Decision Making Mind Mapping

Decision Making

Decision Making Mind MappingMind Mapping makes Decision Making seem like Flying Kites

Decision Making is an important element of our life. We are called upon to make decisions at every level of our activity – whether it is something as simple and mundane as choosing the right dress for a party or the more critical as venturing into a new business. Invariably, major decisions bear deep consequences and therefore needs great care.

Even when we make informed decisions there may yet be other forces at play, which have the effect of pulling us in different directions. The key element therefore is to prepare not just for known consequences but for other possible and unforeseen elements as well.

Although wisdom, proper judgment and experience are vital in making the right decision, gut feeling and hunches do occupy an important place in our decision making. We find many business ventures became a reality just by following gut feelings and strong hunches. Overall, we could say that wide exposure, critical and perceptive analysis and far farsightedness are crucial elements for making the right decisions.

Most of us do not have the advantage of wide experience to be wise. Although we may seek counsel from more experienced and exposed individuals, for most part, we will have to do the decision making on our own. This is where clarity of thought and detail will greatly help us. You have to analyze the probable outcome that your decision making will entail. Knowing the likely result that your decision will engender will provide clarity to your thinking. When the stakes are weighed equally over a decision, it is better to be prepared for the best and worst case. Preparing yourself with a set of action plan to deal with the same will help to tackle the situation adroitly.

At times a problem, situation or issue may overwhelm us, and we may find ourselves muddled and unsure about taking a decision. By weighing all the options objectively and choosing the most appropriate one, your priorities become clear.

A simple tool that will help you in analyzing different aspects of a decision is Mind Mapping. Since Mind Maps is based on non-linear method of using only key words and phrases, instead of the conventional linear method of long sentences of text, it is an easy way to capture the flow of your thoughts on an issue or problem under question. We will be able to give our full attention to the issue or problem at hand, and think through the process in depth.

Decision Making Mind Mapping

Also, as Mind Map is anchored on associations, it helps us to tie up among different elements of our decision making process. We will be able to see the links and connections and the consequences between various aspects of our decision. In addition, Mind Maps tap into the parallel processing ability of our brain by using radiant thinking. This involves letting our thoughts flow in different directions unhindered, even if the idea seems irrelevant.

You can look at various options and make a weighted analysis based on the consequences flowing from such a decision. You could prioritize your options, see the links between different elements of your choice and based on these, make a right decision. Mind Maps therefore are of immense value in leading you through the process of decision making.
The more astute we become in decision making, the greater our sense of achievement and fulfillment. Take advantage of this mind tool and learn Mind Mapping.

Decision Making

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