Secret Ways to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube Your Way To Success

YouTube Your Way to Success
Secret ways to make money on YouTube. Look, nobody wants to tell you they keep all of that good information to themselves, those top YouTubers that are making all that money. They don’t want you to know about this stuff, but in this video, I’m going to share with you the secrets that they know that help them make money, and you know what it has nothing to do with running ads in their videos and we’re starting right. Now. Hey, welcome to my website if you haven’t been here before, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button down there and turn on and make sure you turn on all of them. That way, when I do with these videos, you’ll be notified. YouTube Your Way to Success

You’ll know about it and if I go live, you’ll also be notified that you’ll be part of the VIP group, the Fisher family. Okay, let’s jump right into this now I’ve been online for over 10 years now I’ve sold millions of dollars of both digital and physical products, and this whole YouTube thing really interested me, so I got involved in it and I’ve kind of cracked the code as far As what’s going to really make you money on YouTube, you don’t need a lot of subscribers. You don’t have to have tons of views, there are some little secret things that you can do, though, that is going to make you some money. So let’s jump right into it. Now the first thing I’m going to tell you most people believe that all that money is being made on ads and that’s just not the case ads – can be a portion of your income. But it’s really a small portion. It may only be 10 or 20 percent of your income from what you can do now. YouTube Your Way to Success

The way you’re going to start off first off is you’ve got to build a real niche. Okay, so in other words, don’t just do random videos. Don’t do it’s just me. Blogging going down the street, you know that may work there celebrity, but for the average person, they have to have a niche they have to have any particular subject that they stay on. If people know they’d come back and see more videos about that particular subject. Now, of course, once you build a nice once people know you and you get known for something yeah, you can sell anything. You think there’s somebody like Kim Kardashian and no matter what she puts her name on. It’S going to sell because she’s built that brand. But that’s the stage that most of you guys are right. Now is your building that brand and to build that brand. You have to start with a niche, something that is very particular to you now. My niche is that I sell stuff online and I teach people how to sell stuff online and make money. So it’s all online business. Okay, I don’t do real estate. I don’t do you know about living to blog. I don’t do restaurants. YouTube Your Way to Success

I don’t do any of that. It’s all about making money online. So that’s my particular niche. That’S why somebody comes to this channel to learn all the different ways to do that. Let’S talk about all these ways. You can make money, I’m going to say number one is sold merchandise. Now, I’m selling merchandise that is very profitable. I suggest that if you’ve got a channel, then you’ve got a niche worked out, whether it’s about you know hip knees or whether it’s about fishing or golfing or whatever, that you start selling some apparel. Nowadays, you don’t have to print up apparel and sell it to people, that’s not necessary. You can use one of the services that will actually print on demand, which is Tod. You can use something like print-fit or print awful I’ll put links below in the description. So you can figure that out, but basically, the way it works is somebody’s going to buy a shirt from you for saving twenty-five dollars: you’re going to pay, printable or print fi, the eight or ten dollars that it cost you to print that shirt and they’re going to actually ship it out that way, you don’t have to have all these sizes in stock and all these different colors. You can just upload your designs to one of these websites and once you do that, you can actually start selling those shirts and they’re going to send it out for you.

digital cash academy

You should grab that course, by the way, it’s a really good course. It’s not going to be free so once somebody opted in for that course, and they liked that course. I offer them some of my other courses. I have for sale. So what I’ve done is I’ve built that audience and I can now market to those people. Next up are new sponsored reviews and videos, and what do I mean by sponsored? There are companies out there that will pay you to do a video on their product. So maybe you’re reviewing cameras, maybe you are reviewing certain software or some product for the kitchen.

You know if that’s your niche, there are companies that will actually pay you and send you the product for you to do a video on now. I get these requests on a regular basis, but a lot of them just don’t fit so you know I had somebody the other day when we do a video on Bitcoin in bitcoins. That’s not my thing, I’m not into that! I’m not a big believer in it. So I can’t do a video on that, so the one thing I’ll tell you is: if you’re going to do a sponsored video where somebody actually pays you to do a video, you want to make sure it’s something that you believe it you don’t want to be known as the person that will sponsor anything, it will do a video on anything. That’s not what you want and I know you’re thinking. Well, you know I don’t have a big enough audience yet. I only got a few hundred people you’ll. Be surprised how many of these companies just want to get some videos out there? Maybe they’ll just send me a free product. Can you to review that’s good enough right, you’re, starting to make money, and the more of these videos you make the more real estate you have that’s one thing that people don’t understand is that they need to keep making these videos because the more videos you make The more views you’re going to get initially you’re, not going to get a lot of views. You may get those views at the beginning, but if you keep making them and you keep doing them, you’re going to get views and, as you get more views, there are more opportunities out there to do videos.

There are sponsored videos. The next thing, I’m going to tell you is affiliate links, affiliate links are awesome, they really are and affiliate links are going to be placed in the description of your video right below the video. Now, these affiliate links could be Amazon links. Amazon links are great; you’re, not going to make a lot of money on Amazon links. I do want to warn you about that. However, you’re going to make some money, and it’s not really about that here. People saying well, I’m not going to make with 5 or $10 on that. But what, if you made 5 or $ 10, you know 20 times a month and you had it on 20 videos. You see it does start to add up. So what you need to think about are all these different little revenue streams. Now getting an Amazon link is really simple. You just go to, and you can just Google Amazon link or Amazon affiliate program and you’re going go to the page that actually has to sign. After you get a signup. You’re going to give them a bank account or a PayPal account whatever you want to do to get paid so that you can use affiliate links once you’ve done that, then all you have to do is go to Amazon, find a product that you want to offer Out there I know in the bottom of this video here I’ve got a lot of links to some of the equipment that I’ve got my office here because people want to know – and I hate what kind of light do you have? What kind of camera do you have? What kind of camera stand do you have?

So I put those links below so people can click on them and go find those products so once you’ve found a product on Amazon you want to sell all you do. Are you go up to the top left-hand corner and you’ll see your links up there? You can click on it and you get a text link. You can get you to know, picture link whatever you want, and then you’re going to put that in the description of your video below when somebody clicks that link and they go to Amazon and they actually buy that product. You’re going to receive a commission, but here’s the cool thing if they buy another product after they’ve clicked that link within the next 48 hours, you’re still going to get a commission on it. So that’s really pretty cool way of having money come in and it’s really passive. Now, what I’ve done is I’ve put a lot of those links into my automatic upload texts that every time I do a video they’re just there, I don’t have to enter them in every single time saves a lot of time. So what you want to do is build all those links and have all those links ready so that every time you upload a video they’re just there. The next thing is to use Patreon. Now I don’t use Patreon, but there are a lot of YouTubers that do it. There are a lot of different ways of going about it, but generally, a Patreon account is going to be an account where somebody’s going to pay you to watch your videos, but they’re going to get some extra perks. So maybe the people who pay you get to see your videos a little bit sooner.

Maybe the people who pay you we’ll get a free Q & A once a month or once a week. Maybe the people who pay you will get some merchandise once a month. So there are all kinds of different business models there I would say, go to and you can make money on that. I know one YouTuber actually does a lot of videos and he travels around the world and what he does with his Patreon account is. He actually gives that money back, which is pretty cool to business owners because he goes around the entire world and he talks to business owners and, as he does, that the money that comes in and Patreon, he will actually give it to a deserving business owner. Now. He has money coming in from other sources, so he just takes that portion of money just to hand out now. Here’S the cool thing about that you’re saying well he’s giving away the money. Are you know getting so you know it doesn’t. Do any good? Doesn’T a lot of good because people love watching those videos, they love, seeing him do that and since they love seeing him do that he makes money on the next thing, I’m going to tell you which is running ads on your videos. Now. This is not something you’re going to be able to do in the beginning.

However, it is something to be able to do down the road as long as you keep uploading videos. This is the biggest thing I’ve seen with people, and I see so many channels out there that have 50 subscribers or 150 subscribers, and they don’t upload videos, they just don’t and they go. We want more subscribers. Well, you know: they’ve already watched your 8 videos. There’S nothing else, there’s no reason to subscribe to you because you haven’t uploaded in three months or four months, or six months. If you don’t consistently do these guys, you can never build an audience and if you don’t build an audience, you can never monetize your videos. Now to monetize you’re going to need four thousand hours of watch time in the previous 12 months. So, as you can see, this is not the number one way to make money, because most people just can’t make money, in the beginning, that way they don’t have the following: they don’t have the audience, and I know a lot of you out there going. Oh, I can just run ads. That’S how I make money. It’s a lot more than that!

There’s a lot more! You got to do all those steps I just went through that will make you money instantly. If you just do those steps, the problem is most people. Don’T do this, they don’t even put a description, so they don’t put affiliate links in the description they don’t put. Three courses. Remember I got a free course. You got to go, grab the free course now there they don’t put those things in the description, so they can’t build a list and if they can’t build a list, then they can’t market to the people and they can’t make money. Now I want to hear: do you have a channel? Are you working on it? What’S your niche, what did he try to do? I want to hear what you’re doing out there. I know a lot of you are working on your channels right now, you’re trying to figure this thing out, you’re trying to figure out how to make money, and you may be a little surprised that you know some of the top ways to make money have nothing to Do with running ads give me your opinion in the comments below post in there. YouTube Your Way to Success

What you’ve done? What you’ve tried to tell me about your channel. I’m going to go check it out. If you post down there and you just say, I’ve got a channel I’ll click on your name, and I’ll go to your channel. Maybe I’ll subscribe to your channel and help you build your list and don’t forget you got to help me. You got to what ring the bell. I turn on all Bell notifications that way: you’re part of the Fisher family, the VIP group that gets notified, and also subscribe to my channel. I really appreciate you listening to this video I’ll see you in the next one and that little bell language in here. You notified me every time. I do a new video, also click on one of those videos, they’re watching Almighty, YouTube Your Way to Success

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