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– What is the best way
to make money from home? People are bored right now. Take your stuff virtually. So looking at the numbers, we're doing about. – Peng Joon. – Peng Joon. – Peng Joon is here. – I want you to
set your expectations high. Because I will massively exceed them. Day 15 of being self-quarantined. And today you're gonna
see behind the scenes, to how I manage a virtual event. We have close to about a
1000 people registered. And you're gonna see how the setup works. This webinar, where we
are going to attempt to give the registrants
an amazing experience. Make a compelling offer.

And you're gonna be able to see numbers. What is probably the best way to engage, to deliver value, as well as to make money from home, while being quarantined. Right now, more than ever, attention online is absolutely cray. For the first time ever, ad costs has actually
decreased significantly. And even though this webinar
that you're about to see behind the scenes, to how I strategized the entire thing. We are not spending any money
this is zero ad spent on this. This is literally just
through just three emails, posted out two and a half days ago. One Facebook live and
one Instagram swipe-up. So, these are the three main channels we utilized to get about, I think it was about
900 so far, registered. The setup is gonna be over here this time. But I realized that I
do not wanna sit down, so I'm probably going to deliver the entire thing standing up, okay.

Because I wanna have higher energy. Okay, so it's gonna be like this. Sorry Gary, I'm gonna use you as a stand. So I wanted to be higher up, 'cause I'm going to be standing up. Literally, couple of books. Got a great mic. Clicker. Slide deck. Professional set up. So, one of the best ways
to make money right now, is by delivering virtual events.

This could be webinars, online trainings, workshops, that's done online. And the reason for that is because well, live events are probably
gonna be shut down for at least a good couple of months. And right now because
people are stuck at home, everyone's quarantined, attention is higher than ever. So today, this webinar
that I will be doing, is literally showing people
how to make that happen. So basically, this is the webinar page.

These are the five pillars. I'm gonna be teaching them. How do you get people to
register for your virtual event and maximize the registration rate. I'm gonna be showing them, how do you get them to show
up after they register. How do you maximize the stick rate, so people actually stick around through your entire virtual event. How do you make a compelling offer, which is your close rate. And how do you make the most
out of your virtual event, which is the follow up rate. So this is the sign up page. I'm gonna get people to register. If you are to implement these strategies, and if you were to do
these virtual events, you would absolutely crush it right now because attention's at all time high and even if you have no following, even if you totally new, right now, ads are, I would say, is priced at 2017 pricing. And if you understand
these different numbers, which I will show you on this video. You'll be able to see how and why it's probably one of the
most profitable methods to scale online right now. I'm actually late, it's 11 o'clock.

And this is my current set up. I wanted to do a webinar standing up so that I have my energy levels high. It's gonna be two and a half hours, ish. So I'm gonna leave you guys over here. So that you guys can see behind the scenes to what's happening. I'm gonna be standing here and presenting. Notice how it's not a professional, well, yeah, it's not a professional set up. Doing it in my shorts. Last minute checks.

Did someone take my? Welcome everybody, I'm just getting set up. Good to see you guys coming in. Wow, insane. First of all, welcome, let me know where you
guys are connecting from. Singapore, Ronald from Philippines. Rashnmi from San Jose. Thomas from Michigan. Jorje from Peru. Khina from India. Malaysia, Canada, Egypt. Five in the morning, from Germany. Hong Kong. From Romania. From South Africa. From San Francisco. Florida. First of all guys, thank you so much for being here. We had about a 1000 people registered for this event. I will do everything in my power to make it well worth your time. Okay, so the purpose of me doing this, is that I know with the whole virus and crisis that's happening, there's a ton of uncertainty. There's a ton of panic.

There's a lot of things
that people have no idea, what to do, what's going
on, how to prevent. And the truth is everyone
is affected, including me. But one thing that has really affected me, two weekends ago I was in Poland, and if you watched my You Tube video. This is insane. It's like everywhere I'm going, empty. – [News Reporter] Coronavirus
cases, up to 13000 currently. – [News Reporter] The worst thing that is happening in the world right now. – We might not be able
to leave the country. – Just get out. – In one weekend I lost over $127000 from that canceled event, while still incurring all of the cost, the hotel, everything. So I was already in Poland, ready to do that event with my team, it was like a Hollywood movie. I had to fly back before the
country gets locked down. It was in a state of panic. I'm here to say that, I understand how you might feel right now. How do you adjust? And how do you make the most
of this thing that's happening without being opportunistic.

All right so, party's over. This was a much longer webinar, that I thought, it was three hours. Standing for three hours is interesting. Especially presenting in. So looking at the numbers, I think we did pretty decent. So yesterday we did about
18K, this in Singapore dollars, so it's like about 15. Today's, well, the day hasn't ended yet, and sales are still coming in. But we're doing about 25K so far. No we had two options. I tried a new monthly, recurring 247 as well as yearly 2497. But ultimately, it was about giving people what they want now. Which is helping them to pivot online. So the question I'd like
you to ask yourself is, can you do some sort of virtual training? Where you enable your audience
in that specific niche, to meet up virtually online. 'Cause if you think about
different businesses right now. If you sell gym equipment, people aren't buying,
you know, gym equipment, or they're not going to a gym right now. To pivot, it would be selling
a workout from home program where you could potentially
do workouts together. Or, lead with that, and then sell the workout gear that you could utilize from home.

That could be one, if you
have like a painting school, where kids or adults come
in and learn how to paint. I literally saw that offer and
I thought it was brilliant. But guess what, people
are bored right now. If you can take your stuff virtually, that's what I did, I held a webinar teaching people how to take stuff virtually. And if you can do that right now, these are the people, like
during a time like this, the people that win, is not the strongest, it's not the smartest, but the people that can adjust the best. All right, so let's end with this. Okay, let's end with, so
how can you make it happen? If you were to try to
model what I did today, by doing a virtual event
to serve your audience, when everyone is stuck at home, so that you can actually
help them, entertain them, 'cause they're bored, give them great value
and have them invested in whatever it is you have to offer. How do you actually do it, if you want to model what I did today.

So, number one is, you wanna drive traffic to your virtual event. Okay, for me personally, it
was utilizing three emails, Facebook and Instagram. Zero dollars spent, and that's of course, you might be thinking,
well Peng Joon it's because you have a list and you have a following. Sure, I mean it took a
while to build that up, but for you right now,
if you're totally new, you could be paid for traffic. So for example, let's
say you have this page that shows them this specific promise or outcome or result, that
they want to generate. So it could be even fitness, let's say it could be how to
get fit during this time of quarantine and have
amazing workout in 21 days while the rest is binge watching Netflix. Join us for this upcoming
masterclass on these three things, five steps or seven moves
that you must know if you wanna be able to utilize
this next three weeks to be in the best shape
of your life, okay.

So, whatever it's called,
okay so there's just a random you know fitness thing, okay. So think about like, how can
you give them great value by giving them this
amazing training, okay. So, once they register for this, okay. So, this is when they were
entered, their name and email. And this is the same sequence that I'm utilizing right now, okay. So you're probably thinking, but Peng Joon, so how do I get people to come register for this? Okay, so if you watch my
other videos and Facebook ads, you are now gonna run ads
to people with an interest, that would be interested
in a topic like this. Right now, cost per registrant has decreased about 25
percent in the last 10 days. Which is amazing, again, it's
like 2017 prices right now. Cost per webinar registrant, it shouldn't cost you
more than $10 right now, to get somebody to
register for this event. Let's say, now basic math here. Let's say for every person
that land on this page, about 50% of people would register.

So let's say, your
registration conversion, and that's the key word over here. I just realized that
everything's inverted. Okay, let's see. 50% of people register, so that means, or rather, out of the $10
for people registered, 50% of people show up, so that means, if it cost you $10 to get a name and email and 50% of people show up, that means that it would be $20 cost per attendee. 'Cause 50% of people show up right, so it costs you $10 to
get a name and email, 50% of people show up, so that means a ost of a
person being at the event, will be $20.

So if lets say you want
a 100 people to show up, that could cost you two
grand if you have no list, advertising to a cold audience. However, if you sold a
$997 offer, all you need is to get a 2% conversion, which is considered bad, by the way. In order to break even. Right, 'cause you would have
two people that showed up, that would have invested
in your $997 offer. A good benchmark to go for, is about 10% on a $2000 offer. So if you can go and strive
for this main benchmark, which is 10% on a $2000 offer of 1997. If you had a 100 people show up, you would have 10 sales, generating you $20000, okay. You would have spent $2000 to get a room of 100 virtual attendees. You would have got 10 X your
returns from these numbers. Okay so to recap, it would be,
you set up this landing page, which in a description
box, I'll show you how. Yeah you can get a same funnel that I'm gonna share with you, which is the webinar funnel, okay.

You send traffic to this page
to get people registered. And the flow would be if you
can pay $10 per registrant, which is very standard, and a 50% of people show up, you're paying $20 per show up. If you go on a 100 people, that means it will cost you $2000, and if you are selling the $2000 product and you
can get 10% close rate, which is very realistic, and possible, if you are experienced
and if you have practice. But if not, you just need 2%
close rate and a $997 offer to break even. So literally this is something that you can actually practice, and I don't know if, I
haven't really decided yet, if I wanna give the replay
of what I did today. Some of you are probably thinking, so Peng Joon can I see what
your pitch looked like, what your presentation looked like. It may or may not be there, depending on when this video is released. But if it's there, it's going to be in the
description box below. So that you can see the same
webinar that I presented today.

But if not, at the very least, you're going to get the webinar funnel, so that it's, all you need
to do is change the word, change the graphics and you're good to go. But this is a great way right
now to be working from home and to be presenting and
to be producing content when the rest of the world is consuming. First of all, like this video, it does help out with the
algorithm a little bit.

Make sure you subscribe,
let me know in the comments, what type of future videos
you would like to see, as well as your biggest take away. And I'll see you in the next video..

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