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Improving Body Flexibility While Sitting

improving body flexibility while sittingHow To Stay Fit and Healthy Working at a Desk Job – So how do you stay fit, healthy, and energized all day long when you work at a desk? In this video I share my five best tips, coming up. helping you go further, faster we do tech gear reviews, video gear reviews, but also tips and strategy videos just like this one. So if you’re new here, here this video is all about how to stay fit while working online all day long, seriously, I feel like I’m sitting too much sometimes. I’ve been thinking a lot about staying healthy improving body flexibility while sitting while at an office.

You know, I edited video for well over a decade now and I was sitting at a desk for one, two, eight, sometimes even 10 hours, I’d do all-nighters editing video back in the day and it really just is not healthy at all. In fact, listen to this, James Levine, who’s one of the directors at the Mayo Clinic said that sitting is more dangerous than smoking, it kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death, so that’s scary. And not only that, researchers have found and continue to find that prolonged sitting increases the risk of developing serious illnesses like various types of cancer, heart disease, and type two diabetes. Furthermore improving body flexibility while sitting, studies have repeatedly shown that the effects of long-term sitting are actually not reversible through exercise or good habits. And I was actually talking to my friend and he was saying the same thing, he was saying just because you even exercise, if you sit all day long, that’s not reversible, you need to change up the fact that you’re sitting so much.

So I’m pretty passionate about this subject and here are my five biggest tips when it comes to this. improving body flexibility while sitting tip number one is to set a timer so that you can take breaks to stretch, to stand up, to stop sitting for a second, and it is every 45 minutes to an hour. And the way I like to do it is actually with an Amazon Echo Dot. Alexa, can you set a timer for an hour from now? – Second timer, one hour starting now. – But no matter how you do it, find a way to be triggering yourself to get up from your desk and to start moving, to just take a walk around the office, go to the water cooler, do something to get up at least once an hour.

Tip number two is to drink water all day long and the reason why is not just for hydration but because what it’s gonna make you do is have to go to the restroom a lot, which is great because again that’s gonna force you to stand up to actually go to the restroom. And not only that, it’s gonna be flushing toxins and so it’s kind of a hassle, right? To do that, but it’s something that you want to cause yourself to do, again to be reminding you to not be sitting.

Tip number three is to go for walks. You know it’s a simple way to not do any heavy exercise but to just get up from wherever you’re sitting and go for a quick walk, you know? The famous entrepreneur Steve Jobs was actually known for going on long walks which he used for exercise, contemplation, for problem-solving, but he would even do walking meetings.

So consider that maybe you could go with somebody, maybe need to meet with somebody, instead of just sitting down, what if you guys just walk and talk? You know, whenever you go on walks it awakens your creativity again. They’ve actually done brain scans that show a sedentary brain and how active it is compared to a brain that is on a treadmill or doing some walking, and it is gonna just skyrocket your creativity, you could see why he would do it. Not just for health, but also for problem-solving, forgetting your brain active and boosting your mood, your focus, and things like that. And practically what I do and at this point, I work from home, but again, about every hour I try to go for a walk and I just go around the block, it’s a nice reset time. And the other thing that I will do is I’ll just go skateboard or longboard, kind of fun, get that fresh air happening, and a great way to keep moving throughout the day. Improving Body Flexibility is to invest in your health when it comes to your ergonomics and to the tools that you have at your office.

And so recently I just got a standing desk and we did a video about that, we’ll link it up, we’ll link the playlist up to the whole office health series. Also got a Loctek bike that goes with that standing desk so I can sit and work and pedal on the bike as well to give you some movement. So now I guess I’m technically sitting but my legs are moving, I got the blood flowing, got that kind of stuff happening. And then some of the other things I’m looking into is a couple of these balance boards, there’s like these cool balance boards that you can use with standing desks and things like that. And so I would really recommend, you know you can get on Pinterest or Google how to do a DIY standing desk or just bite the bullet and spend the money.

Varidesk has a good one that’ll just sit on a current desk that allows you to go up and down. And there’s a lot of different solutions but again, if you have to, cut spending in other areas of your life to invest in the thing that you’re gonna do the most, right? When we have jobs that cause us to sit, we do those, you know, 40 plus hours a week, sitting at a desk and so the amount of use you’re going to get out of the tools that you invest in is insane, probably compared to the other stuff you use in your life.

And so an investment in your health is always a good investment. And tip number five is exercise. Now again just doing exercise, studies have shown, does not actually replace sitting at a desk, it’s bad for you no matter what. However, one way that has really been life-changing for me, I didn’t really exercise for about 10 years and not only did it affect how I felt, it affected, you know, my body and just so many different things. But just recently it’s been something that I’ve gotten into and I can say without a doubt, not only do I feel healthier and more energetic but it’s completely skyrocketed my creativity.

You know I was recently reading about Richard Branson, who’s known for starting over 400 companies, Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines. And he’s been long known for his physical activity, running, lifting, yoga, and really what he discovered that exercise, sometimes you say I don’t have the time to do it but studies have shown that it can actually boost your productivity by up to four hours a day. So it’s like when you invest in exercise, it actually energizes all other areas of your life. You know one of the big mentors in my life is Chalene Johnson who is known for her work with Beachbody and her different exercise programs, but she really taught me that, really the foundation is fitness development.

And as you’re doing fitness development, then eventually you build on top of that personal development, whether that’s your mindset, you know, your confidence, and then building on top of that business development. And so some people can certainly succeed in business at the expense of those first two things, but I really believe that’s the order. Fitness development, personal development, and that are gonna skyrocket your business development. And so you’ll end up more creative, with more confidence. And so here’s the thing though, when it comes to exercise, I don’t think it matters what you do, it just matters that you do something.

You know the best exercise you can do is the one you actually will do. So recently I kind of have fallen in love with running and that’s something that is kind of like a place for me to meditate, to think about problems, I’m not on my phone, you know, t’s like a reset in my day, it resets my mood, it reduces stress. I mean it’s been so cool. There’s such thing as the runner’s high and it’s such a real thing that I found like that’s a good habit to develop, that you want that every day and what it causes in your physiology and in your psychology and all these different areas.

And so what I would recommend, you know all the way back to your question for Lindsey and for the entire community when you think about editing videos all day long, is finding a way to incorporate regular physical activity just into your week and even into your day and I think that that will not only improve all of the content and everything that you’re producing and putting out, but it’s gonna lift your life overall.

And then one quick improving body flexibility while sitting a bonus tip is to invest in ergonomics. I talked about the standing desk, which I actually, the reason I put that in the other room here and was such an important thing to get for me was that I realized this desk was kind of like understand-makeable. It’s so big, it’s so large, so what I do is if I edit the video I do that here but if I answer emails, do social media, you know, pretty much everything else, I can just head in there and work on my laptop. But on this particular desk, I’ve got an ergonomics tray, and that was a big deal, you know, when I was all like this on top of the desk versus with a proper ergonomics, this chair is actually, I forget what it is, I’ll link it up.

And this chair was a pretty big investment for us, but it was something that I was like man, I’m in there all the time like you know what I mean? Like you’re talking hours and hours and hours. It has all kinds of micro-adjustments. And so be thinking about the ergonomics of your workspace and be thinking about how you could make sure that you’re treating your arms right, your back right, and things like that. Question of the day, what are your tips for staying healthy while sitting all day and working at a desk? Let me know in the comments section below. And remember that some of the best tips and feedback come from you, the Think Media TV community, so definitely connect with everybody in the comments section. So thanks so much for checking out this video, definitely subscribe for more videos just like this.

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Until next time, improving body flexibility while sitting helping you go further, faster in media. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon.


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Improving Body Flexibility While Sitting