How To Make A Slideshow For YouTube

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Google has made it super easy to add YouTube. Videos to a Google slide, show that have start and stop times, and I just want to show you quickly how you can do that. I’M on my computer – and I am in a Google slide show including textual content, and I would like to add a YouTube video to this. So I’m just going to go to insert video.

There are some options you can search. You can also pull a video you may have loaded into your Google Drive and that could be one that you’ve saved there, but I’m showing search by URL, because right here this is the video that I want to insert. So I’m going to copy and paste and then this is a video that I want. I am going to select that and center it in here and then right now it will play the full length video and I don’t want that. I want just a small portion.

That’s going to talk about a master slide in here, so I’m going to right click and I’m going to go to video options. It pulls open a new window and the current moment is telling me I want to start the beginning and no, I need to change this to one minute and I need to change this to one minute. Thirty make sure I click outside of that box and make sure the times are set. I can close that box and then now, when I go ahead and present it, it would go ahead and play now notice. It’s showing only the small section that I selected, and so we go ahead and get out of there.

Now, preserve in mind, i can also add text if I desire, and add shapes. I will put a form on here and i can change the colour of the shapes. I will put textual content inside the form after I add some textual content to it and in addition trade the color, develop the textual content how i need it. Put off that. If I click on on the timeline, i will be able to adjust the time from one 2nd to two seconds, executed. Sooner or later, I need to put a video at the finish, so I’ll click add scene. Click on on the add scene, click add, click on to upload, decide on my little movie here, click on open.

So now you know how to add YouTube videos with stop start times to your Google slideshows, and you can help save the time of other people who are watching the videos you don’t have to find them and think of the possibilities. Let’s say you want to show several different Clips: you could put each one on a new slide, saving time and just making it better. I hope this take 2 4 tech has helped you out and that you have a great day.

I’ll upload an image, click to upload or that you can drag and drop here. On the other hand, which you can paste an picture your video URL. Here is a folder containing my photos and textual content, highlight the photograph, click on open. Let’s add an picture. I will click regulate if you wish to change the opacity, brightness, contrast, saturation and blur, or you could click crop. I will be able to decide upon Instagram post, YouTube widescreen, Instagram & Snap Story, LinkedIn cellular, fb/Twitter portrait, Facebook/Twitter panorama, So this is for YouTube so I’ll pick YouTube widescreen. I will be able to position the snapshot how i want it.

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