Starting a Business All Over Again

What are some of the reasons for failure? So You Want To Have Your-Own-Online-Business

Some say procrastination, some say fear, lack of self-confidence, no determination, etc.

But to me, the top reason for failure is a reluctance to learn.

The market is full of people giving a false idea that one can get rich easily.

How often have you seen sales pitches like ‘no technical knowledge required’, ‘no skill needed’, ‘turnkey business’?

Gurus always position themselves as an average Joe and if they can make it, so can you. So You Want To Have Your-Own-Online-Business

As a result of all these, many people have the false impression that they can be successful without having to know much.

Let me share with you a story.

I told you that I had an old business partner in my first brick-and-mortar business. But I didn’t tell you that he had a son. Let’s call him Bob (not his real name).

Tom and I were working together in my first business, the mind machine business, remember? He was basically a sleeping partner. He was there because he had a 50% share in the company (money from his dad).

He wasn’t really interested in the business because he thought it was too small.

After the business folded, we split. So You Want To Have Your-Own-Online-Business

He then went to Thailand to do his big business (with financial backing from his dad) while I continued with my small business, as he called it.

Before he left, he threw me a challenge. He said, “Let’s see who makes a million-dollar first!”

10 years later, I made my first million. He had lost a lot of money in different business ventures.

What’s the difference between us?

It is the willingness to learn.

I graduated as a civil engineer. In terms of general knowledge, I knew nothing about success principles, time management, and emotion management. In terms of technical skills, I knew nothing about marketing, programming, graphic design, copywriting, etc. I picked up all these skills and knowledge after I graduated.

For him, he believed that to make money, he simply had to employ people to work for him.

While I tried to master all the necessary skills to solve my business problems and save money, he outsourced almost everything and simply used the money to solve problems.

I can’t say what I’m doing is absolutely right, but his reluctance to learn and be a hands-on person definitely caused his failure.

The more I learn, the more control I have, and the fewer mistakes I make.

For him, since he was hardly involved in the daily operation of his businesses, his success largely depended on the capabilities of his other business partners, who unfortunately were only interested in siphoning his money into their pockets.

Think about this…

The missing puzzle between where you are and where you want to be is the knowledge to get there. If you have that knowledge, getting there is just a matter of time and hard work.

And guess what, knowledge can be learned!

To your success,

4 Steps to Starting a Business | The Journey

So let’s start with a domain name and your email address. So your domain name, that’s gonna get people to your website. You don’t wanna have some random URL. You want it to be your business.

So Coffee and Kickflips… – [Emma] Coffee and Kickflips! – coffeeandkickflips.

com right? That’s the address, that’s the URL people are gonna type to get to your website.

And with that, you’ll have that professional email, so you can have, versus

If you have the ending not be your domain name, it doesn’t look as professional. I love Gmail, but as a business, have it your domain name. You can still do Gmail for business, there’s Office 365, and lots of email providers that you can use to really make your business look professional and credible. And then jumping into your website. That’s the whole point of having an online presence.

It’s something that you control. It has some type of website, even if it’s just basic information on what you do or some videos of your kickflips and coffee in the back. – Yeah! – Yeah. – Put the merch on there.

Maybe an option for people to spend money on your website. – Yes. Get those helmets ’cause that’s your insurance right? (laughing) And then social media! Tell us about social media and really the basics of it with branding their business.

– Yes that’s where you wanna go and really take the logo that you have, be consistent with it across all of your platforms, so Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and then from there, definitely identify the voice of your brand, and be consistent with that as you’re creating content, day in and day out. Because you wanna be consistent. And make sure those are business pages, not personal pages. Very important. – Can you elaborate a little bit on what the voice means?

– Totally. – People throw it around a lot, and it’s hard to understand. What does that mean with having a consistent voice? – Okay.

Very good topic.

One thing that comes to mind right away, from being in the coffee business for years before I decided hey I wanna have Coffee and Kickflips, I worked for a variety of coffee businesses. And they did have their own voice. Like there was one coffee spot that was just very upscale and very fancy. I spent a lot of money there as a customer before I worked there. So their voice was a little bit more.

.. I don’t know just very classy and true to the art of coffee. Whereas when I worked at a spot that really inspired me to open my own, it was a little bit more divey, it was in Long Beach California, we would say things like rad, dope, sick, this coffee is awesome, as we were doing captioning and creating our social media content. It was just a little bit looser and chill.

Different vibe. Different voice. So whatever your voice is, identify that before going and creating content across your social media pages.

And finally, policy. What are your policies?

I know I saw this a lot when speaking to retail businesses, and when I would consult them, it’s like okay so what are your policies, what are your return policies? I know I personally love when I shop when the return policy is a little lenient, ’cause I lose receipts all the time. (laughing) But the tag’s on it! – But the tag– I swear! – But so what are your policies in place for your business?

– All right now with almost any type of business, you need terms of service. Now you should probably consult some legal council with this, if you’re not a lawyer you shouldn’t just make up stuff. But you should have something. Like what is your return policy like you said, what’s your privacy policy, do you keep customer information, what does all this look like? Have some type of terms of service to help protect you and your business, and it’s absolutely important.

And then have a copy of that. For all of your employees, and have that there readily available for them to review. – Yeah most companies will usually have it on their website, usually down at the bottom, there’s a little link to the terms and service and the privacy policy. – Speaking of your website, another important thing to bring up, make sure you have contact info.

So You Want To Have Your-Own-Online-Business Then You Must Be accessible! Not Like Me LOL.

– Yes. – And also have some social proof. That is definitely today’s word of mouth. So be easily accessible, easy for me to contact you, and definitely make sure I can find you readily, easily available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. – All the things.

And that social proof, that’s basically just testimonials, reviews of other customers, that they say hey Emma’s pizza’s awesome, or Emma’s coffee shop is awesome, or whatever that looks like, it really helps people identify with you and trust you, and a pro tip for you all, do not be just a cave dweller, go out into the open and be social.

Talk to people on social media, talk to people in real life, and really put your business and yourself out there. ‘Cause, you can’t expect them all just to come to you, ’cause that will not happen. I know that it’s a famous quote, “if you build it they will come”, they won’t! You have to go to them and show them what you’re all about.

– Be proactive. And add the human element to your online presence. – All right So You Want To Have Your-Own-Online-Business. That’s a wrap. If you liked this video, make sure to give this a like at the bottom, and while you’re there, leave a comment on what you’ve learned today.

– And be sure to subscribe, and ring that bell so you’re the first to know when we come out with another video.

– This is The Start Of Your Succeful Journey. We’ll see you next time…

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