Easily Make Photo Slideshows with Microsoft Photos

in this video tutorial we’re gonna take a look at Microsoft’s photos tool and this is a tool that a lot of Windows users unfortunately don’t know about they’re not aware of it they don’t use it and there’s lots of ways you can use this you can use it to organize your photos and to look at your photos and things like that but there’s another way to use Microsoft’s photos and that is you can use it to create and that’s what I’m going to highlight in this particular video now if you don’t have quick access to photos down here on the taskbar you may need to search for it the first time that you use it so here I just clicked in the lower left corner type here to search and I’ll just type in photos and it brings up photos trusted Microsoft Store app I’m gonna click on that to open it up and it’s telling me some things that are new in photos the first time that you open up Microsoft photos it’s going to give you probably a series of these windows that will walk through some of the basic things that you can do with Microsoft photos and you really should take a look at those I think there’s lots of ways to use this tool but I’m just gonna X out of it and close it for now and Here I am and I only have a few photos that I’ve imported into it at this point but you can see I have a collection of photos you can set up albums if you’d like and do some video projects which is what I’m gonna show you can add people by tagging them in photos it’ll help you to organize your photos based on the people in them and you can also set up some folders and that’s what I’ve done I’ve set up a folder of pictures that anything that’s put into that folder will be synced will be added to my Microsoft photos application and I’ll be able to see it you can also add a second folder so I could just click add a folder I could browse my computer and find that other folder and then just click add this folder to pictures I’m not going to do it at this time instead I’m gonna double click here on my folder full of images and these are all images that I got for free using the Bing image search and I selected images that are free to share and use commercially if you want to learn how I did that and how I found these free images please watch a previous tutorial that I made called alternative to Google images using images but anyway that’s where I got all of the images that I’ll be using in this video so these photos are accessible to me and viewable from within the Microsoft Photos app that I’m using.

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