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Many individuals will let you know that to get your web site noticed you have got to ‘optimize’ your web page for the various search engines. You’re then led up a route where you need to preserve changing your web page as the various search engines alternate their methods of checklist matters. As speedy as you ‘optimize’ your site, Google and the others have moved the goalposts, that means you ought to keep optimizing over and over.

Now keep in mind some facts. Most folks on this planet aren’t users of the web. Let’s repeat that. The significant majority of individuals who you wish to have to reach do not use the web. It doesn’t matter how good you optimize your website, they with no trouble will on no account find it.

Here is yet another fact. One of the excellent web marketers make most of their revenue ‘offline’. They promote their books, CD-ROMs and many others at seminars, workshops and conferences. Indeed, for a lot of ‘web marketers’ these ‘offline’ revenue characterize the majority of their earnings.

So what do these facts inform us? They show us that ‘offline’ advertising is more fundamental than on-line advertising. You may be capable to optimize your web page to get excessive rankings in a search engine. But that doesn’t imply you’ll be able to reach the titanic majority of individuals who might purchase your product or use your know-how.

This was once validated recently by means of one learn that showed most folks go to an internet handle (URL) after having learn it in a newspaper or magazine, been given it by means of a pal or colleague, or having heard it being mentioned by someone talking at a assembly or on tv. In different words, it seems that big numbers of humans who get to your web page will accomplish that having heard the URL someplace external the internet.

That you would be able to get many persons journeying your web site, despite the fact that you are not ranked extremely with the aid of the search engines. You can do this in two foremost ways:

1. Write articles for use in standard publications – newspapers, magazines etc. Invariably include your URL in the article and you can get thousands of men and women to discover your website online handle.

2. Converse at every possibility. Make shows to industry golf equipment, chambers of commerce, local societies – you identify it, you will have to converse at it. Whenever you speak, announce or your web page handle.

Although these are the 2 foremost methods of gaining offline publicity on your website, don’t overlook what you are promoting stationery, posters, car stickers and so forth. The extra your site address is obvious external the net, the extra visitors you’ll get despite how type the various search engines are to you.

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Your Web Page

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