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Who Needs This Step-By-Step

Who Needs This Step-By-Step'ReBut these are the three ads that I split tested. Basically, so let’s have a quick look, so we’ll come back to budget so kind of just to give you an idea. So I tend to have a use and basic image. The ad is actually kind of the least popular one. Who Needs This Step-By-Step I then have a video ad, that’s kind of the second most popular one, and then this what I call a disruptive ad – and actually this has been the most popular one for me. So this is actually one of the diagrams one of my tools.

I teach people about customer lifetime value, but for some reason it makes people stop and go back and have a look at the event, and then, during those few seconds they then go. Oh, this is cool. It’s a free seminar in Cheltenham so yeah away, we go so you can see from the structure of the ad in terms of like so, first and foremost, Who Needs This Step-By-Step and again, I um I got a give sort of hat tip.

There’s a guy called Jamie forest and jjp. I was getting the name on japw marketing. Jamie forest is a Facebook Ads expert and him kind of helps me out with the ad structure has started to introduce me to kind of audiences, Who Needs This Step-By-Step, and things like that.

So I owe him an awful lot but um, but so he’s the one who can be taught me this sort of structure. So basically, what we want to do is have something really clear at the top of it, so who was speaking to business owners Agosta sure. So it’s location-based, it’s talking about our target market and then you’re invited so call to action. You’re invited to a free seminar at the juries in Cheltenham on Friday, the 26th.

So it’s got all of the basic details in there and then, if they click more, it’s going to get them, give them a few more details about what this seminar is going to do for them.

Basically so there’s like three bullets and a couple of other details in there and then we’ve got the image as I said, and it says interested there. But actually, if you click into that ad, you then get the option to actually book a ticket directly from the Eventbrite, which is pretty cool, so I’ve split-tested like numerous different ads.



I mean I’ve spent thousands of pounds on Facebook Ads and finally settled on this kind of being the most popular, but do always split test across your different audience. It may be that this thumbnail wasn’t right for this video or the video was too long, because this particular videos about sort of two and a half minutes, so people maybe didn’t watch all of it. This is a bit kind of too salesy, and people will probably just scroll past that potentially so I found this disruptive type of ads like colorful, make it bright, make it like scribbles, and a bit of a mess. It seems to attract people’s attention. It works for me, like I said,

It doesn’t matter whether you have a purely national business or a purely local business. Your brand stands to benefit quite a bit using Facebook’s very powerful profiling system. In fact, it is so advanced that this algorithm scares a lot of people. It is downright scary, it’s like a surveillance system.

Everything from your location to your age, Who Needs This Step-By-Step to the impact of your age, or your location, and the people you connect with, their political affiliations, even their political opinions. All of these pass through some sort of data profiling system that sooner or later, translates into hyper-intelligent ads.

Use this to your advantage. That technology is already there. Who Needs This Step-By-Step To get started on a systematic and methodical way of using Facebook’s advertising system, click here. This is the only basic beginner Facebook Ads blueprint you will ever need to use.

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Who Needs This Step-By-Step

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