And if I were to start over again, I would still do publishing. There are two main reasons why it beats. Others

And this first one is a quality that publishing has that all the other models I’ve mentioned do not

And that is that it’s actually it’s truly passive income, where you can now. First, I guess: let’s define passive income. Passive income is not clicking a button and then money farts out of your computer, Okay, 1:20 To create passive income. You have to build something first, So you create books, you launch them, you publish them.

And then, once that work has been done, meaning hard work has to be put in first, then you can step away and not work on it at all, And your books will continue to sell and make money month after month after month, year after year – And I Don’T know of any other online business model that works in the same way Now just to explain why true passive income has been such a made, such a big difference in our lives, I’ll go back to 2018 when publishing was our main thing and I’ll speak for Christian this was, you know what Christian went through. He spent six months, upfront create a bunch of audiobooks, publish them, launch them.

And then we wanted to start a YouTube channel.

And if you know how YouTube channel goes, you have to work on it for a long time without making any money, And that’s a lot of reason why people can invest all their time into making YouTube videos because yeah make money as well. But because we were making money from the books that we published, we could spend all our YouTube channels and still be paid continuously over and over every month from our books without spending any time on them.

Now, for Christian over a seven-month span, he made over $ 50,000 in pure profit without spending a second on the business And that continued after eight months, nine months, and so on.

But there’s no other online business model that can do that Even Christians, wife, Charlotte who we got into publishing back in 2019. She, I think, published eight books in a matter of a few months And then once again completely stopped working on them. It hasn’t touched any of it in the last 12 months and still gets paid around 1500 to $ 2,000 every month, And that will continue next year.

And the year after there will obviously be a slight decline in book sales over time, that’s normal, But he will continue to make money on those books every single month every single year. So that’s the main reason why I love publishing Now the second biggest reason why I love it is because it is probably the lowest risk business that you could start an online business on its own is a very low-risk opportunity.

If you start a brick-and-mortar business, you need a lot of money to invest upfront.

And that is also the case with a lot of different online business models. And yes, it is highly recommended that you were to invest money to pay for writers to start book publishing business but 3:51. The cost is so low compared to other online business models, And you can literally get started for no money at all. Of course, that means you’re going to be doing more work yourself.

Either you’re going to pay someone to write for you or you got to do the running yourself.

There is no magic third option where you cannot pay anyone to do it for you, It’s one or the other, paying your time or in your money. So if you don’t have any money, you have to pay in your time and effort And that’s what we did when we first got started. The first book I ever published back in 2017 was the book that I wrote. It was a short 5000-word book.


And it’s because I didn’t have any money to pay for a writer to write the book for me Also. I was skeptical as to whether this even works, so I didn’t want to risk the money and so on, But 4:37. This first book, when I published it 4:40, you know this isn’t the case for everyone, But you know I guess maybe I was kind of lucky in that case because I didn’t really know what I was doing for the first book had no experience or no knowledge, But it actually made me run $ 850 in the first month.

And this like obviously minded, blowing life-changing. I did not think that there was this ability to 5:00 Make Money Online. This is way back in 16th, 2017 And obviously that completely changed my life. That’S just like the start of it. My point in saying that is that, if you don’t have money to start, you don’t need it.

And even if you have money to start, I don’t suggest having 5000 or $ 10,000 To invest. All you need to get started is one or two books. You know in the past. Maybe people wanted to publish a whole lot of books, But now that’s not the strategy, publish one or two books at a time, focus on those get a good title, a good cover and focus on reviews during your book launch And ideally you would have over 100 Reviews on your book,

And that takes time, But anyone can do that Okay anyway, so we’ll have a separate video about how to do that.

But if you have those three things 5:47, I mean the risk is so low. The risk is so low to actually make your money back. At the very least on your books. You know I do see a lot of people that are afraid to invest in anything because when you work a job you’re never asked to invest in anything. You know people are worried that they’re not going to make it back.

And then it stops him from ever actually trying to start an online business. But you know, as entrepreneurs there’s obviously risk and everything nothing’s guaranteed.

But that’s what comes with the benefits of being an entrepreneur. There are also downsides, which is the risk that you can lose money. Yes, of course, you can

You can’t just create a bunch of shitty books and expect them to make money Okay, But if you do it well good coverage, good title reviews, there’s so little risk in this business model And that’s the second reason why I love it so much So I don’t Want to keep rambling about it,

But this may have come off as like a sales pitch for why publishing is the best thing in the world And there are no downsides to it. Well, of course, are, But I wanted to share for people that aren’t so familiar with the business model. This is why that if are starting again, I would do it myself.

And if you value, you know the passive income part and the low startup costs to get started. This business, then perhaps, is also a good online business for you to get started with

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I’m curious to hear what do you like most about the publishing business model? Do you agree with the things that I’ve said And if you don’t, and you don’t like publishing, I’m also very interested to hear why and what other business model you would prefer.

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