How To Make A Thumbnail For YouTube Videos For Free Tutorial | Includes Template

In this video, i’m going to show you how i made this youtube thumbnail using a 100 free online tool, and not just that, i’m going to give you access to this template, so you can use it to customize and create your own youtube. Thumbnails hi. My name is chris and i’m a full-time online marketer. You can check out my channel for all kinds of great videos on affiliate marketing how to make money online and other product reviews. But in this video i’m going to show you how to use the free tool called canva to create these types of thumbnails without upgrading to the pro version. Now some of you probably already have access to canva. If you do great, if you don’t that’s no big deal either below this video you’re going to find a link in the description box, that’ll take you where you can download this template once you click on the link, it’s going to redirect you to a page. That looks like this says: you’re invited to edit a design created by vid society start designing. Now all you have to do is click edit design. If you’re already logged into canva, it’s going to take you into the editing page. If you’re, not all you have to do is click on edit design and you can sign up for free with google facebook with an or with an email address, and just as a reminder, you do not have to upgrade to the pro version to be able to Do this? Okay? After that, you should see a page that looks similar to this, and now all you have to do is click on any of the elements and edit them and i’m going to show you a few tricks you can do to make this really stand out. But what i do want to mention is that i’ve added additional templates to this page. So if you scroll down you’re going to notice, there are more than one template right now i currently have four on here you can use. All you have to do is just click on which ones you want to edit and edit them when you’re ready to download just click on the download button, come down to choose, select pages choose which thumbnail you want to download and click done now. First, canva has a ton of features, a lot of options and a lot of different things that you can do with this tool other than creating youtube. Thumbnails don’t get overwhelmed with them. Just stick to the basics, with what i’m, showing you and you’re, going to have your first thumbnail created within a matter of just a few minutes. So the first thing you want to do is click in this text and change it to whatever you want it to say. Everything is adjustable and the colors can be changed as well as the fonts and different effects. So double click in the text box and you can see that the letters highlight or you can just click in here and you can see where the cursor is at you can highlight it. You can delete everything or just start typing. So, for this example, let’s say we’re making a youtube video about health food. So what i can do here is eat healthy in 2021 and then down here. Maybe i wanted to say something else we’ll say: get fit fast: okay, now, you’ll notice. I also have an image over here now. The way i got this image was from a website called I will put this link below the video also and what you want to do is go under the cutout section, and this is where they are actual images of people, but what they’ve done was they kind of cartoonerized them? So you can’t actually see who they are. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry about any kind of copyright issues with these people, so what you have to do is scroll down and then once you find one you like, for example, this guy click on them and then you want to right click on them. Save image as save them on a folder on your computer and then we’ll go back here and let’s say i want to remove this guy will hit delete. You can come over to uploads and you can upload media click device and we’re going to pick this guy and open now once he’s uploaded here. All we have to do is click on them and he gets added and then we we can resize them by dragging the corners of the boxes. Just like that now, if you want to change the colors of anything, that’s super easy to do. You can see, as you hover over each item, a little blue box highlights the section that you are going to be working on if you click in it. So if we want to change this reddish pink box to a green collar, all we have to do is make sure that it’s when we hover over it, that box is selected and click on it and then come up here to the caller and change it and The same way it works with the box, underneath, if you hover over the edges of it, you can see it closed, we can click on it and we can change the color of that one as well now the background image. This is where it gets really neat and interesting, because there’s so much stuff, you can do with it. So what you want to do is, of course you can always upload your own media by clicking upload media and have your own images here. Videos, audio and a lot of other things, but if you just want to use the files that’s already here, you can go to photos and, let’s type in the box up here, food and hit enter now, because we do have the free version you’re not going to Have access to all the images unless you upgrade to the pro version, but that’s okay, because normally the free version will give you enough images to choose from. For example, when you hover over the images you’ll see in the bottom right corner, it says free, and so as long as you see free, that means you can use it. If it says pro, you cannot use it unless you upgrade. So what we’re going to do is look for a background image that we can use for this. I like this one, if i click on it, it’s going to bring it over and put it on top now. All we have to do is right. Click on this image and choose replace background, and now we have a brand new background now to make this stand out a little more. What we’re going to do is click on the background again and we’re going to come up to filter or now we’re going to go to adjust and we’re going to click on blur and we’re going to drag it over a little bit. So that background is blurred. But we can still see that it has to do with food, and so now we have a really nice thumbnail created in just a matter of a couple minutes and what you can do is you can use this template over and over again to recreate different thumbnails. For whatever you need – and if you don’t want the image here of any one or anything, you can simply click on it, you can delete it and then you can re-center everything. So we can drag this over and you’ll notice when we get to the middle there’s a pink line that goes up and down, and then we can grab the green box and drag it over to about here and then we’ll just drag the text over and then We can do the same with the bottom, so we’ll grab this box and drag it and then the text – and we can have it just like that – and this here looks amazing just as well whether we use any of these images or not. Now a word of warning anytime, you use images from another website. You do have that risk of copyright issues. The reason that i showed you, these images is because you can’t really tell who these people are. So it’s going to be a lot better to use these a lot less risk of anything happening for me, i personally would not be afraid to use any of these images on my thumbnails, but if you don’t want to take that chance, you don’t have to you. Can always make your thumbnails look just like this without using that, and of course you can always add your own image too, which is what i do with the majority of my videos i’ll come over to uploads, you can see. I have my image here. I would just select it and i can put this anywhere i want to. I could put it down here in the corner even and then you are done so i’m going to go ahead and delete this, and now, let’s do one more example. So let’s say you’re in the industry of possibly traveling what you could do is you could come over to photos and i think i’ve done a search for this earlier, maybe not uh type in beach, and you can see there’s a lot of great free photos. We can use here of the beach – let’s just use – i like this one, because it has some green in there too, and so we’re going to right click on this replace the background and then we’re going to click on this image adjust and then we’re going to Blur it a little bit, but we can still make out what it is and then you would just adjust the collars to make it fit to whatever you’re trying to do so on. This would click on the box and would come up here and maybe change this to. Let’S say: let’s move this all the way up here and we’re going to change this text to read, save that and then okay and then maybe change this background, yellow to a different color, maybe purple that way. It really stands out now, if you want to change the fonts, all you have to do is click on the font. You can come up here and you can change that. You can change the size of it, the color of it some of the fonts, allow you to change whether it’s bold or not. This here just simply changes whether it’s, whether all the letters are in uppercase or not, and then this here is pretty pretty important. It’S a spacing, so if you click on it it lets you adjust the spacing of the letters to more or less and then the line height which allows you to spread the distance between each line. Now, once you’re done doing that down here, you can see the box under call us first, if i click on that and come up here to this little box here for transparency, that’s what allowed me to set this box to where it’s just a bit transparent. So you can kind of see through it and you can adjust that. So, if you didn’t want to see through it, you just move it all the way up and it would be a solid white collar. Otherwise, we could just drag it down and we’ll make it where you can partially see through it. Just like that now, when you’re done and you’re ready to download it, all you have to do. Is click on download just leave it as a png file size. It’S going to be 1280×720, which is the size you want it for a youtube, thumbnail and you’re going to click download, and it’s going to download it to your computer and you don’t have to pay anything for it, and then you just save it wherever you want. It and you’re done and, of course, they’re going to ask you if you want to upgrade they want to constantly ask if you want to upgrade, but remember you don’t have to it, will give you access to a lot more images, a lot more things in here That you can do if you want to do other things in just youtube thumbnails, but this is a great way just to be able to create really nice looking youtube thumbnails uh without having to spend a fortune on them or buying any kind of special software and Learning it, this is super simple to use, especially if you just take this template, that’s below this video and go ahead and use it to edit it. So that’s it for this video on how to create a youtube thumbnail. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, please give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel check out some of my other videos. I’M sure you’ll find those just as useful as this one and if you have any questions, leave them below and i will get to them as soon as i can. Thanks

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