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Google Alert Social Networking

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Why Social Media Should Be Part Of Your Business Development Strategy

We can interact with anyone around the world at basically any time through a number of messaging and social networking apps like Facebook and …
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Social media: Waste of time or good for communication?

There are many arguments regarding social media and some of them have valid points. Whether social media is a time-waster or not, here are some …
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Solange Revived the Black Social Network Black Planet, and It Means Everything

Long before Twitter and Facebook posts written in all caps by grandmothers everywhere, we had Black Planet. I signed up for the social networking
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Global Social Networking Market Outlook By Size, Share, Latest Trends, And Key Players Up To …

The research report published on Social Networking Market 2019 Revenue Analysis, Challenges Ahead, Industry Insights, Supply, Growth Drivers, …
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Woman loses Rs 3.7 lakh to LinkedIn contact

… threatened to implicate me in drug smuggling and money laundering cases and defame me on social media as I am the beneficiary of that parcel.
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Is Creating Sturdy Social Network the Way to Go for Most College Entrepreneurs?

If there is one word that any and every college student has heard over and over again, it’s networking. Especially business students are frequently told …
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Solange Knowles Revived the Black Social Network ‘Black Planet’ By Announcing Her New Album

So, why is Solange so focused on resurrecting the old Black Planet socialnetwork? Solange has long stood out as a symbol of both black and female …
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Facebook’s ‘Workplace’ claims two million users

Facebook’s core social networking service, supported by targeted advertising … and Workplace adopts innovations from the leading social network.
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2019 Quick Guide for B2B Social Media Photos

The beginning of 2019 is a great time to assess everything you’ve been doing and find ways to build on your B2B marketing and social media strategy.
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Facebook filed a patent for a ‘civil’ political debate forum

The patent, titled “Providing digital forums to enhance civic engagement,” covers a localized and politics-focused form of social networking.

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