Problems And Benefits Establishing Blog Authority

Establishing Authority

Problems And Benefits Establishing Blog AuthorityBusiness blogging is one of the tactics that are used by businesses to make their business more visible online. This is a marketing channel just like email marketing, direct mail, social media, and so on.

The establishing authority benefits

Business blogging is one of the most important marketing tactics for business today and it helps us in many ways. You should always think of the returns that a blog could have given to your business. Some of the benefits that are associated with blog marketing include:

• Driving traffic:

If you have a site, then you know how important traffic really is. Everyone wants more traffic. If someone is typing your business name while searching for you on the internet, then it means they already know you and they probably already know what it is that you do. There are people who try the easy way out and instead buy email lists, hoping that they will have more people visiting their websites. Doing this is illegal and known as spam.

If you already have a website, you may realize that it is not possible to update most of the pages that often, a good example is the about us page or contact page. These are pages that may have constant information and updating them may not be a necessity. Blogging helps you to solve this problem.

Each time you add a blog post on your website, you are essentially increasing the chances of being found by search engines and driving traffic through organic search. Updating blogs mean that search engines will consider the site as active and therefore it will be checked from time to time waiting for new content. Hence, having a dynamic blog is actually good when it comes to SEO.

Blogging also allows people to discover you on social media, each time you post something, you are giving people a chance to share it on social networks, and this exposes you to even more people at no extra cost. Your blog content can be used as repository content and you can strengthen reach with such content, thereby attracting even more traffic.

• Conversion of traffic

Now that traffic is streaming to your website via the blog, you have a chance to convert that traffic into leads. Each blog means another page that gets indexed. This means that you have the opportunity to generate more traffic for more new leads. This works in a very simple way. You need to add a call to action that can generate leads in every post that you make.

Good call to action can be lead to free trials, free webinars, free fact sheets, free white papers, or free eBooks. These are content assets that others are willing to exchange information for.

Once the visitors come to your website, they can see a call to action that leads them to an offer. Using this we can send them to a landing page, which has a form where they can fill in their information. When the forms are filled and submitted and the visitor can then receive the offer advertised.

Most blog posts have a call to action button. That is the best way to turn your traffic into leads. You should also know that not everyone would convert just because they come to your website.

Establishing authority

Problems And Benefits Establishing Blog Authority


Business blogs are usually used to answer some very basic questions to the leads and the customers. When you create content that helps your audience, it means that you are established as an authority in your niche. This is one of the best things for any professional.

You should always aim at establishing authority which can be a powerful tool as well. Blogging presents many sales opportunities. When prospects are able to get answers to their questions via your posts, it is very likely that they will start to trust you for whatever you say because of the value that you provided.

The people who have been following your posts will get more clarity about what your industry is all about and what is on offer. This makes it easier for you to get conversions. When salespersons encounter a question that is specific and one that needs a deeper explanation, they can use archive posts for this purpose.

• Driving results in the long-term

When you write new posts, the first couple of days could get you a lot of traffic to your website in different ways. Even though the flare can burn down in a few days, not all is lost. This is because the content, regardless of the traffic it attracted and the leads and conversions acquired, will be ranked in the search engines. This means that for a long period, you will still get traffic as well as leads to the post. It is never a single day bust.

The effort you put on your post today will still be driving leads and traffic in the future. You can still get hundreds, if not thousands of leads and views over time. You can monetize blogging in different creative ways.

Using affiliate marketing helps you in the generation of income in all topics. There are so many affiliate sites available, you can generate income by simply directing people to services, and products that you feel are relevant.

Usually we are tasked with establishing authority, as most sales are achieved from older posts. You should never discard the older posts because you think they have outlived their usefulness for your brand. These are compounding posts and not all posts fit the category.

Some of the secondary benefits

There are many other reasons that may drive a business to have a blog. A blog post can help a company to test in a safe way before they actually start investing time and money into something that may not go well with the audience, blog posts also allow the audience to understand what the company is all about in a more in-depth way. With a blog, marketers are able to communicate important information like events or product releases. This helps you to get the attention of those focused on initiatives.

Blogging is one of the best marketing strategies that a business can apply better still when you establishing authority. Understanding how blogs work in attracting more leads and conversions may mean the difference between a successful business and a not so successful one.

Establishing Authority


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