How To Get Instagram Followers Four Strategies

How To Get Instagram Followers

So strangers are pretty powerful. – Yeah how to get Instagram followers. And there are many ways to really create that user-generated content. We’ve got a video for you to check out up there. But what quick things you can do, run a contest, create just a personalized hashtag with your business and tell everyone to hashtag it and then you can go search those hashtags, and then all that user-generated content is there.

Reach out to them and say “hey how to get Instagram followers, Do you mind if I post this?” get their permission just in case. And then add that content to your own feed, create that user-generated content, get people to really like you and buy into your business and you win and you grow your following.

– Another awesome way to infuse personality in your Instagram, it’s actually really quite simple, ask questions. – Like what? how to get Instagram followers, – So I saw. – That was a question. – That was, oh that was good. (laughs) It’s working. – It’s working (both laughing) – So I saw this hotel and they did a post on Instagram and it said “I feel” I don’t, it was like “I feel most at home when I have blank”.

So the hotel asking that question was just a really cool way to not only get their audience engaged, ’cause people love to talk about themselves. – Right. – But they also then shared what makes them feel most at home, it was like, “curled up with a book, cozy with some hot tea”. – Yeah and another added benefit with that is how they’re getting basically survey data of their audience, what makes them feel at home they collect the– – Oh my gosh. It- Kind of the best example, make sure they include that in their hotel too.

– I didn’t even think, that’s so true. – Yeah. – ‘Cause what if someone like, really enjoys cucumber water. – Yeah, they can– – put that in your lobby. – Makes them feel at home.

– So another really simple and effective way to infuse personality on your Instagram, besides asking questions and user-generated content, showcase your team. I mean what a great way to like be authentic and show who’s behind the scenes you know? Do some BTS, how is that recipe coming together, who’s underneath the hood of the car when I get my oil changed? Like who makes this business? Plus, when you see a familiar face at some of your favorite local businesses as a customer, sometimes that’s all I need, is just like a little incentive to go back and visit you.

– Yeah, absolutely and I know that we do this a lot at GoDaddy. Our guides are the face of our brand, and you can basically do it the same with your employees like they’re the face of your brand, they’re representing your business every day. So show them off, show, tell their story and let the people connect with them. And it should help them just resonate with your audience and build that loyalty. – All right so the third way that we wanna talk about actually getting more followers on Instagram, we’ve kinda touched on it but hashtags.

Other popular hashtags, like just industry-wise, think about it, and you can google this. You know what industry you’re in, let’s say you’re in retail, “popular hashtags to use if you’re in retail”. You google it right now. And one that I love to see, especially for some Inspo, some fashion Inspo, hashtag OOTD. Do you know what that stands for?

– Outfit of the day? – That’s right, Nealey pays attention to what he wears. – I’m hip with the lingo. – He’s hip. And hip with the clothes. So retail you’ll see that a lot, OOTD. And a lot of people love to use it to just get, like I said, inspiration for their fashion. And it’s gonna help you to get in front of new customers, more followers, which is what this video is all about. But don’t stop there, don’t stop with just industry-specific hashtags or brands. You can also do neighborhood or local hashtags.

– Okay. – Yeah. – So like for in Seattle, like hashtag Seattle coffee for example to. – Yes. – Really bring around Seattle coffee? – Yeah, that would be a great spot, you know? Branch out, outside of Starbucks, find a local business to go to, where we could get a cup of coffee before we come in and shoot “The Journey”. – And with these hashtags too, it’s not necessarily just for you to post about, really join in on the conversation of other people that you see talking about these hashtags.

What I’d recommend. – Yes. – Spend like ten or 15 minutes a night searching a couple of hashtags and just start adding conversation to other people’s posts and adding value. Don’t just put generic comments ’cause nobody is gonna care about that, people are just gonna think you’re spam, but if you actually go in and add value, continue on the conversation, maybe ask questions, it’s really gonna help you connect with a larger audience and show that you’re an actual person not just a faceless business. All right Emma, did you know that 70% of people on Instagram watch Instagram stories on a daily basis? – No but I’m not surprised. I definitely spend way more time on Instagram stories than just scrolling through my Insta news feed.

_ I feel the same way. – I know! – I just go into the stories. – I love it. – It’s authentic and it shows personality. – Yes. This tees up our fourth way to get more followers. Incorporate fan content, like user-generated. – Okay. – Into your Instagram stories. – So instead of like reposting it, reposting it, basically posting on to your story? – Yeah, so for example, I was, I recently got a new surfboard, it’s my baby, I love it, can’t wait to go home and surf.

I recently got this new surfboard and I was curious about the brand the brand is modern surfboards and I checked out their Instagram and what really sold me was their Instagram stories. And they are doing an awesome job of repurposing their fan’s content. And so this was a really cool way to see people like me, potential customers, well for them it was already a customer, and they out there like getting pitted and showing off their board.

So I got into for like, what board I wanted to get, I also just like increased my hype to go catch some waves, but it’s really cool to see their fans and where they’re surfing, and what boards they’re intrigued by. And it got me really excited. And the good news is like we mentioned earlier, Instagram is the mecca of fan content. But it is your responsibility to be paying attention when people are mentioning you like you were talking about earlier. – Yeah, you’ll get a notification.

And you can go one step further, not only reposting their posts, you can repost their stories.

Now the only way to do this is if they mention you in their story. So encourage your fans, and your followers to mention you in their stories when they talk about you that way you can repost it on your own channel. ‘Cause they don’t do it, you won’t be able to do it. – And it makes it really easy too.

Like Nealey is great about this when we’re doing “The Journey” shoot and he’ll mention me and then it just pops up in my inbox on Instagram and then I’m like, “oh Nealey mentioned me, well do I–” – Get a little “Add this to your story”. – What did, what did he capture? – What did I do? is this how to get Instagram followers, – First, let me check it, oh this is cool and then I can just click “add this to my story”. – Super quick, add a little gif, add some conversation, say “hey thanks for the shout-out” or whatever you wanna do.

Make it personal, don’t just click the mention in my story, add your little 2 cents to it. It’ll really, basically like, resonate with that person. And now they think they’re a little Insta-famous too. – All right, that’s a wrap. You just learned four ways to get more Instagram followers. how to get Instagram followers, Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe. – Ring that bell if you wanna get these episodes first. This is “The Journey”, see you next time…

how to get instagram followers

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How To Get Instagram Followers