How to Make $100 per Day on YouTube Without Being on Camera

– What if I’m not good-looking enough? What if I do not want to be in the limelight? What if I did not have the confidence to be on camera? What if I embarrass myself and say something stupid? This is one of those few things that could be stopping some of you from ever taking the first step of creating content on YouTube.

And that is why today I’m gonna be showing you how you can make $100 a day on YouTube very conservatively, without shooting videos, without having your face on the videos, and I’m gonna give you an entire business model that you can literally copy and deploy right after you understand these different principles.

Now, right now, there are tons and tons of videos across all these different niches. It could be in sports, football, basketball, it could be computer games, it could be compilation videos across different markets, it could be funny cat dog videos, whatever it is, if you were to look up these different channels, you will notice that there are tons of channels out there with millions of views, where the person behind the channel doesn’t show their face. And I’m gonna be showing you a couple of different examples, where you can see across all these different niches, there are millions of views. And by the way, we’ll be talking about monetization.

And a very typical payout from YouTube, they call it CPM is about approximately $3. Now, without being technical, what that means is, for every 1000 views, you can get paid approximately $3 for every 1000 views. So, depending on the market, depending on the niche, sometimes it’s higher, if it’s like, related to do with money or investing, or it could be slightly lower, depending on who it is that’s actually watching it based on your buying power, but a very approximate average is about $3 for 1000 views.

Now, so what does that mean? So if you start taking a look at all these other videos there, whether it is on sports, top goals, or top slam dunks from Michael Jordan, if you take a look at the top 10 compilations of whether it’s playing computer games, whether it’s sports, whether it’s a conspiracy theory, you’ll see that there are tons of videos there that are just compilations of other people’s work.

And I’m gonna be showing you, how do you ethically do it? How do you morally do it? How do you do it the right way so that you optimize it, as well as monetize? So it’s gonna be a five-step process that I’m gonna walk you through. And the way we do that is, we are gonna begin with step number one.

And step number one is basically picking a niche or a certain theme to it. Now, picking a niche is not necessarily deep enough, you would have a theme. So many times people think that “Oh a niche is like gaming or like fitness,” that’s not enough for a YouTube channel. So step number one is to pick a theme. So for example, let’s say, if you know my story, I started out being like, really, really a computer gaming addict, and I would play like 15 hours a day in my college days.

And so let’s see, let’s begin with that. So, I’m gonna do an actual example, and what I’m going to do is, for example, a game that I still play, is Overwatch, which I still play once in a while not hardcore, but pretty casual. So the first thing I wanna do is I wanna think about a specific theme for my channel. It could be Overwatch, it could be Basketball, really understanding who do I wanna serve, it could be Olympic Lifts, it could be The Keto Diet, pick a specific theme, where all of your content is going to revolve around that topic, okay? So that’s number one.

Now, once I select a theme, which is gonna be pretty straightforward. The next thing that I’m going to do is, and that brings me to number two, number two is about doing keyword research within that theme, okay? So what you wanna do next is, to really pick and drill down, what are people searching for within that market, okay? Now, a great way is to utilize YouTube’s search itself. And this is what I do, okay?

So let’s say a computer game that I play, Overwatch, I’m just gonna type in “A”, so I’m gonna type in Overwatch animation characters, all characters, Ana, Ashe, all these are just the characters names, right? Anime opening, animated.

So I’m just gonna go through the different keywords within that niche to start giving me ideas on what type of content that I could be creating, right? So now, YouTube is giving me all these different ideas. And by the way, if you don’t know these terms, I don’t expect you to, because these are just like the name of characters within the game, but this gives me a really good idea.

I’m gonna go with a, b, c, d, e, so all the way to start giving me ideas on what keywords can I be targeting? So that’s number two, right? Number two is doing keyword research. I wanna start thinking about, what are the different types of content that I could be compiling literally, and I’m going to be showing you how to do it the right way, so you don’t get a copyright strike so that you are not in violation of the terms of service. So this is one method, right?

Another great keyword research is utilizing, so for example, the term “top five”, so it could be top five Overwatch characters, top five plays, and I could really drill in deeper as well, right? Let’s say I could type in plays, and same thing here, I could start with top five Overwatch then a, top five Overwatch b, right? So now I’m trying to get different keywords to start creating compilations, right? So now I know by looking at this I couldn’t be creating, top five Overwatch characters for beginners, top Five strongest, top five Overwatch play, right? Now, what does this mean?

It means that, can you imagine if you went into, let’s say basketball, okay? Let’s use basketball.

So when I type this in, top five basketball player, shoes, what if I typed in top five for example, Michael Jordan plays for example, okay? Let’s just take a look and see what happens, okay? First of all, take a look at this, Okay?

Top 50 Michael Jordan all-time plays, this video, by the way, has got 70 million views. Now, this is what I’m trying to get you to start seeing. So if you start seeing this, and created compilations of all these different players out there, all of the legends, okay? Michael Jordan is just one person, but can you imagine if you went through a list and started compiling? So let’s take a look at this, okay?

So if I clicked on this video over here, – My name is Billie Jean. – Now look at this, okay? Pause one second, okay? Now, Billie Jean’s adhere to him being upside down.

Now, what that tell you first of all?

It tells you that because this ad is served on this video, it means that this video is able to monetize, that’s the first example I want you to see, okay? So understand that this has got 70 million views. Like I said, a very typical CPM, I would have used my calculator here, because of math, isn’t that great, but 1000 views is approximately $3, that means that if you could have one million views, one million views is about $3,000, seven million, this would be $21,000 from one video, one video that was uploaded in 2013 is, and guess what, it doesn’t end here, it’s still going to continue growing and making money from this one video, okay? Now that’s what I want you to start seeing.

Can you see why this would be?

Think of it as a piece of real estate that you are creating, that you can collect rent on forever. And this is just one monetization ways we’ll talk about, we gonna be talking about many different monetization methods. I could be utilizing different player names, so this is how I would rotate. And guess what, all these people mix-tape videos, they are just people who started a channel like M54_17, I’m pretty sure if you look at his channel, this guy doesn’t show his face, and you will see that from his channel, they’re all completions of other people. So that’s number two, do your keyword research, and start thinking about, what are the different keywords?

Could it be top 5 something, top 10 something? Look at what other people are doing in any market in any niche.

o that’s number two. That brings us to number three. After you have determined what these keywords are, you need to produce this video.

How do you produce this video the right way without infringing on copyright laws? So, this is the next step, right? So let’s go back to my initial gaming example. So let’s say I type in Overwatch top plays, okay? So now I’m taking a look at these different videos in here, okay?

And I’m starting to see like, okay, these videos that has done well.

or for example, this video here that has got 441,000 views, uploaded two months ago, okay? So this video over here, so I’m seeing another ad, okay? Now again, when I see an ad, what does this mean? It means that this video is actually monetizing, okay?

This video is monetizing, and that’s why an ad is able to be shown, right? So, how is this person doing it without showing their face, this is just a compilation of the actual player, okay? So the question is, what is the right way to compile and edit and render these videos, so back to this initial example, Overwatch, right? The way you do it is, after you do a search, you see this part here, under the menu on the Filter section, you will see this part that says, Creative Commons. Now this part is crucial to make sure that you are not gonna infringe on any copyright laws or get your video demonetized, it means that you’ll be able to utilize these videos and compilations.

And this is just one of many methods to start compiling videos from multiple sources, okay? So that’s number one. Number one is, utilize Creative Commons. The second way that you can actually do this is, to take from other sources outside of YouTube. So for example, if I’m a gamer, I could actually go on Twitch, and the right way to do it would be to ask for permission from these different content creators on Twitch if it’s a gaming channel, and say, “I would love to be able to showcase your work, “and in return, I will have your link “in my YouTube in my description “so that I’ll be able to credit you,” that’s number one, “and also send you traffic, “so that people know that you’re one of the sources,” right?

So if you do this right way, ask for permission, you’ll realize that a lot of times people will be willing, because why? You’re actually showing their work, and it gives them more reach and more visibility as well.

Okay, so that’s another way. So now you’re gonna start compiling these different videos from multiple sources, okay? Whatever market, whatever niche, whatever theme that you’ve picked, okay?

So let’s say I want to start compiling this video, and I want to utilize this as a source. So the way I will do that after that is, looks like we might be seeing another ad over here, let’s find out. Oh, wow, can you see that? This is actually an ad for myself, insane. Okay, anyway, so I had a YouTube ad running.

What does that tell you? Notice that was the first ad, now the second ad that’s happening right now. It tells you that even this video is not demonetized, they are actually making money off their videos because ads running on your channel, right? So I hope that you can see that this is not theory, this is literally something that people are doing, okay? So now, if I wanted to download this video, what would I do?

I would just go to this site Y2mate, and I’m gonna put that video in here, I will start, and I will be able to download this video as one of the videos where I’ll be able, to compile from multiple various sources.

Now, this is the key here. The key here is to understand that, you’re not just ripping, you’re not ripping people off, okay? This is about adding value so that you make the video either more interesting, more entertaining, more fun, more engaging, if existing videos that you’ve been compiling is from three ways you could have 10 ways, right, shuffle things up and spice things up, that’s how you add value into editing it, okay? Now, there are many different sources that you could utilize to edit and render videos, but once you start compiling them, that is when you create your own spin on that thing, on that compilation, okay?

Whether it’s dog training, whether it is a certain sport, whether it’s computer games, just think about, how can you actually add value to make that video a whole lot more interesting, and that’s number three, rendering and editing and producing that video.

And that brings us to number four. Number four is about optimization. Now that you have this video created, I’m not gonna go deep into editing videos, because that’s not the purpose of this video right now, but once you have edited that video and compiled it from various sources and added your own spin to it, what do you do? That is when you actually optimize the video.

Now, I’ve covered YouTube SEO in other videos, I’m not gonna go too in-depth on this, I’ll make sure to link our other resource on YouTube SEO in the description box below, make sure you watch the video if you wanna go in-depth. But this is where you will literally start looking at the videos that have been uploaded and start to notice how a couple of things, number one, how the title of the video, okay? Notice how in the description box, their tags, how have they optimized the video so that you can model what is actually proven to be working, okay? So in terms of their tags, their description box, their titles, especially the thumbnail, which will significantly affect whether people click on it or not.

You’ll notice that all of these different videos that you’re seeing in the YouTube results, they all have thumbnails that pop, they all have subtitles that make it interesting, either it stirs up curiosity, where it makes people wanna click on that specific video.

So that’s how you optimize it, and you optimize by looking at what other people are doing. Model the titles, their tags, because that’s proven to be working, because it’s ranking on the search engines, which is YouTube, in this case here. And finally, that is when you go into monetization. Now, monetization, once you have these videos done, right? Again, it’s about a very conservative $100 a day, you could easily scale it up to 500 or even $1,000 a day, but everyone starts somewhere.

How do you actually monetize? Well, you have a few different options here. Your first option is through the default YouTube ads, which is about again, 1000 views give you about $3. The truth is like for me, I don’t even rely on YouTube ads to make money, that’s not how I make money, okay? That’s the first starting step.

But after that, that is when you could literally monetize by promoting other people’s products. So let’s talk about that for a second. So for example, let’s take a look for example Amazon, okay? So imagine that right now I have this gaming channel, okay? And in my gaming channel, I’m thinking about monetizing beyond just typical YouTube ads or Google AdSense, okay?

So how do I actually do that? So Amazon has got this program called Amazon Associates, where you can sign up and Amazon will pay you whenever you refer people that buy stuff on Amazon, okay? So this for promoting physical products. So can you imagine if I typed in, for example, a gaming headset? So gaming headset, this is where if I have a gaming channel, I’m asking myself, “Gamers who are watching my channel, “what are the kind of stuff “that they might be interested in, “because they’re watching this video,” okay?

If they are into gaming, they might be interested in a gaming headset, they might be interested in gaming keyboard and mouse, okay? So now, I could sign up for Amazon Associates, and in my YouTube description box, below that video that says, “Hey, if you are a serious gamer thinking about taking “your gaming experience to a whole new level, “then these are some devices “that this pro player utilizes,” okay? So this pro player is currently utilizing the Razer Headset, this mechanical keyboard, and this is where you would have your affiliate links promoting this physical product that your audience is going to buy because it actually helps them with that specific result that they’re looking for, okay? So ask yourself what would that be if you were to promote a product? Okay, so these basic affiliate marketing.

Now, if you are promoting a digital product. For digital products, one of the world’s largest marketplaces for digital products would be ClickBank. Now, the ClickBank commission rate is gonna be a whole lot higher, because digital doesn’t have any fixed cost associated with it. So this is when you could promote home study courses, e-books, membership sites on that specific topic. So whether it’s dog training, whether it’s health, whether it’s a keto diet, whether it’s recipes, ClickBank would have those different products, and this is how you can start monetizing by promoting digital products.

Now, there’s a lot of different affiliate programs out there, there are just two out of thousands in existence. These are two good ones to start looking at for physical products as well as digital products. And this is how you can actually start building that initial visibility, that following the subscriber base by following the theme, and eventually monetizing it with YouTube views or affiliate products, okay? So I hope this video has given you clarity towards how you can actually start generating $100 a day from YouTube videos without showing your face. And as always guys, let me know in the comments below what you’ve learned, and especially if you’re committed to starting out.

Let me know what your channel is, I might go take a look at it, give you feedback, as well as if you like this channel, smash the like button, it does help out this channel a little bit, and make sure to click on the notification subscribe bell button for more videos just like this one.


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