Facebook Marketing + Local and Non-Local Business Promotions

Local And Non Local Businesses

Facebook Marketing + Local and Non-Local Business PromotionsMore and more modern online businesses today are looking at social media to assist in effective Internet marketing that would win over more customers in the local and non local businesses home town environments. This is where social media giants like Facebook and Twitter could boost their business operations, sales and web traffic tremendously with low cost.

Facebook Marketing Effects

Local businesses are jumping onto the social media platform to leverage on Facebook for more benefits in marketing operations. Facebook is favorably adapted into the business’s marketing mix for the best ROI.

Facebook offers plenty of exciting features which could prove viable for businesses in promoting the brand or products and services. The Offers feature on Facebook is widely manipulated by online businesses where online coupons could be generated on the local business page which is promoted via news-feed to attract potential business leads and customers.

Web consumers find this coupon offer convenient and more attractive in deciding to make a purchase without the hassle of pushy salespersons insisting on a sale closure. The free coupon allows consumers to try out the brand, product or service before taking on more. Businesses are able to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and choice of coupons to attract the right groups of consumers.

Facebook marketing could ripple through local small businesses to large businesses outside the local vicinity as the business progresses in size and operations. International and or local and non local businesses growth is easily accommodated with Facebook marketing as the Facebook marketing features are available at a local or non-local environment.

Steps in Synergizing Marketing Strategies

Every Facebook marketing strategy could be enhanced with the right marketing tactic that satisfies local and non local businesses niche markets. This may take more effort and creativity on the business owners or marketers, but the rewards are greater in comparison to single marketing endeavors. More creative juice should flow once the business owners or marketers get the hang of Facebook marketing with other market dynamics to impact local and non-local markets to boost their business outcomes.

Step 1 – Identify the Irresistible Offer

When businesses give an attractive offer that is free and useful to targeted consumers, it would draw in more potential business leads to boost the business operations, sales and bottom lines. Such offers are usually irresistible to consumers who are inclined towards the brand or products that are useful and relevant to their lives and work.

These attractive offers could come in the form of discounts and promotions as well as free sample products or accessing to exclusive articles and videos that would benefit consumers. A simple call-to-action of clicking on the ‘Like’ button to secure the free offer is such an easy task which would attract many consumers. The high ‘Likes’ augur well with top search engines that would accord a high page ranking to benefit the business in terms of boosting the market visibility and reputation of the business and brand.

If the attractive offer has a short timeline that is a close expiry or validity date, it is likely that more consumers would be drawn to it with a higher number of responses on call-to-action.

Step 2 – Prepare Promotion Banners

A dynamic Facebook marketing campaign with local and non-local businesses should include online banners of promotion. At least two business promo banners should be designed and created for fans and non-fans as each category of consumers have different needs and inclination towards the business and brand.

Facebook banners have specific tab requirements on the width and length using maximum 520 pixels. These banners could be very instrumental in attracting the right crowd with the right colors, images and text in promoting the brand or products. A creative design would certainly stir up more interests on the business brand for a closer look at the available offers.

Step 3 – Special Additions on Facebook

Facebook offers many exciting features which could be added to the online marketing campaign implemented by marketers for greater results. This includes adding HTML or FBML application to the page to boost market awareness.

Marketers could also enhance the Welcome Tab as the default landing tab for all web visitors, especially non-fans on their first web visit. Visitors would feel warmth on sighting the “Welcome” sign that is more personal than the default Facebook page Wall. The setting could be activated personally using the “Setting” button on the Facebook wall tab.

New tabs should always be checked and tested for smooth functionality to avoid confusion and frustration. This would help system administrators to be more focused on the marketing components without losing track of the marketing objectives. Sighting two banners during the testing stage could be rather confusing for even administrators.

Step 4 – Detailed Tracking with Google Analytics

Facebook marketing could prove to be even more dynamic with local and non-local business promotions when proper tracking of the marketing strategy and campaign is administered. Good tracking is essential to high returns on investment by farsighted marketers in their business development and expansion in the market.

Tracking the success of every Facebook marketing endeavor is easy through Google Analytics where customers come by the custom Facebook page. The tracking activation could be embedded in the Welcome tab using Google Analytics code directly.

Big or Small, Local or Non-local Businesses

Facebook marketing is feasible for all types of business in different industries today. A high number of ‘Likes’ on Facebook could boost the company’s market presence and status with more crowd to its website besides the favored SERP ranking by top search engines.

With the millions of Facebook users and subscribers plying the platform daily, many targeted consumers could be procured by online businesses that deploy creative marketing tactics on this giant social media. Local and non-local businesses could enjoy lots of potential leads for more sales at lower marketing costs with a simple profile setup. Creative marketing strategies could be designed and implemented in attracting more web consumers from Facebook to support the business brand. As the business fan base increases, the quantum of sales would also increase.

Local And Non Local Businesses

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