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Making money online If you have a new YouTube channel you won’t be able to monetize your videos right away you will have to have at least four thousand hours of overall watch time on your YouTube channel and also at least 1,000 subscribers okay so you won’t be making money immediately with your first video but obviously as your channel grows you know and you will cross this threshold you will enable the monetization and you will be able to monetize your videos and and I know that a lot of you guys out there are thinking how much money are you actually making per view okay so there’s not one set standard for this you know there’s many different niches obviously some bitches are better so for example I’m in the make money online niche my revenue IDI revenue is much much higher comparing to any other videos just because people are willing to spend the money on ads on my videos okay so you know people are interested in showing ads to my audience and that’s why I’m making around 10 dollars per 1000 views okay but the average and the lowest you can go is $1 per 1000 views okay so as you can see you know if you’re gonna look it up essentially what you’re gonna get is a few cents per 100 views so again the lowest you will ever go is probably like $1 per 1000 views you can go as high as ten dollars per 1000 views

So you know if you are in the right niche you don’t really have to be getting millions of views you can learn some good money with it but obviously YouTube monetization would as is just one thing that you can do another thing that you can do on your videos and I’m going to show you something that works in any niche is affiliate marketing so what you can do is you can just go to affiliate program that and you can sign up to be a an affiliate for Amazon which means that you can sell any product from the on your YouTube channel and you’re gonna get a commission okay so this commission can be anywhere from 4% to 10% so obviously if you will be promoting any products you want to have something that is expensive so you know like maybe an iPad or a TV or a smart phone you know the higher you go the better the more money you’re gonna make but keep in mind with Amazon it’s very very cool because even if someone will click on your link your affiliate link they will go to Amazon and you are promoting let’s say a book for $10 but if someone will click on your link and they will go to Amazon and they will get the book and something else you’re gonna get paid on every single an item that they will buy so if they’re gonna get a book and a TV you’re gonna get any field commissions for both of these products ok

I’m not going to show you exactly how to do all of this you know I have other videos on my channel you can check them all but you know just keep in mind you can monetize your videos in a bunch of a different way so affiliate marketing you sell you can sell your own products you can sell your own services you know you can send the traffic from your YouTube videos to your blog or to any web site so this is something just to keep in mind you know making money from the YouTube as revenue is just one thing and you can make a ton of money even if you’re gonna do nothing else but just a grab your link to a product from Amazon you know that’s more than doing nothing and just making money with YouTube ad revenue okay now as I promised I’m going to show you some cool free tools that you can use and what you’re going to be needing it is you’re gonna have to create a farm sale and some channel art for your YouTube videos and your YouTube channel okay so the first tool is as you can see you can create a bunch of different designs for free so you know we’re gonna click on YouTube thumbnail and as you can see you know they have a bunch of different designs that you can just click on you can edit as you can see this one is free you know we can edit the text so you know this is a very very cool easy and fast way for creating thumbnails and so is

making money onlineYou know definitely one that you should check out and another one is snap huddle counts so very very similar to cover but actually select snap or more because they have you know they have the YouTube thumbnails obviously they also have the YouTube channel art and YouTube and screen so you can you know create these for free for your YouTube videos and obviously this will take you seconds and going back to the click-through rate that you know you need to have a an eye-catching thumbnail so you know if if no one will click on your video in the first place you want to get the view you don’t get the ad making money online revenue you won’t be getting the click on your affiliate products etc okay so the farm nail is the most important thing and you can create free thumbnails web snappa or with canva so i this is my video for you today and before you go let’s check out who won the $10.00 giveaway from my previous video so my previous video is this one right here amazon work from jobs 20/20 cup seven make money online obviously I’m going to link to this video so you can check it out as well let me grab the URL and let me go to youtube random comment picker and let’s see how many comments we have eight comments and let’s see who won the $10.00 giveaway right now okay we got part ah hi art of a useful video I will definitely going to check it out and I got the emails so I’m going to send it ten dollars to park ha right now congratulations and if you want to win ten dollars please like this video subscribe to this channel of mine click on the bell for notifications and leave me a comment with your email so I know where to send the $10 to okay so as you’re seeing I just sent ten dollars to the winner of the giveaway and gain congratulations do these four things if you want to win ten dollars right now and don’t forget to check out all the links in the description of this video again the top link is my top recommended resource for making money online and working from home check everything else out as well including my social media check out all the rest of the videos on this channel I’m always uploading tons of videos on making money online working from home so not only making money on YouTube without filming videos but any subject relating to  so guys please check out all the rest of the videos if you have any questions leave me a comment and I will be seeing you in the next making money online video…


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