How To Play Movies From A USB Flash Drive On A TV

Hey guys we’re back again with another video today in this video. We’Re gon na show real quick how we can actually play media from a flash drive, a USB flash drive by just plugging it into a USB port. Most TV these days have USB ports. So today, I’m just gon na demonstrate how we can actually put media on this flash drive, such as videos or movies. What format we need to use in order to just plug this directly into a USB port and play videos or movies straight from the flash drive, and just to give a quick reason why we would need to do this or why anyone wants to do this, because We have internet and streaming these days and so say you didn’t have internet access and you wanted to just watch a few movies you’ll be able to plug this flash drive into a USB port that a TV has and watch media movies straight from the flash drive. So, first, what we need to do is plug in your flash drive and, as you can see, I have it plugged in here. So we’re just gon na click on this, and I want to point out too that your device that you’re trying to play back audio or video or pictures on may recognize the media already. But if it doesn’t, then this is the format that you may want to use right now. I already have it blank. I already deleted everything out like I said this is a blank flash drive. You can delete everything or what you can do is you can reformat it to get it to delete everything out of the flash drive so once you have it delete it, and it looks blank like this. What you want to do is from this point. The first thing you want to do is create a folder alright. So if you’re on a Windows, then you know how to just right. Click create a new folder, but we’re on the Mac here. So we’re gon na create a new folder, and then we want to name this folder, I’m gon na just put in all-caps DCIM. Ok, then, once we have this folder, we want to click and open this folder and then inside this folder. What we want to do is create a new folder and we want to write. We want to name it 100 Media all right now, once we have these two folders of your device that you’re plugging the USB flash drive into should recognize media now inside. This folder is where we want to put the media over here. On the left side, you see – I have a movie here now. I wan na go ahead and drop this movie into the flash drive alright. So, as you can see, this movie was about one gig long, so we haven’t already added to the flash drive here and now what we want to do is like I said some devices may recognize this format and know that it’s media and play from that. But if it doesn’t, what we need to do is change this format and what I found to work is mp4 works in MOV or movie format may work. If it doesn’t, you may have to convert it to mp4, but what we’re going to do is we’re gon na just click rename here and then what we want to do is change the format so mvi underscore, and then I like to just put about four numbers Behind it, so one two three four, all right: dot, mp4 and this how your format should look and then now the device that you’re plugging your USB flash drive into should recognize that it’s a media and just play straight from the actual flash drive. Alright and we’re gon na do a demonstration of that. Now we can do the same for a picture like if you wanted to show a picture to an audience or a group of people on a television screen straight from your flash drive. As you can see, we have a JPEG here. What we would do is we will just simply change this format and for pictures we would change the format to i mg underscore and then some numbers after it, and then your device should recognize that this is a picture. So that’s the two formats for videos, movies or pictures that you want to use so for videos or movies. You want to use this format for pictures. You want to use this format and you should get it to play right from the flash drive onto your TV or anything that you’re playing the a USB port that plays media. This do a quick demonstration on how this will work on a TV, so once you’ve prepared your flash drive, all you should be able to do is plug it in as long as we have to just plug it into the back or into your USB port. All right there you can see we have a pop-up. Now, if you don’t get this pop-up, all you have to do is change the input to your actual USB port, so we’re gon na go down here. Is it because it’s going to way change to the USB port and then we’re going to click on on the photos and videos? Alright? And there you see that’s the file that we created DCIM and then we’re going to go through the other file, which is 100 media and there’s our picture and there’s our movie that we added to the flash drive gon na click on our video here or it’s Actually, a movie one gigabyte movie and there you have it, play a movie straight from the flash drive to your TV. I hope this video was helpful. Leave this video a thumbs up share this video comment below what you think, and it’s your next time see you next video

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