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hi, it’s Doug Prentice from the marketing generator YouTube tags. Do you have a look at the tags box in YouTube before you publish your video and ask yourself How important their tags? What the tags do? What tags should I use? Well stick around and watch the short video where I’ll answer these questions. How important are tags to your YouTube video? Tags are very important as they tell YouTube what your video is about. While less important than content and engagement they still play a vital part in ranking your videos. What do tags do? Tags are like pointers towards your video and help it rank for your targeted keywords. Additionally tags get your video to appear in the related keywords at the right hand side of the page. So it helps to have some of the same tags as the top videos. What tags should I use? For the best results tags should include your keyword and versions of it plus the tags being used by your top competitors for the same keywords.

So, if your keyword is “how to make the best chocolate ginger cake” that should be your first tag in the tag box. Then you can put in a few variants of that such as “best chocolate ginger cake” “bake chocolate cake” etc. In addition to that you will want to include some of your main competitors’ tags. So how do you find your competitors tags and which ones should you choose? There are two methods I recommend.

Both are free, although they have paid versions that provide more information. But for our purposes we’ll look at the free versions of vid IQ and tubebuddy. OK for vidIQ let’s deal with that first. It is a YouTube certified app so it’s quite safe to use. To get to it you just do and it will take you to this page. All you have to do is fill in your details here and you can sign up for a free account which is all you’ll need at this stage. Going on to YouTube, open up your YouTube account and we’ll put in the search term we were talking about earlier: how to bake the best chocolate ginger cake. Hit search OK there we have all them down here. Let’s have a look ginger cake recipe this seems to be the most popular one. So click on that to get it started. Pause it so we don’t get the run on it although I think we’ll have to run it through to get rid of the advert three two one off it goes and we can pause that now as you’ll see on the right hand side of the screen here there is the vidIQ information.

As we scroll down here you’ll see there’re lots of useful information but not to go into today. I’ll do more on that in another video. In fact, what I’ll do is when I finish this video and put it up I’ll link it to a post on the blog which we’ll go through a bit more in depth on vidIQ and Tube Buddy. But for the time being what we really want to know is about tags. Now as you’ll see down here there are the video tags that are used. In the most popular tags are the little numbers on them so “how to make gingerbread cake”.If we hover over that you’ll see is what this video ranks for in YouTube’s search when searching for this keyword. Now you’ve probably got that keyword and already and you may have “gingerbread cake” in already but something like “gingerbread cake recipe” you may not have been. So you might want to choose that one.

How to see tags on YouTube videosAnd that’s pretty much all we need to do for and IQ at present, but as you can see there’s a whole horse to doing this but you really want to take some of the most popular ones to add that to your existing tags okay we’ll just move on in a second and love a look at Tube Buddy. For Tube Buddy it’s pretty much similar to vidIQ. Go to Tube Buddy. Call it up on your PC that or screen and you’ll see you can install free on chrome. Get your free installation on Chrome and once you get that all set up move to your YouTube account and then we’ll put in here the same let’s say know “how to bake the best chocolate ginger cake”. Search for that let’s go to the top one. Click on that We’ll pause that and you see as on VidIQ on Tube Buddy you’ve down the right hand side you have the same piles of information.

Then you get down here and you have the tags, the only difference with Tube Buddy is you have to click this “show search rankings” button and it brings up all the various rankings what so the rank 3 this video ranks three for how to make a cake etc. Pick the best of the tags there that relate to your video. In this case in addition to the ones you already have, it may well be “gingerbread cake recipe” or something similar to that.

Now you can do this for the top two or three videos. See if there are any good tats in there that apply to these videos and help them get to the top, that would also be relative to your video. OK that’s pretty much it for tube buddy once you have all your tags just put them in the tags box in YouTube save and there you are. When your video has been public for a few weeks, you can check which keyword’s ranking best for. Then go back to your YouTube account and alter your tags for that video with keywords related to the ranking ones to give it a bit more juice. That’s mostly it for tags. I hope you found this useful. If you enjoyed this video please like it and leave a comment below. Subscribe and you’ll be the first to get my latest videos.

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