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In this video, we are gonna talk about a couple of new Good Adwords tricks, or Google Ads tricks for 2019 and beyond. So guess what? Some of these tips are gonna be new ones and then you’re gonna have some that are, think about it, sometimes what is old is now new again. Talking about this, it’s like, I get a lot of people that are like, what should we do around Google Ad search? Well there are a couple of new things but it’s, for the most part, they’ve been doing a good job of maintaining their search algorithm, which is what they do in terms of SEO and then around paid media, or paid ads, they’ve been increasing incrementally in the last couple years.

Google has invested a ton into artificial intelligence. They’ve gone and bought a couple startups, AI startups, data startups. What I will tell you, the first thing, every company that’s gonna succeed in the future is gonna be a data company, right? You have to have some way of taking the data that you have, maybe creating some form of API and then letting these other tools, software, connect with each other, let them talk nice to each other, that way you can leverage data to make more powerful business decisions.

YouTube, still the second largest search engine in the world, a lot of people use it, so specifically around YouTube advertising, custom intent audiences. If I am searching for orange coffee mug in Google, I can actually show all people that I’ve searched for orange coffee mugs, a YouTube video, specifically around orange coffee mugs. Think about how powerful that is. I go to Google, I type in a search, orange coffee mugs, and then I go to YouTube later, when I’m messing around and I see an orange coffee mug ad, or it’s like, oh I think I searched that later, I think I might take an action.

The other thing you have is custom affinity audiences. They can see who’s in market, who’s looking to buy right now, based on the actions they take and maybe in Gmail, they’ve searched for family portraits, and then they go to YouTube and they search the same things as well, maybe they walk around a frame store, and that person has some type of Google app installed on their phone, right? So they have all these data points, how in the world are they not gonna know that you’re looking to take an action? They can say a top five to 10% of these people are looking to take an action.

If they have those data points and you can leverage that, you’re gonna make better business decisions. Now, this is not exactly new, but not a lot of people do this, RLSA’s, some remarketing lists for search ads. If somebody visits our website, so our website gets about 200,000 visits a month right now. I only want to target those people that have visited our website and are typing in a keyword.

So a keyword like, marketing agency, is actually very expensive, we’re talking 20 to $30 per click. I don’t want to target everybody that’s searching marketing agency, I only want to target people that have visited my website for over five minutes and then are looking on Google for marketing agency. That’s a lot more powerful. Or if I even want to take it one step further, I’ll say, I only want to target people that have visited our case studies page for over 10 minutes, in California, specifically only in San Francisco and I want to target those keywords. That way, I’m not spending that much money and the people that click are a lot more qualified, because they know who I am, because they spent more time on my website, because they spent a lot of time on that page as well.

Let’s not forget about sitelinks. If you are buying ads, let’s say, for our company, Single Grain, the marketing agency, when people search for Single Grain, I want to occupy more real estate. Even though we rank number one and number two in Google, like organically, I want to have the paid result too. I don’t only want to have the paid result where it just says Single Grain, I want to have testimonials, I want to have services, I want to have case studies, I want to occupy more real estate, so without a shadow of a doubt, people will click on my result and they’re not just gonna click some other bozo result.

The final thing I’ll add right now is, take your Google ads, hook it in with your YouTube channel, hook it in with your Google Analytics profile, and you’re gonna be able to combine that data too. So we talked about how everybody’s becoming a data company but you gotta focus more on data too. You gotta leverage the data that you have right now and use it to your advantage, cause a lot of people aren’t doing this stuff right now so here’s your chance to get a leg up on your competition. I’ll give you a bonus too. If you’re not using any type of automated, if you’re not going at scale right now, using double click or catch you or whatever, like a lot of large companies do, you can basically say you want to use Google Adwords Editor, or Google Ads editor now, which allows you to edit ads at scale.

Those are just a couple things that you can do when it comes to new tricks around Google Ads for 2019 and beyond and don’t forget to party as well as going for it with marketing agency. Let us know what you plan to do in the comments, whether you found something new, custom intent, custom affinity, let us know what you plan to do with one of these and then leave it in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe and don’t forget to check out our video around marketing trends for 2019 and beyond and we’ll see you tomorrow.


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