How Many Links Does My Site Need

Self Serving Link Refers

self serving link refersThe Question of Link Velocity –  Internet marketers know the importance of links on their website to attract more web traffic to boost sales. Hence, link building is a dynamic component in website design as part of good SEO essentials. Every website that wants to be visible in the market must include certain good links that would draw web traffic to its shores; the question that begs to be answered is: how many?

Links as Dynamic SEO Tools

With the right understanding of links in a website, webmasters and marketers would need to include the right number of links without search engines frowning on an ‘over-stuffing’. This would not reflect well on the website in securing high page rankings when good quality links are one too many.

As dynamic SEO tools in a website design, good links are crucial in attracting targeted web traffic for more business opportunities. Great links are well designed and natural with a high relevancy that prompts web users to click on and be directed to the website for more information. This could lead on to a higher sales conversion rate that benefits the bottom line of the business.

Good links that are helpful in boosting the online business must be generated from skilled SEO professionals birthing at reputed and authoritative sites. These links could be developed using dynamic SEO software that would augur well with top search engines.

Features that are of concern for dynamic links include:
• The number of links
• The location of links
• The velocity of link building

Relevancy in Number

Many webmasters and marketers are fraught with the age-old question of how many links they should put into their website for optimum results with web traffic. There is no exact number as different websites operate differently with different types of content and SEO implementation. Hence, some webmasters and marketers may flood the website with many links to offer web visitors more chances of being directed to their web business sites.

Others may choose to be more subtle in their links availability within a webpage to project a more professional image that would draw targeted niche market audiences. The adage, “the more the merrier” is not foolproof with links in websites where quality prevails over quantity.

Quality Links from Source

The source of links proves to be more important as it reflects on the quality of links supported by the source. A link from a market reputed site is deemed to be reliable and approved with relevant or helpful information to web users who would be compelled to click.

Webmasters need to work on building as many as good quality links as possible to draw in the desired huge web traffic to their websites. Quality links serve to boost webpage ranking that would push the competitors down the rank regardless of the number of links included.

Links from respected sites would also gain consumer respect as the website benefits from the good market credibility of respected sites. The business enjoys a rub-off of the subtle benefits from well established sites to secure better market presence and perception.

Many link building tools are now readily available to webmasters in generating quality links that would serve to draw more web traffic. Advanced SEO tools are available in building great links which would be welcomed by reputed sites that would benefit the business. The success of any online business today requires strong connections with reputed sources.

Homepage Links and Webpage self serving link refers Links

How Many Links Does My Site Need

Internet marketers and webmasters need to know how to attach links dynamically in helpful sites that would draw in the desired targeted traffic instead of massive links homing in to the homepage of the business displaying brand and products unscrupulously.

A better alternative would be to have some links pointing to relevant internal web pages which are of interest to the web visitor with helpful information. The web visitor is more likely to check out the homepage as well once the web pages prove helpful.

Links to web pages are easier to build than homepage links. These are more attractive to web visitors seeking for specific information than a general page which requires more searching.
Velocity of Links

Besides the number of links a website should have, webmasters need to address how fast these links are required to generate the right amount of traffic to the website. Quality links that are clear cut and clean are quickly built especially once experience becomes the master and guide.

A good link building strategy is to engage link building over a longer time period in a consistent manner. The number of quality links could increase over time once the momentum is built upon the business activities.

A couple of direct links to the home page could be built and implemented first before moving on with internal web pages to generate a wider scope of targeted audience. This would generate a gradual increase in web traffic that would benefit the long term performance of the business with favorable rankings from top search engines.

A Strategic Approach on self serving link refers Building

The basic approach to self serving link refers building is related to the structure, format and placement of the URL to enhance marketing strategies.

A website should have about four active or inactive links that could be placed in the article and Resource Box. A strategic marketing approach on link building is the attachment of 2 self-serving links and 2 non-self serving links in the article. A self-serving link refers the website that is targeted to attract web traffic while a non-self serving link refers to third party websites which could add value to the article.

The Resource Box which is usually located below the article body is an ideal spot for placing self serving link refers linking. It is a strategic link location to direct web traffic to the website. Good links could also be placed below the bottom half of the article or beneath the fold after web readers enjoy the bulk of the content.

These link marketing strategies augur well with top search engines to offer higher page rankings to the website or webpage.

Self Serving Link Refers

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