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If you are looking to start your own Adsense website so that you can earn some money from home then you will absolutely find this article to be enlightening and beneficial. Making money with Adsense is great because you will never have to try hard to sell anything. In fact, you earn a commission every time a site visitor clicks on an Adsense ad that you have placed on your website.

What this means is that you will earn money without having to persuade people to take out their wallets. All you got to do is create a site, drive traffic to it, and get people to click on the Adsense Ads. Simple enough? Yes, the concept at least is very simple. However, to actually get a lot of clicks on your ads is very hard.

To make a sizeable income with Adsense you will need traffic… a lot of it. Plus, if the traffic coming into your website is rather targeted then you will see that your Adsense website will perform very well. Now here are some strategies that you can use to improve your Adsense campaign.

Use the right ad size.

After many years of Adsense money earned, Adsense gurus from around the globe have come to an agreement that the best size for an Adsense Ad is the 728 x 90 banner. This banner size has proven to get you the most clicks every time. Therefore, the smartest thing you can do to tweak your Adsense site is that you should you this banner size for your Adsense Ads as much as you can.

Obviously, you do not want to spam your website with too many ads either. Essentially you should have one of these ads on each page. In fact, you can even place two of these ads on a page where one is on the top of your page where the content is just beginning to unfold and the other one at the very end of your content so that you give people a place to click or go after they’ve read. This way, you provide them a path to move on to after reading the information on your website.

Targetable Ads.

When you are setting up your Adsense campaign, be sure to set your campaign settings to Targetable. You will want specific site owners to be able to target your website where they can place their ads on.
This is something that most ‘Premium’ advertisers would do because they have the money to target their ads, and their budget will almost mean more money for you as well.

When your Adsense Ads is targetable, you attract these kinds of advertisers and quite honestly these are the Advertisers who pay the most as well. They get the option to outbid every other advertiser and lock in a spot on your website, for as long as they like. This means you get paid a good amount of money every time your site visitor decides to click on their ad.
Display Ads Alongside videos and pictures.

Videos are click magnets. And so are pictures. The way you get people to click on your ads using Videos and Pictures is to align your videos around the same window size as your ads right next to your Adsense Ads. This way, you will find that many people will click on your ad thinking that it was a real video. The same goes for pictures. For pictures, you can actually place the ads below the picture or alongside the picture. Either way works, but do not take my word so for granted because the only way to know definitely is to test it on your website.
The key here is to have your banner ad size around the same as the size of your picture or video. This way people will perceive your ad as a part of a video and the same phycology goes within the mind of your visitors when they see your pictures as well. The last thing you will want your ad to do is to screen “I AM AN AD” to your visitors because this will scare them away every single time. Nobody likes to click on an ad so be smart and disguise your ad accordingly.

Create new channels for each ad.

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Adsense is essentially a game of numbers so if you want to appear as the victor of this game, then you must know your numbers. Many new Adsense marketers fail to create new channels for every ad that they create. You must always create a new channel so that you can effectively track and monitor your numbers. This is the only you will know if your ads are performing the way it should or not or if there is anything you should be doing to tweak the ad for better performance.

Always delete underperforming units and make sure that you mark those that perform well. The smart thing to do is to learn from your own adsense ads and then replace bad performing ads with the better ones. Only when you start to slowly improve on your ads will you slowly see the numbers go up. But mind you, these optimizations are clearly for your website. You will need to have a strong traffic strategy to back it up so that you can finally see a significant amount of numbers in your clicks that can result in a huge amount of Adsense commission.
Try these strategies out yourself and see if they work as well as it does for our websites.

Adsense Ads

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