Secrets2Success Timing Vision Action

Secrets2Success Timing Vision Action

Secrets2Success Timing Vision ActionMany years ago there was a young boy he had a burning desire he had a dream he wanted to take care of his family he an ambition but he was stuck he didn’t know what he needed to do to take his life to the next level he came across a book he wrapped that book he was so inspired by the author of that book he decided this young boy to call his home in Scotland a castle we got rejected multiple times finally he got through he got to connect with a man who wrote the book that men agreed to have breakfast with him in Los Angeles this young boy flew all the way to Los Angeles spending a couple hours with this man from then on they form a relationship this young boy’s life was never the same this man transformed him from a boy to a man – our leader – now a mentor to impact millions of people never underestimate the power of having a mentor and never underestimate the power of having someone believe in you more than you believe in yourself and today Secrets2Success timing Vision Action and today I am very very honored to bring my mentor and share him with I know my mentor says many many times he doesn’t give a if you love him or not he wants your respect not only I respect him tremendously I love this man when mom and dad got divorced when I was 16 so please give your biggest warmest xdc welcome to my mentor mr.

Thank you it’s you can’t imagine how proud I am of Dan we were just talking before I came out on the stage it was before his 22nd birthday that we met he came down to have breakfast with me what he didn’t add or he alluded to he’s dead broke he didn’t have enough money to buy a plane ticket but he got there somehow and we spent a few hours together that fateful summer day of 2003 and now look at him he does have a following of millions and indirectly that means I had something to do with it so I’m very pleased to be here I am a Salesman that started out door-to-door toward the door and I took those sales skills and I improved them years after year after year decade after decade until I was selling countries so I didn’t realize I was a high kicker closer you know 40 years ago but today is a special day for September the 6th 1969 was the day Secrets2Success timing Vision Action.

I was discharged from the military 50 years ago 50 years ago so but when you’ve lived as long as I have and I just turned 74 I’m fast last night at dinner Dan and I were discussing I’m twice as old as he is it’s hard to believe but the he’s a little younger than our oldest son and he’s a little older than our youngest son but he has continued to make me proud this is Dan sixteen years ago it’s not much of an exaggeration he did have two shoes though and he met me this is him and now look at him Secrets2Success timing Vision Action it’s quite remarkable and I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring coaching teaching a lot of high-performance people dan is one of the most high-performance individuals I’ve had the privilege of working with but Dan I believed in him and then when somebody like myself believes in you it inspires belief in yourself most of your experiences and business in life are poor because you failed now I’m not saying this just a myself for you I cannot remember the last failure ahead I thought about it coming over here I cannot remember the last failure I had

But one of the things that he listened to me more than most is how to stay focused follow one course until successful most of the room would be infinitely more successful if they got became more laser beam focused because being a six-figure hit isn’t a big hitter and the real world is not even a hitter it’s no money and I’m here to tell you ways that you can be a seven-figure hitter eight-figure hitter and like myself a nine figure hit da the good things come to those who go out and earn it now money is not the only thing in life but the only god thing anybody counts ok so I’m going to tell you show you how you can follow in dance footsteps and how he is following in my footsteps Dan’s model is his name recognition Dan’s model is all the people he’s trained over the years both in person and online because I mean he was he was quite a sight in those days not anything like today and he had trouble talking now you wouldn’t believe that now but believe me he had trouble talking that one he was nervous about me I’m sure that but he had trouble and now look at him and now look at him.

So it is possible and he’s been like this the last seven eight years so it didn’t take him sixteen years and get this successful Dan rock is an introvert he’s a well-polished one and he’s learned his skills but he’s not unlike many of you in the audience he’s and I I just wished it and you know on those TV programmes where you’re gonna see back in the in the past and you could just see him walking into the restaurant to have breakfast with me you you wouldn’t believe it you don’t believe it now he says it I said but you still don’t believe it because it’s such a change of what he is now the difference between the super high performance people it’s we’re measure measurable expectations are demanded not asked if Dan can live in these multi-million dollar facilities that he lives he calls houses homes why not you but Dan and this stand wanted it more had nothing to do whether we deserved it or not I wanted it I would I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and I’d rather be dead than poor again that’s a flat statement I rather be I rather be dead now.

I’m a hammer closer Dan’s a finesse closer i bludgeon you to death if I leave here today and anybody in this audience likes me I didn’t do my job I’m not here to be liked loved respect my Secrets2Success timing Vision Action results respect the Dan locks that I’ve produced and it’s not magic but it takes a lot of personal sacrifice and what scares most of the kids is they know 90% of all things that you begin startups fail the first year you will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you to power is sitting back and observing things with logic true power is restraint if words control you that means everyone else can control you breathe and allow things to pass Machiavelli the first method of estimating the intelligence ruler is who you surround yourself with the best advice that I can give I know some of you are making a living on Facebook is go shut down your Facebook shut down all your social media change your phone number and start over with Dan the good thing news is there are no alga rhythms for experience so you can’t replace Dan or myself with an algorithm.

Because there’s no algorithm for 3,000 deals and all the various permutations Secrets2Success timing Vision Action I’ve been to we don’t have to make every mistake ourselves with different high-performance people the thinkers in Dewar’s dan tells me you there’s a lot of thinkers in the room and this is the best of his group so if there’s a lot of thinkers in the room and this is the elite of his I feel so I don’t feel sorry for anybody but I pity the ones that aren’t here because you’re the doers I’m Dan’s mentor dance your mentor and that way I feel directly connected to you otherwise I wouldn’t come here dan hadn’t done a terrific job Stu stupendous in so many ways but he’s only just scratched the surface and I plan on helping him if he allows me to get to the next, not just the next level what you guys should always want is not the next level but geometrically 2 squared 2 cubed weight loss for men Tanya thank you.


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Secrets2Success Timing Vision Action

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