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is your site ready to appear on the google search engine here are five things you must do for your website to do just that first does google know about your site you have to make sure of that and that searches for your site as it appears in previous episodes we explained that see the attached links below if your site never appears this is because google does not know the existence of your website this usually happens because your site is linked to another website your new site does not appear on the search engine as the search engine has not yet discovered it in this case you can go to the search engine control page service this is to prove your ownership of the site and submit it the search engine will discover your site and rank it and if your business is in an existing geographical location then you must clearly show your information and your location and your address and opening hours always make sure to include correct easy and useful information this makes it much easier for google to display it on the search engine to discover it and understand it properly usually this process takes some time there is another easy way to follow to make this on google using google’s service to work google for business a completely free and easy service help you manage your business information to appear on search engines including search engine and maps you can add your business and website by visiting https slash www dot google dot com slash international slash n slash business slash second after your website appears on the search engine how can you be sure of the quality and quality of the information presented on your website hey folks i’ve been working hard every day on this website and i’ve now got a website fit for purpose so you should go check it out you can either click the link down in the underbar or you can click this banner above and it will take you straight there i put a lot of hard work into it and i plan on updating it a lot and doing cool relevant researched information and posts with videos for all to share and i’m really excited because it’s just another step in the social networking platforms like facebook etc so go there now and show my site and post some clickable love but for now cheerio as always take it easy and take care until the next time you

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