Increasing Twitter Engagement Using eMojis

Tweets With Emojis

Increasing Twitter Engagement Using eMojisEmojis are being used everywhere especially tweets with emojis. The million-dollar question is, is your brand speaking this language? So many people are using the symbolic language of flags, faces, and all other things in between to express their emotions in a creative yet fun way in different social platforms including twitter.

You may be already using emojis in your personal social life; however, it can be tricky to use emojis especially when you are representing your brand. It gets even trickier when you want to be taken seriously. When you add emojis in a smart way on your tweets, you can actually assist the business to stand out and encourage more people to engage on twitter.


You can get creative on Twitter especially when you are using emojis so as to communicate with people in the best way possible. Remember, your tweets can have a global reach so you do not want to come across as being phony.

To experiment with the possibilities, we shall lay out some of the possible ways in which you can apply emojis to tweets for your business.

Add emojis to offerings

You can try to think of the emojis as the ultimate way in which you can pitch for the brand. You can use one or more symbols to inform people about the value that they will be getting from your brand. The tweets should include some emojis. A restaurant, for example, can use two emojis paired up so as to tell the audience about a new dish. Another one may try an emojis equation to tell customers how wonderful one of their meals or drinks can be.


It is always important to appreciate your followers. Emojis are a great way in which one can express emotions. Humans started using symbols a long time ago. Symbols have more power than words. When you use an emoji, then you evoke feelings within your followers that mere words may not have been able to achieve. It is one of the greatest ways to connect with your Twitter followers. You can comment on some tweets with emojis to show appreciation or love.

If you want to do more, do not do an emoji as a standalone. You can comment and then add an emoji so as to appreciate and applaud fan. When you respond to your followers, things can go well for your brand within a very short while.

Emphasizing tweets

If you want a part of your tweet to stand out, then you can use an emoji to emphasize it. There are so many emojis that can be used to give this effect. It is natural for us humans to look where a gaze or finger is pointing even when the pointers are in the form of an emoji. You can use one or two to direct the attention of your users to a certain photo, link, or other things that you want emphasized.

You can use a pointer to encourage your readers to click a post with educational or promotional content. You can also direct them to visit your website where they can make a purchase.


Emojis are capable of mirroring sentiments and actions. However, they should not replace words all together. You need to use words to come up with a message that is accessible to all, even when they are not so fluent in the use of symbols. For those who are fluent, the use of emojis will be an extra for them and the tweet will look more attractive to them and memorable. You can mix your emojis with text and images for a wider understanding. Hashtags can also be included.

Be playful

If you are celebrating a brand milestone like an anniversary, launching of a new line, an award, and so on, then you need a celebratory tweet. A celebratory tweet needs to be fun, expressive, and playful. Such tweets can be made so much better with some visual excitement of emojis. You realize that sometimes more than one emoji come across as more fun.

You should punctuate your tweets with emojis as much as you can. It is important to understand that this is the kind of language that people on the internet speak and understand, an image can express words or emotions that are not so easy to put down on paper.

Bottom line

Getting your A game on Twitter is not child’s play. If you are keen on marketing on twitter, then you have to be aware of all the key elements that need to be embraced so as to take your campaign a success.

One of the main things with marketing is creating the kind of content that people can relate and connect with. When people relate, then they engage and you may end up having a loyal following that could have a major impact on your ROI.

We have talked about using tweets with emojis. However, having a successful Twitter campaign has to do with a lot more than the emojis there are many elements that have to be brought together to be woven into one successful outcome.

Twitter marketing requires you to embrace things like photos, gifs, stickers, and videos to speak to as many people as you possibly can. There are different guidelines laid down by the social platform regarding what you can and cannot post. There are also guidelines regarding the word or length limit. Knowing all this and understanding is the first step towards the right direction.

For your emojis to have the kind of effect that you so desire, you need to use them alongside high quality content. You need to add things that are relevant and when possible, optimize your posts and profile so that more people can find you.

The main thing with tweets with emojis its about any brand is to get noticed. When people identify you as an authority, then you will have a steady flow of followers and more traffic to your website. The ultimate is a significant improvement on your return on investment which is what every brand desires.

Tweets With Emojis

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