How to Sign Up for the Amazon AFFILIATE Program

Hey everyone. In this -Step by step guide for beginners video, I wanted to show you how you could set up the amazon affiliate program. So you got to go on Amazon and you got a set up for that our affiliate program and then you will get a special link that you could use for all their products to put it on your YouTube videos, on your website, and every time someone clicks on that link it will take you to Amazon but it will take it to that special link that you set up through your affiliate and you could get paid a percentage of that sale from Amazon and the duration of the time that person spends on Amazon you will get paid that affiliate from all the sales, not just a product that led them to Amazon so for example if you’re talking about a lens or a camera and it leads someone to let’s say they don’t buy that camera, but they browse around and buy something else, you get an affiliate commission from that sale.

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e ways I do it is through social network and Through blogs and SEO I’m gonna go down.


Before I jump on the computer and show you the process of signing up for an affiliate, I want to make one more comment about it. If you don’t make any sales within six months of signing up so if you sign up today and you don’t make any sales for six months at the time of this recording Amazon actually doesn’t approve of you being part of the program. So make sure you have something set up make sure you have a little bit of following on a YouTube channel or a website before you sign up, so you didn’t get kicked out from amazon’s program. I’m talking about the experience because when I first launched my youtube channel on the very first day I sign up for the Amazon affiliate program and six months later even though I had made close to a hundred videos I still didn’t have any sales or maybe I had one I think you need a minimum of three when I was doing it and they kicked me out of the program so this process I’m gonna show you how to do it again from scratch.

I sign up for the program, and hopefully, you could get at least a handful of cells in the first six months So you could stay with the program and not get rejected by Amazon alright.

Let’s jump on the computer I want to show you where you find our philia program, and the steps that are required to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, Okay So let’s go through the signup process the first thing you want to do is you want to go to Amazon? And you want to make sure you sign in in your accounts if you don’t do this now, it’s gonna Ask you to do it later when you sign up for that failure program So make sure you either have an account or you sign into your account So I’m gonna go ahead and sign into my account here, and once you’re signed into your account Let’s scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where you see the footer of and you should see Become an affiliate if you don’t see that just google Amazon affiliate, and it’ll probably link you to this page But once I click here it takes me to affiliate – program so that’s the URL where you could join for that affiliate program once you’re here You either could click on this banner or join now, so I’m just gonna say join now for free and I’ll follow this along You asked me to sign him one more time and it’s gonna ask me to confirm my address now again I have my information because I sign into my account so you already knew my shipping address So I’m gonna press next and now it’s gonna ask me to type in my dress again you can use a YouTube page here, or you could put in your Website URL.

You could read these instructions here So the one I’m signing up for I’m based in the US so this is for the US Amazon affiliate program And it says you will need to apply separately for each international Amazon associate programs, so make sure you’re in the right region And you’re signing up for the right program because they are different.

I’m showing you how to do this with the u.s. program if you look in the middle of the page it says your account will be closed if you do not make qualified referrals within the first hundred 80 days like I said before I Wasn’t able to do that the very first time I signed up for this so they actually closed my account and he says you could Reapply for the program once you’ve made the changes to the website I’ve made that judgments to the website to the URL So now I’m gonna go ahead and reapply for the program. So go ahead and read this if you need more instructions I’m gonna type in my website Here alpha Navy command I’m gonna go ahead and add it and you could add multiple websites here So I got one more website.

I’m gonna add it here and I have my youtube channel I’m gonna add also Again, you just need one to adhere, or it could be a YouTube channel you could also create one But as I said make sure you’re gonna get one Cell or multiple cells in that first hundred eighty days to qualify, so let me go ahead and press next here It says or any of the websites are mobile apps listed here director for children under 13 That’s a note for me in this case.

I’m gonna press confirm So now it says to create an associate store ID so if you go over the instructions here It says it could be your website – 20 for Example that could be a store ID so let me go ahead and type in a store ID So I’m just typing the name of my store, and he’ll add the numbers for me by itself I have the websites if you have mobile apps list them here What is your website about how to video platform and? What are the best topics that describe your website so go ahead and choose from this list and then it asked you What are the things you want to sell on Amazon? This is not that important? You can sell many things, but go ahead and choose appropriately here I’m gonna choose computer and office and electronics in this case what type is your website or mobile app I’m gonna put contents website, and my secondary is a shopping engine and how do you drive traffic to the website so th

How do you utilize your website and have to generate income?

So in this case, if you have any others. I’m gonna do Amazon associate. This is what I’m actually signing up for here How do you usually build links I use WordPress so that’s a content management system how many? Unique visitors, do you get per month? I’m just gonna put the minimum here actually under 500 is the minimum But I’m already close to 5,000.

I’m gonna click that and what’s the primary reason? I’m joining Amazon to monetize my site How’d you hear about us? I’m gonna choose Ward amount and go ahead and go through the security here I’m gonna type this in and press next It’s gonna verify your identity so it’s gonna give you a phone call so let me type in my number and get that call We verified your PIN.

Please return to to complete your registration Okay that completed my registration.

I’ll just do this checkmark here, and I’m gonna press finish Now it says. Thank you for applying for the associate program Here’s my unique ID so this is the idea that’s gonna identify me on Amazon And it says enter payment and tax information you could do that now or later.

This is straightforward If you’re a US citizen you need your Social Security, or if you’re a business you need your taxi i-n number I’m gonna set that up later for that side You’re paid you could get paid through a gift card or your bank account. You could get paid via a check and Now you’re set up with your Amazon program.

It’s gonna send you a reminder to set up your tax information But right now. I’m gonna focus on making the sells because in the next 180 days I want to definitely make multiple cells so then I don’t get rejected by the program and the way you do this now once you’re at this point is if you look up a keyword or What you’re looking to sell so let’s do iPhone X Charger for example if that’s what I wanted to have an affiliate link for I could go ahead and search for that and I could See the results that it gives me So let’s say, this is the one I wanted to sell I could press get link here Or I could do this drop down and it’ll give me the link and this is the link I could go ahead and put on my website or On my youtube channel or wherever I want to do that affiliate or you could shorten it and this is the link which is much nicer to create so and Then you could go ahead and copy and paste that or you could build a link which allows you to use Images and things like that so if I wanted to present it this way on my website I can with text an image option or with the image only option or with the text only option And this is the URL I basically have to take this snippet and put it on where I want to put it so this is great for web sites The URL link the shortened URL link was great for Instagram and social media anyway I hope this gets you started with the Amazon affiliate program like I said before I make tech Tutorials just like this one that are easy to follow five times a week And I really hope you subscribe to this channel, and I see you on the next video.

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