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Facebook Retargeting Ads

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here this video. I’m going to show you how to create a Facebook retargeting pixel To go through and go set up Facebook retargeting ads for your business right now real quick before dive in and I’ll show you exactly how to set that up I just want to show you guys how powerful this is so instead of going through and showing your Facebook ads to a Completely cold audience that has no idea who you are that never heard of you We can go through and with this retargeting pixel.

We can show our ads specifically to people who have already visited our website We’ll already are with our leads or people have already engaged with your Facebook page that we’re watched a video on your Facebook page So the cool thing about this is this person’s already warmed up they already know a little bit about who you are and so the credibility authority the ‘trust all that stuff is a Lot higher with these people and so the results you’re able to get are Dramatically higher than or matically better as opposed to go through and just market it to a cold audience So I just want to show you guys right here This is inside my main ads account you guys can see these are the purchases okay? So every time you see a purchase happening right here.

Top Facebook Retargeting Ads StrategyThat is worth a thousand dollar purchase of $1,000 ticket Item that comes into our business now if you look right here on the cost per purchase look For this one right here where it’s 12 it’s cost 92 dollars and 95 cents to get a Thousand dollar purchase so overall the amount spent was a one thousand one hundred fifteen dollars to make it twelve thousand dollars in revenue, okay So now typically if I’m going through marketing to a cold market cold audience It cost me about probably three to four hundred dollars depending kind of on the ads and everything To go through and generate that that thousand dollar sale Now if you look at overall we have Twenty-nine purchases right here so twenty nine thousand dollars basically thirty thousand dollars, and it costs just forty five hundred Dollars okay, so that’s like a 7ex ROI right there, so super huge, so you can see ninety-two dollars right here This one obviously didn’t perform as well about three hundred eighty one dollars for a thousand dollar sale this 191 247 ninety four eighty six then you scroll down here 56 dollars eighty four dollars and eighty 9 166 so you can see all these different one so $89 so I spent a total of three hundred fifty-six dollars to make four thousand dollars back out okay? So I just want to really quick show you guys all that stuff because that is the power of The Facebook retarding pixel is said these Facebook retargeting ads and really quick If you guys are kind of getting started you’re brand new with Facebook Ads if you drop a comment down below and thumbs up on This video I will share with you my Facebook Ads mini course That’s gonna Walk you through step by step how to get started with the Facebook Ads manager how to set up your Facebook pixels your retarding pixels all those different things And I break it down step by step for you guys how to some of your campaigns do the targeting so all I got to? do is just drop a comment down below give a thumbs up on this video and also I would really appreciate it if you guys subscribe the channel because we launched a new video several several times a week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business so anyway guys now that we got that all out of the way and You guys see how powerful This is let’s go through and show you how to set up this Facebook retargeting pixel So you can actually start using this and implement it into your business so if we come over here? This is a just a demos ads account.

I’ll just exit out this one I’m just gonna refresh this make sure that I’m still logged into the right account okay, so right here guys This is my demo ads account and what we’re gonna Do is we’re going to come up here to the search bar and we’re going to type in pixels, okay Now if you guys have never set up your Facebook pixel before no worries Kay. What’s gonna happen? He’s gonna have I think it’s a green button right here, and it’s gonna say create Facebook pixel.

It’s gonna. Just take you through a step-by-step Process right here on Facebook to be able to go through and create that Facebook pixel Okay, so now you can see this is a demo account, but I use it for all my demo stuff, so yes It is like firing so like what firing means means that any time so like let’s say We’ve got this pic this pixel, which real quick. Let me just hit that really quick. What is a pixel right? So basically it’s a little piece of code that you’ll go through and you’ll put on your website And I’ll show you guys how to do that here in just a second as well And you’ll put that on your website and anytime someone pulls up your website It basically is this little of code that communicates back and forth with Facebook letting it Facebook know who visited your website Okay, so it’s pretty cool And then you can go through and that person becomes a part of a custom audience that you can go through and set up these Retargeting ads and go show your ads specifically to these people so you can see a hundred and sixty-three people have visited the websites that I have this demo pixel this demo stuff on that I can go through and create an ad targeting these 163 people okay, so pretty cool, but what we’re gonna do is gonna kill it click on default pixel right here and guys Facebook’s changing their their Facebook as manager the way it looks and all that stuff all the time But this is the most recent this is where an April now of 2018 so I just want to share with you guys the most recent most up-to-date everything of how it all looks So you can see all the stats right here of how many times like per day that it’s it’s firing.

That someone’s visiting your website but what we want to do to go through and Set up this Facebook retargeting pixel and using it on our actual website And I’m going to show you guys how to do it on our celeb catchy are lead generation software here that we’ve got now I’ll also show you guys how to do on click funnels because that’s another one that’s widely used by a lot of people just to make it simple and Honestly, it’s the same thing if you’re using WordPress Shopify Winx whatever it’s the same process and format, I’m just want to show you guys really quick. Okay, so we’re gonna do is we’re gonna click on setup over here and We should get these options right here use an integration or tag manager manually install the code yourself or email instructions to a developer now You’re probably like me okay, and you’re probably not tech know Technologically inclined you’re not very advanced with all that stuff, which I’m not either guys so you might think like oh? I’m gonna email choices to a developer.

Well you might not have a developer okay, and honestly the nice thing is Manually installing the code yourself is very easy Okay, all it is is copy and paste like you don’t even have to know what the code is what it means what it does You just copy and paste and that’s what I do, and so that’s what you can Do as well so we’re just gonna click on manually install the code yourself And then we’re just gonna skip over section number one and the number two look at this guys Copy the entire pics code and paste it in the website header, okay now I know about you guys, but I’m not very technologically advanced, but I can copy and paste pretty easily I’m pretty good that right, so I’m just gonna come down here as you hover over let’s see how it says copy code to clipboard you just click on this and guys all this stuff all this nonsense I Have no idea what it means and you probably have no idea what it means either all I know is that if I copy this And I paste it onto my website.

I know that it works and that it communicates back and forth with Facebook Okay, so that is all you really need to do, so I just click on this copy the clipboard now First show you guys how to do it inside of Arsenal? and then I’ll show you guys how to do inside of Clickfunnels here really quick so what we’re gonna do is gonna come in here to the website builder.

We’re gonna click on edit Okay, and if we come back here it says Paste the pixel code at the bottom of the header section just above the head tag Okay, now if you’re using WordPress Wix Shopify clickfunnels, Arsenal, whatever you’re using Pretty much you’re gonna have It’s gonna have a little custom box where you can just paste it into the head tag okay this head area So what we’re gonna. Do is come back over here And if we just go over here to this page level we can go down to Advanced and see this little box says header tracking code. This is exactly what it’s talking about Okay, so all we do is just paste it right there And then if we want to do it on the Thank You page. We let’s click on that we’ll click page Paste it right here on the header tracking code We’ll hit publish and it says website saved and publish and that’s it guys You are done now every single time somebody visited visits this landing page that you’ve created inside the Arsenal software Facebook’s gonna know they’re gonna go through and track it inside of their system And you’re all set ready to go now the same thing goes for click funnels over here, so if we come over here Let’s just pick a random funnel So we’re gonna come in here and sorry my Internet’s a little bit slow right now So let’s come down to let’s say this testimonials one.

Okay. Well. I want to go through I want to track everyone that visits this testimonial page, and you can go through There’s two ways to do it you can go through and do it page individually Or you can just do it once and it’ll apply to every single page in this funnel So I’m just gonna come up here to settings Okay And then inside the settings it’s gonna have a spot where you can see the header tracking code now I’ve already got my main Facebook pixel for my main website in here so you can see this right here I already copied and pasted that so if we want to do this new one We just paste it in there, and you are set you.

Just come down and hit I’m just gonna actually take that off because I’ve already got the pixel code in there then all you got to do is sit save and update settings and You are good. You’re done. You’re set you’re ready to go now one thing that you can do is this Facebook Pixel helper if you guys are using Google Chrome, which I highly recommend using google chrome Just in general using Facebook as manager using everything, but they have this little pixel And I’ll show you guys right here so Facebook pixel helper This is a chrome plug-in where you go say add to Chrome. You can see right here. It’s grayed out right now That’s because the Facebook pixel is not on this page right here now if you pull up.

Let’s say one of my websites right here You’ll be able to see right here. It says highlighted It says two or one it could say one or two that means that the Facebook pixel is Successfully installed so this Facebook pixel helper. This is a hundred percent free chrome plug-in You can say add to Chrome okay? And then you can use that to test and see if it’s working on your website on your landing pages on your blog on Whatever site you’re going through and using okay? So now that we’ve got this installed what we want to do is come back over here to the Facebook Ads manager And we want to create an audience, so we’re just gonna click on audience Okay, so audiences right here, and we’re going to recruit through and create an audience custom to people we have already visited our website Okay, so this is pretty cool.

So watch this we’re gonna come over here to create audience Will click custom audience right here, and then we’ll say hey We could do a customer file that means we could if we have a list of leads we can upload that information into Facebook But what we want to do to take advantage of the Facebook retarding pixel is to go through and click on website traffic right here And then we could say hey, I want all website visitors that means anyone wherever my pixels at Anyone, that’s that hits any page on my website in the past 30 days And I think you can go to Mac’s 180-day see that right there So you can go up to 180 days if we want to collect every one or you could say hey? I only want people who visit specific pages, okay? So you can go through and do like your blog right here put in the URL to your blog? So let’s just say I’ll just show you guys really quick right here So our Arsenal mkg our blog if we click on this and we say OK hey.

I only want people Where are we back here, so I only want people that have visited Something one of the pages on this URL so on our blog right so you go through it you can say or this landing page or that landing page, or this is specific blog post and You can go through and create these custom audiences or for this example. We’ll just say all website Bet visitors, and we’ll say demo all Website visitors to give it a name and also you can go through and include more in case you can dive in deeper say hey anyways visit all my Website pages or or you could say hey anyone who’s visit this specific web page Or you can even go through and say how much time they’ve spent on your website, which is pretty cool Looks like if you go through and create a blog post and if you want to know like you know did they read it or Not you can say hey someone who spent at least 30 seconds on my blog post on my website And see if they’re really searching around and no and so they’re not just like clicking on or clicking off or you can say hey I want everyone that’s visited my website, but I want to exclude Anyone who has visited this specific website or this specific page, okay, so if there’s like a page where it’s like I don’t want I don’t want these people to be included in this audience You can go through and do that as well and then once we go through and create the audience name We can create that audience, and then what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna drop down So we’re gonna say done for right now.

You see demo all website visitors Okay so it says populated right now and guys this is gonna it take sometimes a couple hours could take as much as Four hours to go through and populate it But that doesn’t mean that you can go through that doesn’t mean that you can’t go through and start creating your Facebook retargeting ads campaign Targeting these people specifically now Let me just go through I wasn’t gonna do this But I’ll just show you guys how to go through and target that that specific community with these Facebook retargeting ads So let’s go through and click click create And then we’ll say for this example just say traffic and guys I cover in that Facebook guys mini course I mentioned that I’ll give you guys if you’d give a thumbs up on this video and drop a comment below I cover all these different marketing objectives and when you want to use each one And how to go through and use them and all that in detail so for this one.

We’re just gonna say traffic demo campaign Continue, and then now what we can do is we can actually choose that specific Facebook audience right here We come down to custom audiences click right there, and then it will pop up we have our look like audiences Which I cover that all in that Facebook as mini course as well guys to drop a comment below give a thumbs up in this Video we’ll just come over here to custom audience you can see right here demo all website visitors, okay, so You can see it says less than 20 people, but that’s just because it’s still populating Okay so you don’t have to worry about that we can just click on this and as it populates Facebook will automatically update that so you don’t have to go through and worry about it and Because this is a custom audience We don’t have to worry about You know targeting the United States or age or men or women or language or anything else right here? We just target this specific audience And then we go through and we can choose where we want to place the ad Our budget that we want to spend each day and typically on retargeting ads we can spend a lot less money We can spend as much as like five dollars Or one two five dollars and go through and hit that specific audience, and I was just on It’s been a few weeks now actually, but I was on a call with our Facebook Ads rep And it was really cool because they were saying that for if you’re if you’ve got a custom audience and your retargeting that audience That Facebook will actually show your ad before any other advertisers because you basically own that data Okay, because it you’ve shown that hey this person’s already interacted with my brand So it’s gonna show your ad first and your ads are gonna be a lot cheaper, so it’s pretty cool And so you can actually spend a lot less money on the daily you can say maybe five bucks or even a dollar depending on the audience size Hit continue and go through finish up creating that ad and as I mentioned guys all the ad creation all that stuff I have inside of that Facebook Ads mini course I want to give to you guys if you just give it a thumbs up and you go drop and comment down below, so Anyway guys, hopefully that’s helpful with the whole Facebook retargeting pixel setting with your Facebook retargeting ads getting all that put together If you guys like this and you’re brand new to the channel my name is Jason Wardrop I launched new videos every single week helping you generate more leads make more money and grow your business so Hopefully you guys like this if you guys want that Facebook guys mini-course give it a thumbs up drop a comment below And I will see you guys all tomorrow

Facebook Retargeting Ads

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