Has Multi-Level Marketing Changed

Internet Mlm

Has Multi-Level Marketing ChangedNetwork Marketers, It Is Time To Go Back To School! MLM Has Changed! Network Marketing has changed dramatically, especially in the last two years. Skills that many people learned in network marketing even just two years ago are no longer working like they once did. Today every serious business builder needs to have a “presence” online.

Attracting people to your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business has always been about attracting people to you first. But now, more than ever before, best practice is to do that online, building a global business in record time! Think of it – Facebook has more than 40 billion page views a month. Is it any wonder why even the presidential candidates all have their own Facebook pages?

Social media like Facebook and YouTube and many others social networks can provide free marketing, free traffic to business websites, attracting people to you and your business. I call it “Internet MLM Now” because we can now make the entire world our audience with a few clicks. That is marketing power that has never before been available to individual entrepreneurs

Internet network marketing also makes it so much easier to create culture for your team. Whatever your values and guiding principles are, you can take steps to incorporate them into all of your internet marketing promotions. Those who join you already know your ideals even if they’re on the other side of the world. For example, MLM is the very best business model out there for those who enjoy success the most when it’s shared. Mentoring your team online instead of just locally in hotel meetings is very powerful, especially when you can create a forum online for your global team.

Has Multi-Level Marketing Changed

Take a look at this blog, Marketing Merge Network. Here, Mike Klingler supports his team, providing education, mentoring and because his blog has a high search engine ranking, he can feature members of his team, bringing them internet traffic! All the way from team support business blogs to video tutorials on YouTube, several MLM stars are teaching huge numbers of people world-wide how to succeed in the same way they did – ONLINE.

So what’s the best way to make the switch to Internet MLM? Fortunately, there are many fast-forward ways to learn internet marketing. For example, Mike Klingler, founder of Renegade University, has developed many online courses that are video tutorials and they’re free at the university level. More advanced courses are offered to those who advance to professional level. All of the courses take even the novice, click-by-click, into creating first class business blogs, high ranking hub pages, ezine article submission, etc. all designed to bring the student targeted traffic, generating free leads.

Many wonder how long this golden opportunity for the “average” individual to market online to the whole world will last, especially at such low cost. No one knows. But everyone’s advice is to get started in Internet MLM now. There are already countries where the internet is regulated. Hopefully not in America any time soon.

So, make the world your audience. Provide tremendous value to those you attract through Internet MLM. Tell the world about you, not your business opportunity. Share what you’ve learned, what you believe in and how you have created a business culture that promotes success for everyone in your team. That type of servant leadership attracts people into your business. Building a global business is now a dream come true for many network marketers because in the new business model, Internet MLM, your audience is the world.

Internet Mlm

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