How to Make a YouTube Video Without a Camera, Using Only Your Computer Web Cam!

hi everybody this is Cheryl coming to you today with the video about how to create a YouTube video quickly and easily without a camera all you need to do is do it right through your computer and it goes right into YouTube direct and it's instantly published to your account so the first thing we're going to do is go to click create account if you don't have one very easy short process think of a good user name before you do it because you're locked into your username which is the part that goes after YouTube and then click sign-in so let's do that now we're clicking sign-in all right there we go and now we're in mana success actual page we go in and click my channel and I'll give you a peek at the page this is the mine excuse me the mana success YouTube channel so what we're going to do is go up to upload that's where you start when you want to make a video and there are two ways that you can make a video first you can go to upload video which is where you've actually made one and downloaded it into your hard drive likes from a camera or your cell phone and then you're going to capture it right there but that we're not going to cover that today we're going to cover record from a webcam so that's what we're going to do right now so I'm going to click there that means we're gonna actually place the video live right now and it's searching and I'm gonna click allow searching for the camera and then once it finds the camera there I am right on the screen I click close perfect looks then you line yourself up fix your hair looking good okay I'm ready you can see the volumes going up and down so this is you getting ready to make your first video so let's click record and there we go now first thing I notice I'm doing what you're not supposed to do which is looking at the computer screen rather than the eye of the camera it's just a real normal inclination to want to just look at yourself because I'm looking on the screen at myself I'm seeing what you're seeing and you want to look up at the camera and it does take some training it takes some practice to get to look at this little eye right there and not pay attention to the screen and what's below so and it really helps increase the connection with people because you want to feel like you're just sitting and talking to someone across the kitchen table or you know just hanging out and talking and if you're not looking in their eyes you won't be able to convey that feeling um you really want to do these videos they're very much to create a sense of trust and connection and rapport and likability and so you can convey that by looking in the camera so that's the first thing to do okay so we're ready to make our recording let's see I've already we're already recording this right now and so whatever message is that you want to give to the person you know whenever you Update is if it's a training yet welcome something to someone personally talking about a product talking about the business the industry whatever you think that you might want to talk about you finish your video and you click oh and before you finish your video it's really important if you've got the guts to do it a lot of people don't but it's everybody you know that it's on YouTube does this is at the end ask people to join subscribe to your channel when you ask they'll do it subscribe to my channel make sure you comment below and you can just you know put your finger right down there below whether you like it don't like it love it hate it whatever I want to hear your comments so please comment subscribe to my channel and if you liked it please click the like button to share it with your friends on Facebook so and then then thanks for joining us today and then you click your red button that just stopped the video recording and now you have three options you can preview it publish it if you're really confident that it was good or rerecord it if it was a bomb and you want to start over so let's go and preview it okay well pretend we watched the whole thing that was a minute 47 and then I'll click that and let's go ahead and publish it okay now it's published and it's very fast it just goes in like that sometimes if it's a longer video it may say that it's too processing and then you'll have these picture boxes across the screen moving their way till it gets to a hundred percent but right now that was so fast that it worked so what you do you have to do four things that are very important you want to make a compelling title a good description fill out your keyword tags and your category first let's click our date right here fill in our date and what are we there I don't do map and location and pick a good title that is including is really descriptive you want to make sure it's very descriptive about what you're doing and include some words that you think people will be typing when they're searching for your video okay and you want to include those words in all these three areas right here so that one was let's just make up that it was how to how to s are very good whoopsy how to I'm hitting the wrong button because my computer's up high and my thumb's laying on it let's just click that one in how to make a youtube video it's easier than you think and now description you always always always want to put your domain name first here if you're using em texpro use your em texpro name or your at meta pages or your blog or whatever you're using put that first make sure you put the HTTP colon backslash demo account dot m tex procom and i always just say i make a little comment you know like see or learn about our global explosion into mexico or something like that if you're using that that if it's if you have doing a product domain you can put that there and then just say click to shop or amber tous or whatever something like that then under your domain names you click you type in a good long description you know this video will show you how to make a video without a camera you know learn how to do video marketing like hit those keywords that people are typing in then you go to tags and they've Auto filled three in which I'll leave and then I always put manitech amber toes even just for everything I do that the MLM network marketing etc um you know keywords that are specifically related to your video you don't want to just put in fluff in there because you don't want someone to type in a word and then come to your video and go well it's not about that and then they feel deceived they aren't pleased with that so make them related we are you know pulling as many men attackers as possible into this to make it a really strong community so we do want to include Mannatech and amber toes because a lot of mana takers will type in amber toes so that's why I have the product names that's the only reason I have product name in a business application then you pick your category and I'm gonna pick education some people pick how-to or Science and Technology and then I leave everything else the same and click Save Changes so you've now personalized it and the last thing we're not going to cover in this video we'll cover it in another video but you want to annotate your videos and that means you can add a heading to your video up here at the top there we go now and and then you have a clickable link put your M texpro domain name there and then Oh to your shopping cart and then you know say you're doing a great video on amber toaster Plus or something like we talked about and then they can just click right on there and go right to your shopping cart it's amazing new feature they've added this year and you just go add annotation and it'll explain how to do it right there learn more about video annotations and click publish that's just a little side note that you can look on in to yourself okay so let's go back to the channel and see if the video is there and there it is minute 47 there we go Auto opens it's really important that you pick a video to Auto open every time and you can do that up in I think videos and playlist right here it says autoplay because then you'll get more count to get more hits and more people watching your video and you can pick which video you want to autoplay when it opens that's just a little side note there that's important okay so that has been how to make a YouTube video without a camera and there we go noise Auto opens there just by type it you're just doing your video directly into YouTube and that'll do us for today see you on the next video and as I said please subscribe to our Channel and comment let us know what you think about the video good bad or indifferent we'd love to hear your opinions and if you do like it please share it with your friends click the like button down below so thanks so much for joining us we'll say good bye for now bye

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