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alternative to clickfunnelsHey miles here, In this video you’re going to learn about a 100 percent free click funnels alternative, specifically you’re going to learn about two free tools that work together seamlessly to create an absolutely free funnel builder. So you could actually use this for lead pages alternative or a Kartra or a Cart Flows. Alternative 100% FREE Funnel Builder, whatever funnel system you’ve been using or thinking about using This free option could be a great replacement for you Now, you’re also going to learn the most important part, which is how to say the words on the pages. Okay, I’m going to give you access to some free premium, masterclass training that is going to teach you, the ins and outs of copywriting, email marketing, how to write a sales page that actually gets users to convert, because the truth is and the kind of Secret in the world of the funnel is that the funnels are not magic, great copywriting great offers.

That’s what really does the work, so I’ve got my notes here to keep us on track, and right now, we’re going to jump on the computer and we’re going to get started really understanding. First, what is a funnel okay, because the idea of a funnel has been blown up and it’s been really blown out of proportion, and today it’s really truly a commodity. And 100% FREE Funnel Builder ultimately, a funnel is a series of pages that work together in a specific order to create the desired result. Okay, so the goal with this kind of a funnel. Now, this funnel you’re looking at here. This is essentially what my wife and I have generated. Millions of dollars online with okay, if you don’t know about my story, I’ve got five separate websites that are all generating significant cash flow that allows me to live the life I want, so I teach all the how-to for free here on YouTube.

This is actually video number 607 so subscribe if you like, free training on how to build a business online back to the main point here. So what we have is an opt-in page and then we have a sales page. We have a shopping, cart, and the members area. You also need the ability to send out emails because emails direct linking people over to your sales pages. That’S where you actually make 80 plus percent of your revenue. Okay and all of the money. My wife and I have made it online. We can directly attribute most of it well over 80 percent to us, giving making a compelling offer at the moment from an email like hey. My membership is open for a few days. Go get it here or hey 100% FREE Funnel Builder. This new product is out I’ll offer it to you for 30 % off. If you act by those types of emails account for the lion’s share of our revenue, so you need an email system and ultimately, a sales page and kind of a checkout process. So I’m going to draw a little line.

Maybe it’s this thick line right here and ultimately there are two tools, as I mentioned in the beginning, that we’re going to use and you’re going to learn about both of them here and the first one runs the email side of things and the second one runs the Sales page side, so, on the email side you need two specific things: number one is the opt-in page and number. Two is the ability to send out emails to your subscribers and you can get both of them free if you go to Myles Beckler com forward, slash landing page now. The link to that will pop up above my head, if you’re, watching on desktop, if you’re on mobile or, if you want, you can also click on the link in the description. Every link I’ll talk about here is in the description and once again, this mile Beckler com4 slash landing page.

Now, when you go through this process, it’s free to start playing with these landing pages you can get in and actually edit them without even subscribing or without giving any information at all. But once you save them, you also get a free email marketing account and this free email marketing account will give you up to 1,000 subscribers for free and what this means is. You can start to grow your list and you can start to monetize your list before you have to send out money through the autoresponder systems or to the funnel systems. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars per month. Now on this, I personally like, what’s called a two-step opt-in, which means it doesn’t reveal the enter your email here box until they click a button. This maple option down here is great, but as you’ll see, there are amazing templates in here for all types of business owners, and these are some great lead generation pages and honestly sending traffic to one of these types of pages is the fastest way to test an Idea to see is the market going to respond positively to this idea that I have so how do you actually build these out? To be honest, I’ve written up a very comprehensive blog post. So if you go to Myles Bechler com up on the top navigation, there’s a link that says start your email list, simply click that and then midway down this.

It just tells you how to set this all upright. So this is the exact template. I was showing you and I’m not going to, go through the steps here because it takes a bit of time and I’ve broken it out exact step by step. Here’S how to update your headline! Here’S: how to update your button! Color everything is covered for you right here, okay, so this is the first part right that we have to get you going on because growing your email list, the email list, is absolutely the number one asset in your business. You own it. It’S the key to everything. Now, there’s one limitation that I want to mention here, and that is that you don’t have an autoresponder okay, which means you don’t automatically get to follow up with people. And I don’t see that as a big problem, because I really on my main list. I don’t automatically follow up with people, in fact on YouTube here. If you search miles, Beckler common email marketing in the top you’ll see that my number one email marketing strategy is to send emails to my list four or five times per week. I just log in and said broadcast emails. So what this means is your opt-in offer is going to deliver the freebie, and then you need to be sending at least two to three emails per week to your entire list and you want to mix them up. You want to aw, you want to send out value a few times before sending an offer. This is Gary Vaynerchuk, so Jab, Jab, Jab right hook, idea send value, send value, send value, make an offer by sending people over to your sales page. So they can look at your course. Are you with me so far great we’re going to move on now to part two and then I’ll get you the free training here after that.

But I want to show you how to build the sales page and how to get your shopping, cart, and your member’s area going. So you can actually build out your course you could sell your course. You could accept credit cards and everything now on this. The tool for this is thought difficult now I am definitely a think — if it affiliates and if you sign up for their free account. I get a commission of zero because it’s free, but if you ever end up upgrading, I would get a commission and you pay the exact same amount. So I’m an affiliate for both of those programs in this how it works for full disclosure, so just go to Myles. Bechler com4, slash think effect now think. If it is amazing because they’re offering three courses for free, which means you can build out three courses, you get full access to their sales page builder and you get the ability to accept credit cards. You can get plugged in right through stripe, you can accept PayPal on credit cards and they don’t take a percentage of your fees. No fees at all. You get three free. What this means is you can build out three separate courses. You can have a front-end loader.

Twenty-seven or a forty-seven dollar offer for a great product. You could have a mid ticket product a 197 to 495 course, and then you could have an advanced thousand dollar-a-month group coaching if your kind of world, if your industry, if your niche, actually does value what it is, you teach them at that level and those three Things alone are enough to build a mega business. I’m talking multiple six figures per year on this, so on think, if it, you can literally get started for free. If you scroll down to the very bottom you’ll notice, there are these resources and the training site, so that will teach you the nuts and bolts of how to actually use think if it, which is great to use my wife and I moved all of her one-off Products over to think, if it, I think, eight months ago, we’ve had twenty thousand enrollments for our products since its bulletproof, it’s flawless, it’s beautiful. We get fewer support tickets than when we tried to manage this all on WordPress ourselves. I honestly love this system and the fact that they give three free first just shows that they’re committed to your success before expecting you to pay them month after month, and I think it’s a fantastic system, then the free training is the last part. Okay.

So the free training, you get miles, Bechler com forward, slash amplify, and if you go to amplify you’ll get this page here and what they’re offering is, I believe it’s ten masterclass sessions with different creators who are doing very, very well with think, if it and In fact, I’m inside of here they just did this in April 2020, so I’m recording this in June of 2020. This is brand new stuff. Now, within the masterclasses, I think all of them are worthy of going through, but to be perfectly honest right here day, three writing six-figure sales present sales pages for your courses. This is everything okay, and this is a pro-level copywriter teacher here, teaching you how to write sales pages in a way that is actually going to convert. So when you send your email – and you say – hey go over here and check out my awesome course that’s available for five days that they’ll actually take that action, because the words on the page have to move them to action, or else you’re not going to make Any and then how do you do email marketing right? Well, that’s what this video right here next to its for and again so, some of these how-to create premium products, how to make six-figure online course launches.

These pieces of training are amazing and again you can get them at miles. Bechtler comm, slash amplify, and with all of that together, you really truly got what you need. I can’t stress it enough that, in this kind of basic looking system here that really offers you know you’re building traffic, whether you’ve got a YouTube channel, you’ve been building your blog, or a podcast. You know that I’m huge on building your audience here with one of these organic options. Maybe you’ve got money to invest in paid ads. Maybe you’ve been doing some social media marketing, but all of this traffic. The goal of your traffic is to get these individuals on your email list. You need a lead magnet and you need that free landing page at miles, vector, comm, slash, landing page, and then you’re growing your email list. At this point, you need to be sending broadcast emails out. You need to be mixing up the value and the offers right about three value emails for one offer, and then you send people to your sales page, and this is where you actually potentially get to make money.

They’re going to read, through your offer, they’re going to read about the transformation that you’re going to help them obtain. In your course again, you can learn how to get this all set up in a way. That’S going to really optimize the number of people who actually take action in your course. Then the link over to your shopping cart – page 100 % free you’ll get their name their credit card information. It’S all secure, it’s managed! 100% FREE Funnel Builder You don’t have to deal with anything and those who complete their purchase will go inside of your member’s area, where you actually deliver the modules and the lessons of your course they’re going to get access to they want the user experience here is absolutely fantastic and that’s It right there you’re able to create a 100 % free click, funnels alternative or lead pages alternative or whatever it is now. There’s a bit of a conspiracy in the world of funnels at one point were a fancy new technology, but what they really did well, that was intelligent, was they incentivized affiliates with 40 % Commission’s click funnels level? That offers all of the things that you would need and actually doesn’t, even let you send emails, so you get more with this free system that I just showed you, but the top-level funnels us 297 dollars per month.

100% FREE Funnel Builder That means a hundred and eighteen dollars per month goes straight from your pocket into the affiliates pocket forever and what these companies have done is they’ve just incentivized you and me to go build first, let’s go make sales first, let’s go test your ideas for your products. For your offers, first to make sure you, the Creator can actually build a successful business, and then, once my training and these free tools have helped, you actually build a profit and actually got money coming in then, when you’re ready to upgrade, because you won’t bump offers Or one-click upsells or you want to run split tests, great, invest in those types of things, with profits, not putting them on your credit card, not spending the money you need for daily life before you’ve proven the model. I hope this has been helpful if you enjoy it. This definitely gives me a thumbs up and comment here on YouTube. Again, the description is full of detailed information links to additional resources, because I have a lot of resources that will help you with all of these different aspects. Any questions get them in the comments. Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate you and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video so subscribe, hit the bell and I’ll see you on the next video till then be well

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