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now the main thing that you got to figure out as a beginner affiliate marketer is how to get enough interested people in front of your offer luckily YouTube provides a huge opportunity for this they can give you virtually unlimited traffic for your promotions but here’s the thing you need to learn how to get YouTube to show your video to new people and there are some very important steps that you need to do to get them to show your videos and get them in front of people and Suzanne from suzanne perkins M calm and I’m gonna walk you through exactly what you should be doing get your videos to show up at the top of the search results now this is the second video in a four-part series all about getting more views and traffic to your offers on YouTube and in this video I’m going to be focused specifically on what is called the metadata or the info details or settings that classify your video so make sure to subscribe so that you can get the rest of the video series and turn on those notifications now we’re gonna be building on what we already covered in the video that’s all about thumbnails and keyword research so I’m going to assume that you know what keywords are and that you know how to do some basic keyword research to figure out what kind of content you want to create and what terms you want your content to show up for in the search results for YouTube if you haven’t watched the first video in the series and especially if you’re new to all of this and you haven’t watched it you definitely need to start there so I’m gonna put an info card right up there in the right corner so that you can jump over to that video and watch that one first and then head back over here to this video doing some basic keyword research is required before you start shooting a video so that you know what content you’re going to cover in the video now here we’re going to be picking up after you’ve created your video so you’ve already shot the video and now we are gonna dive into what to do next so this is a freshly uploaded YouTube video I haven’t done anything quite yet to it so it’s just here so I’m gonna walk you through what you need to do on the metadata on the details and the settings of your videos to help your videos rank when people are searching for keywords are related to your content now your title is one of the very most important things when it comes to getting your content to rank one because it can actually make people click on your video if it’s a good title and it should be clickable something that people want to check out so that’s one reason the more people will click on your video and check it out the more YouTube’s gonna like it and promote it for you in the search results and possibly later as a suggested video and two is because you want your keywords in your title and you actually want your keywords in your title as close to the front or the beginning of your title as possible so I’m gonna start with just a keyword that I think I’m gonna go with and then I’m gonna walk through some more extensive keyword research to explore so that we can maybe possibly add some additional keywords in the title but definitely down in the tag as I get to that as well how to get more views on YouTube so that’s the main keyword key phrase really that I’m gonna go for so I’m gonna do that I’m gonna do a little bar and I’m gonna add a little bit more detail to that like three bonus tips the next thing that I want to do is really look at my tags and what do I really really want to rank for so these tags go right here and if you’ve got two buddy they can actually suggest different tags for you okay we already know the main keyword that we want to use and we want to rank for for this video that’s the very first phrase that we have in the title so I’m just gonna pop it in as my very first tag as well there’s a good tool that you should use it’s free whenever you’re trying to rank videos so this is a great video it’s got great content in it and you really want people to see it so take the time to go to answer the public comm and look for any additional tags or keywords that make sense for your video and that are good keywords that you could rank for simple answer the public comm there’s a really goofy guy that shows up on the page and he kind of just stares at you and that’s how you know you’re in the right place he’s here and he does kind of weird things just staring at you and in this field here is where we’re gonna put in the main keyword that I know that I want to rank for and how do I know this main keyword just like I showed you in video one that was simply from YouTube using keywords everywhere and to buddy so now I’m gonna take that main one that I know I want to rank for for how to get more views on YouTube and I just hit in her it will take a minute to come up with its responses so it does have its results back and we scroll down and you’ll see all this information here and to me this visualization is not very helpful so you can go ahead and switch over to data and this is awesome information because we have keywords everywhere and we’re gonna get the search volume information in grey here on all these topics as well so this is where you can look to grab great tags or keywords that you can use for your videos this one that I’m already using and that’s the main keyword that I want to rank for but I’m gonna look through here and I’m gonna and I’m looking for questions things that people are searching for that have some volume to it and makes sense for my videos so there’s a lot of zeros or ten or twenty I’m gonna look for some bigger ones and here we go how to get more views on YouTube for free well I’m definitely not teaching any paid strategies on this so I’m gonna grab this and I’m actually gonna go and I’m gonna start filling up my tags with this information so I just copy and pasted it there and I’m gonna keep going you only get five hundred characters total for your tags so keep that in mind and just look for the best things how to get more views on YouTube cheat sure it’s not really cheating but that’s okay so I grabbed one good one from this upper portion now it’s actually looking at different prepositions so the first one was looking at question this one is looking at prepositions and again they’ve got this visual so I just switch it over to the data again and here’s what you want to take a look for so this is worded just slightly different and it does get 300 per month so I’m gonna grab this and paste that in there comparisons and just another way that they’re categorizing this stuff it looks like it’s about the same so I’m gonna head down here to this how to get more views on YouTube alphabetical z’ which is very helpful and all the alphabetical options I’m going to peruse through this information best way to get more views on YouTube it’s not huge this is again a slightly different wording not huge but who knows we might get different views I’m gonna grab that and I’m gonna keep in mind that if I run out of characters on this that I might delete that one later very similar one here I might as well grab it and throw it in and just a little bit of a different one here I’m gonna grab this one now I have quite a few more characters left in my tags and I’m not gonna put any of these in my title because that wouldn’t make any sense right I already have this one which is good and you want your video titles to be very readable and appealing for people what I would do next and I’m not gonna walk you guys through this a second time but I would what I would do is I would go back up here and I would actually search this website again or maybe more YouTube views or YouTube views just a different variation instead of the big long one how to get more views on YouTube I would instead do something shorter more YouTube views or more views on YouTube something like that and then go through this whole process again looking for good keywords that have decent volume that we can add as tags to our video so I’ll save you from having to go through all that with me but I did come up with some more tags in that process nothing that I would actually add to my title so I’m actually going to keep my title just the way it is three bonus ranking tips this is something that is pretty clickable that people would want to click on and check it out now you can continue to rinse and repeat looking for additional keywords until you fill up this entire 500 characters you can also go to youtube search maybe the top one that you want to rank for and see what videos show up first so this one is at the top of the search results so I’m going to click on this and because I have two buddy and vid IQ which is also another Chrome extension but works very similar to two buddy I’m going to get some really great information here on what tags they are using it’s another way to scope out the competition and come up with some new ideas and ways to come up with different tags I can just copy this copy too I’m gonna copy to clipboard go over to YouTube and paste and tada so this is how you come up with different tags now on top of doing tags and making sure that you have your keywords in title the next thing that you want to work on is your description I actually have a bunch of stuff defaulted in it’s just in my default setting in YouTube when I upload a video but I have to go in and do all of the details that are specific to this video and in the very first line or two of your description think copyrighting think of your sort of pitching people on what they should watch this video for so get a little creative think to yourself what’s the benefit for them to watch this video now the second thing I want my call to action so if I have a specific link or something I’m pointing people to an affiliate offer maybe a free download or whatever that’s the second thing that I want in here before I do anything else and I want to show you what this is going to look like on the actual page within YouTube now this is why I put this at the beginning you may hear this referred to as the fold you want everything important to be above the fold before people have to actually click the show more everything else can be buried a little bit but this is the most important information you want above the fold it should be right at the top so you want any clickable link that you’re directing people to to be available before the fold and when people are actually searching youtube let’s go back in here and show you what this looks like and why you want good copywriting because look the very beginning of the description shows up here in the listing of possible videos when you’re searching YouTube and that’s why you want a little bit of copywriting that entices people to check out your video okay there is definitely more to do in the description there’s a lot you can do with the description different strategies and things I’m just going to share with you what I’m doing and what’s working well for me right now I’m gonna grab the title and I always plop that into the description and then I’ve got my subscribe link and then here I’m going to write about my video I’m just gonna talk about my video and I’m gonna try to use as many keywords as possible while I’m writing my description now you don’t have to write a ton here but you do want to give some information and use the tags you use the keywords as much as you can or things that are very similar to the tags because YouTube’s smart and you’re gonna figure that out more YouTube views free rank your YouTube videos get more views on YouTube get YouTube views using those phrases in this description will help it rank and then I scroll all the way down at the bottom of my description and I’m gonna add some hashtags and I just do hash tag how to get more views on YouTube and these hash tags are sort of like the main keywords or things that you want to rank for it’s another way that YouTube can classify your videos do two or three at the very most and there we go I didn’t make you watch all of it but I did go through and do a few more searches on answer the public comm and YouTube to fill up my tags and to get the very best ones that I could find so my tags I’m at four hundred ninety nine of five hundred so that’s pretty great I’ve got my hash tags in my description got my description itself using many of the tags and keywords I also have the keywords at the beginning of my title and with those themes you’re able to start ranking for those keywords within YouTube especially for the less competitive things as you first get started now I have a thorough training helping you learn exactly how to create a successful affiliate marketing business so make sure to click the link at the top of the description to get access to that please note that I’m in your corner and I’m on your side I’m right here to help you create the time freedom and financial freedom that you and your family deserve via education on how to start and run a business so subscribe and turn on notifications so that I can help you do just that plus you still want the other two videos that are coming up in the series too if you’re new to my channel give me a shout out in the comments so that I can welcome you here to my channel be sure to watch the next videos as they come up again I’m Suzanne from suzanne perkins m calm give me a big thumbs up be awesome and I will see you soon [Music]

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