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Do you know what this is a picture of? It’S the way. Most people try to make money online, they get it completely backward, which is why ninety-five percent of people never earn a dime on the Internet, hey. I was no different until I discovered two things that all online money makers are doing, that no one else is my name is brett ingram. I found internet marketing the same way most people do. I was tired of my job. I hated my boss and I was always worrying about money. I wanted more freedom to do what i want to buy, what I want and never worry about bills or money. Again, I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to take vacations whenever I want and provide a better life for my family. You know live that internet lifestyle, so I tried to make money online. It looks so easy all these products promising fast and easy money do this click that the money starts pouring in. I was buying products and trying everything from Adsense to paper collect the SEO to facebook, to you name it, but no matter what I tried. I didn’t make a dime, I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I started to think it was all just smoke and mirrors total BS, but the thing is, I really wanted it to be real. It was my only way out of the 826 job and boss that I hated for months. All I did was try anything and everything they make money online, but I was getting nowhere. I didn’t know what else to do so. Purely out of desperation. I tried something different. I stopped trying to make money and started studying people who were already doing it. I joined their list and studied their marketing, and that’s when I saw I discovered two things that marketers who are living the internet lifestyle. Do that everyone else. Doesn’T I was shocked these two things? No one ever talks about, and no one ever shared with me yet they’re, literally the difference between making it or struggling and failing it’s so simple. I was kicking myself for not seeing it sooner, but I guess it’s because marketers are too busy pushing their products to show others how to really make money online and live that internet lifestyle. Once I realized that everything changed, I started making real money. I was able to quit my job and I became a full-time internet marketer. In fact, I had one of the most successful launches in the history of internet marketing. I broke the two hundred thousand dollar mark in a single month for the first time, but as funny as it sounds, it’s not about the money, it’s the freedom, it the lifestyle, no more stress, fear or worries about money. Ah, finally, feeling free and living the internet, lifestyle and the thing is it? Isn’T me it’s the two things that I discovered I wasn’t making any money online before and after I quit my job, it was kicking, butt and taking names. The two things could do. The same for you too, so what are the two things? I’Ve created a free video for you, where I explain them in detail and show you exactly how to use them yourself. In fact, I made you a complete video series. It’S called the internet lifestyle formula. It’S a step-by-step action plan to make money online no cost no catch to watch. It now put your name and best email in the blank, so you click the button. You can start it right now. You’Ll finally know how to get that freedom. You want and start living the internet lifestyle put your name and email in the blanks click the button and watch the videos I’ll see you on the inside

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