Do Not Let Your Website Turn Into a Zombie

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Do Not Let Your Website Turn Into a ZombieMany Internet marketers tend to leave their web business site in disarray over time that it soon turns into a zombie state which is unattractive to web traffic. This is tragic for online businesses that depend heavily on constant flows of web traffic to boost sales and bottom lines of the business.

Features of a Zombie Website

A zombie website is certainly not alluring to visit with obvious repulsive appeal. It is easy to identify a zombie website by its features.

1) Physical Unattractive

The website that is left unattended over time would soon become a zombie website with its physical unattractiveness and outdated format of the display. Latest technology features on SEO enhanced websites are not applied to keep abreast with innovation that would benefit the business at the end of the day. The website looks lifeless without the spark and animation which modern technologies offered to attract web traffic that is always looking for something new and exciting on the Internet.

The myriad of websites that are more attractive turns web traffic to a diversion readily while leaving behind zombie websites in the dust. Webmasters need to check out the competition in the market to keep abreast with the latest market trends, if not staying ahead of the competition. New website designs with attractive themes should be applied using the best of website formats and layouts that web traffic would be captivated to visit again and again.

2) Slow and Frustrating

Another feature of a zombie website is its slowness in activation that is seemingly clumsy. The slow download or upload of files, data and images or even videos frustrate many web visitors who might be interested in the site offers. Time is a precious commodity to all web consumers, especially in this era of dynamic and progressive technologies.

Web visitors would be wasting a lot of their time waiting for the completion of activity and would choose to exit the website without the task serving its purpose. A lot of potential business leads and sales could be missing from such zombie websites.
Webmasters must check on image and content size to ensure a quick upload or download activity through proper optimization or compression techniques. Such maintenance and upgrades of the website must be administered regularly, especially with progressive technologies emerging rapidly and increasing competition in the market.

3) Outdated Technologies

Every website coding must be updated regularly using the latest dynamic tools in the market and the era. Innovative technologies emerging offer a host of versatile coding tools and solutions which webmasters could apply easily. Outdated coding does not augur well with top search engines which are constantly updating their search algorithms using the latest technologies to enhance the web users’ online experiences.

Outdated codes could disrupt the proper functioning of the website with a lot of intermittent issues which annoy web visitors. Such poor online experiences leave a bitter taste that would not encourage re-visits to the website. Webmasters must learn up the latest technologies to enhance their website with SEO features which would augur well with search spiders.

4) Bugs and Infections

A website with all the creepy crawlers is no fun except for the search spiders checking out the optimization of the site for high rankings with top search engines. A website that has plenty of software and system bugs is headed for disaster as these undesired creepy crawlers could block the effective running of the website to frustrate web visitors.

Webmasters need to be continually trained on new coding and solutions in website designs and functionality to check for bugs and other types of online infections that are detrimental to a dynamic website on the Internet. The website should be protected with anti-viral software that detects Trojan horse, virus and worms which readily cripple a website’s functionality.

5) Constant since Inception

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It is possible that web owners or webmasters are not aware that they need to keep rejuvenating their website over time, even if they have enjoyed market success since inception. As the saying goes, “change is the only constant in life”; it is necessary to adopt changes as these emerge according to market trends and consumer preferences through new technologies.

It is a fact that consumer behavior changes with changing buying patterns and preferences as technologies bring in new ideas and solutions that would impact lifestyle and modern living. Web owners who wish their business to stay relevant in the market would need to keep changing their website to be market relevant. Today is the era of mobile technology. Lots of consumers are mobile users with dynamic mobile devices in their side 24/7 used to surf the web at any time. A mobile friendly website would win more web traffic in catering to the growing number of web consumers who are dynamic mobile users.

Websites that wish to draw in more traffic daily must change with time not only to remain relevant in the market, but to stay as market leaders in their industry. No business or website could stay at the top of the market resting on their laurels with many more potential and aggressive web entrepreneurs hitting the market weekly.

6) Dead Domains

Last but not least in zombie websites are those in dead domains. This refers to websites which were once in splendor, but have rotted away without care and maintenance. These are forgotten websites which perhaps could not catch up with progressive technologies and dynamic market changes.

These dead domains may have been neglected by ambitious web owners or marketers who were aggressive in developing more business opportunities through web traffic with multiple websites and domains; sometimes, more than what they could chew or handle. Hence, it is not surprising that many dynamic domains which scan the web once upon a time are now forlorn or obliterated.

Conclusions an online or Internet business web traffic is a great challenge from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ with a host of requirements which web owners, marketers and webmasters must collaborate dynamically to enjoy the best of synergy in effort and resources for success.

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