Proven Content Ideas To Boost Your Local SEO Traffic

Proven Content Ideas

Hey guys so in today’s proven content ideas video, I’m going to teach you exactly how to steal your competitors, content ideas so that you can now rank them and get more local, lead traffic, and sales to your business. Now before jumping in please make sure you subscribe. And let me show you exactly how to do this. So first of all you need a list of your top competitors, that you’re competing with on google right because you want to rank them. You want to steal their content ideas and find out what’s already working for them.

So let’s say you are looking out for proven content ideas. You can do is find your top competitors simply type in your main keywords on google like this so, you can see who’s ranking number one for this, so far, and, then you’re going to use a tool called to address. Now you can get a free trial, um it’s pretty cheap, and it will save you a lot of time. It’s 100 worth it um. What you’re going to do is type in your competitor’s website into an address like that in the site explorer here and now, we know this website is getting traffic.

Okay, so we can easily steal some content ideas from them. What you need to do is go to top pages like this, and this section here will show you the top pages, that this website is ranking for okay, what content is working for them, and also what’s top keyword they’re ranking for as well. Then you can use all of this content, and ideas to start ranking and you can reproduce and replicate the content. Ideas on this list for your own website too. So you can publish blog articles on proven content ideas, plant delivery, or succulent delivery, and you can basically take the content ideas that your competitors spent valuable time researching and then steal them and replicate them on your website too. Proven Content Ideas To Boost Your Local SEO Traffic

proven content ideas

Now what I would recommend is putting all of these content: ideas onto a spreadsheet right? So you can track them. If we create a spreadsheet like this and, we have the competitor page keyword, then we can easily take the keywords and the pages on this page. Now you can see they’re ranking for this topic, so we can put the page in there. Then we can put the keyword like this and, obviously only research and keep track of the pages that are relevant to you.

Some of these pages may not be relevant to your topic, so just find the ones that are relevant to you and go for them. That’s pretty much it! It’s easy as that right then you can just replicate the same process for all of your main competitors and steal their content ideas too, and this will give you a list of what to write about which keywords you can rank for how much traffic you can potentially get and who you’re competing With so, you can literally do all of the competitor research in the space of a few minutes. It’s so easy and we’re going to take this one as well fill out the spreadsheet and just take the keywords like this. You may also want to take a note of the amount of traffic they’re getting and the value of that traffic, so how much, its estimated worth is how many referring domains this website has and how many backlinks you’re competing with for that competitors.

Also, how many proven content ideas keywords this page is ranking for right? So this particular piece of content won’t just rank for getting well flowers near me: it also ranks for 55, others right and you can see a list of all of these simply by clicking the dropdown there, and then you can see what position it is ranking for so you can actually add A lot more metrics to your spreadsheet as well. You can add positions volume, keywords, etc, and just fill out the spreadsheet of all your competitors, and content ideas, then, from there cherry pick, the ones that you’re actually interested in, uh pun intended with the florist example, and then. That’s pretty much it it’s as easy as that. Thanks for watching guys.

You now know how to steal your competitor’s proven content ideas, how to steal their keywords and to see what’s ranking from your competitors so that you can easily reverse engineer all the hard time and research they’ve spent on content. Now, if you want to get more leads more traffic, and more sales to your local business then, you can book a free local SEO acceleration session with my agency this is available here you can simply book a call like this, and schedule a time to speak with us and we’ll Be happy to get you more traffic leads and sales with local SEO for your business, so if you want actionable practical ways to grow your business with local SEO. Visit goldie and we’ll be happy to thank you for watching you.
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Proven Content Ideas