Driving High-Quality Traffic To Your Website

Your Website Conversion Rate

Driving High-Quality Traffic To Your WebsiteIf you have a website, one of the most important things you can achieve is to get high-quality traffic. By using solo ads, you can achieve this milestone sooner than later. There are some strategies that can be applied to ensure that solo ads do drive great traffic towards your site.

If you want your online business to thrive, then you need traffic because it is what drives the business. It does not matter how good the site is. As long as no one really knows of its existence, then your business is as good as dead. There are different ways in which you can attract traffic. The method you choose depends on what you have; you could be having lots of money or a lot of time.

The methods

Some free traffic methods can be used to attract traffic like social media, forums, and blogging. All these methods can give you great traffic, but they may take a lot of time. If there is no time, then you should definitely invest some money.

Sometimes using a paid method brings results faster than the free methods. One of the paid traffic methods is using solo ads. To put it in a simple way, a solo ad is where you pay someone else with a large list within your topic/niche a given amount of money for every click, to send out a message or an email copy to the people on his or her list.

What happens is that you include a link within the email, which directs to the website or opt-in page. It may also include your offer or a free report. If you want a solo ad to work to your advantage, you have to find a seller with great reviews and one that can provide the needed clicks from the best locations. You can start by conducting a search on your internet browser to find the sellers who have the best reviews. When you find one with large lists that are verified, you can start seeing results in a very short time.

After finding a good vendor, you need to get in touch with them. You will also have to send a link to your offer or website for review. They will have to confirm whether it is worth their time or not.

When you do a specific search on the internet, it becomes so much easier to find some ad providers who are niche specific. You could end up paying around 30 cents to one dollar for every click depending on the ad seller you choose. In many cases, the sellers can allow you to choose the clicks you are willing to purchase even though there are others who specify the packages you are allowed to start with. It is always wise to start small. This gives you an opportunity to evaluate whether the email copy is converting or not. You can reevaluate your options if it does not, or upgrade if it does. Since you will be paying for the ad space, you should come up with a powerful message.

If you are not good at writing, a search on the internet can guide you on how a solo ad is created. You can learn a lot from educational video and written content. As an alternative, you can ask the seller to share any copy that they felt worked quite well for them anytime in the past. If the seller is a professional, he or she will already have an idea regarding what works with his or her lists and what does not.

The email message

It is important to think about the email message to have the kind of impact that you desire. You need to make an emphasis on the reports and gifts if any, on short paragraphs or statements. You should ensure that the email is centered on what you are trying to sell to the people.

The second thing to do is to make sure that you add a link to your website or your opt-in page a couple of times within the email so that people will not miss it. Remember that solo ads make use of another person’s list. As such, they are putting their reputation on the line by sending you ads. This means that you should try as much as possible to come up with a presentable email message. Do not put too much hype into it because it will come across as spammy.

If you want to enjoy conversions when you use solo ads, then you have to be very keen on the quality you present. After the ad has been run, you need to wait for some time, usually two days, so that you can start tracking the conversion rate. If you are converting at a rate that is over 25%, then things are working well for you. In such a case, you should continue with the seller over some time until you notice a drop in the conversion rate.

If the conversion rate you got is not significant, you need to alter the message and then retest. If nothing works, you should try someone else. You may fail to convert if the list is not good, especially if you had a good outcome with the same message from someone else.

When you are using solo ads, you should be ready to run a couple of tests using different sellers to find the one that works best. You should start with a few clicks when you are starting so that you do not end up paying too much for nothing, when you notice a good conversion rate, you can now upscale.

In short the conversion rate meaning, solo ads should be bought from sellers who are reputable. You need to come up with a very powerful copy where you emphasize on what you are offering while giving links. You should then take time to carry out tests to know where you get the best results. You can adjust the copy as needed. Also, remember that solo ads are a great way of attracting the best kind of traffic to your website.

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Your Website Conversion Rate

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