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Hi, my name is Matt Cutts, and I’m an search results engineer at the Google Quality Group and I’d like to To talk today about what happens when you search the web. The first thing to understand in this regard is When you do a Google search, you’re not actually looking at the web, you’re looking at Google’s web index, or at least as much of it as we can find. This is done using Software known as Internet file tracking tools.

Internet file tracking tools begin to fetch pages A few web sites, follow the links to those pages, fetch the pages they refer to, and then track all the links Listed on these pages and bring the pages that lead to them and so on, until a large amount is indexed From the web – many billions of pages stored across thousands of devices. And now, Suppose I want to know how fast the cheetah runs. I can, for example Find the running speed of the cheetah and then click on View. The program searches the index to find all pages Containing these search terms. In this case, there are hundreds of thousands of possible outcomes. How does Google determine the few documents I want? By asking too many questions. For example. How many keywords are repeated on this page? Do the words appear in the title, in URL, right next to it? Does this page have synonyms for these words? Is this page from a high-quality website, is its quality low, or is its content spam? What is the position of this page in PageRank? This is an equation invented by the founders Larry Page and Sergey Bryn, which evaluates the importance of a web page by looking at the number of external links it refers to, And how important these links are.

How Online Search WorksFinally, we combine all of these factors together to get overall rating points Per page and display your search results after about half a second of Submit your search. At Google, we are very committed to providing useful and unbiased search results. We never accept anything to add a website to our index, Update it more often or improve its ranking. Let’s take a look at the search results that appeared. Each entry includes a (URL the address of a World Wide Web page), and a snippet of text to help me decide whether these The page displays the content I’m looking for.

I also see links to similar pages and the latest store version On Google from this page, and related searches that I might want to try below. and sometimes, I see, on the left and at the top, ads. We treat advertising activity very carefully Serious about our commitment to provide the best possible audience for advertisers and work hard to deliver The ads you really want to see exclusively. We take great care to distinguish between ads That appear between your regular online search results and we won’t show you any ads at all if we don’t Ads that will help you find the information you’re looking for, It is represented in this case at the highest speed of the cheetah, which is more than 60 miles per hour. Thanks I want to make it easier for Google search results to watch.


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Search Results

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