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Hey there! My name is Wilco de Kreij. I’m the founder of UpViral and in this video, I want to give you a quick demonstration of UpViral so you know exactly what it can do for your business.  Now first of all, what is UpViral? It’s a referral platform that will help you get more leads and sales through word of mouth into your business.

Let me explain that. I’m guessing that right now you are probably already collecting leads somewhere in your business, right?  Normally people would enter the details like their name and email address and that’s about it,  right.

You have their details but with UpViral you can automatically incentivize all those people to invite all of their friends into your business as well amongst other things. That is in a nutshell what UpViral is.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to go on my screen to show you the platform and show you how it all works. So this is how it looks on the inside – as you can see there are multiple campaigns created and I’m just going to create a new campaign to demonstrate how you would actually set it up. In order to get people to take action such as inviting their friends over or joining your Facebook group for example we can leverage incentives, right. So for example we can add incentives like a coupon code or a downloadable file or any link to like a secured private file or anything else that we can use as an incentive where we can say like, “Hey, if you invite three of your friends you will get [this thing]” for example, right.

Or you can use UpViral to run a sweepstake where people can actually win a prize.

You can do that by adding a grand prize that you can say like, “Hey! The person who has invited most people…” or based on luck basically and obviously, you can combine these things as well.

You can either add multiple incentives and add a grand prize next to it for example. Next, you can decide what actions you’d like people to take. Do you want them to invite their friends? Do you want them to share on Facebook? Or do any of our custom actions such as for example, subscribe to your YouTube channel, for example.

  Once you’ve added these things into your campaign now it’s time to create your pages.  So you can run everything on UpViral, so you don’t need to have anything on your website which means that on UpViral you create your own lead page,  your opt-in page as well as a page where people can then start sharing and inviting their friends or you can simply embed everything into your existing website if you already have a website.  So let’s say for example I want to run everything on UpViral and then I can just add a template.  We have multiple templates right here that you can just select and you can just edit on the fly and once you’re done, hit save and then do the same thing for the social share page – that’s the page that people will see after they have opted in after they’ve entered their name and email address where you can get them to invite their friends over into your business.

Like for example,  this page which again, you can completely modify and customize based on your branding and needs.

  Once people start talking about your business you obviously want to be in control of what will be  shown on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Pinterest, and all these other platforms which is where  social appearance comes in. So this is where you can enter a title that people will see.  You can easily edit an image, you don’t have to be fancy or creative because everything can be done from within the platform.

You can just select the template that you’d like, make some changes as you see fit, and hit ‘publish’ and you’re good to go. And then once people start inviting their friends over, this is what will be shown on Facebook and all the other social platforms where your branding already starts.

And the great thing about UpViral is that we do everything from A to Z including email notifications. So as soon as someone enters their email address into your campaign you can automatically send them an email that is fully customizable using personalization tags. And all of these emails can be fully automated. For example when someone joins your campaign or when they invited one of their friends to motivate them to keep on sharing with more friends or for example when they unlocked one of your rewards so you can motivate them to unlock the next reward as well or if they win a price, for example.

All of that can easily be done from within UpViral.

  But obviously, you want to get those leads into your CRM or autoresponder as well which is why we’re integrating with over 50 different CRM’s and autoresponders to make sure that every time someone joins your viral campaign they’ll be added to your email newsletter immediately. And that covers the fundamental of UpViral but that’s only just the start because as I mentioned we cover everything from A to Z so you can go a lot more in-depth. For example,  you can add your own custom domain; add your tracking codes if you want to do retargeting from Facebook or Google, or any other platform. We have an API if you want to create your own integrations as well. It’s easy to geo-target and only allow people in certain geographical areas.

  We support tracking links so you can keep track of which marketing efforts work best.  And obviously, we’ve got in-depth reporting as well so you can see exactly what’s working inside your campaign and what’s not working.

You can see all the leads that have joined your campaign and each of them will have specifics as well so you can see exactly where they’re from and what actions they’ve taken, who they’ve actually invited, and much more. If you want to take it to the next level you can easily run the split test as well. All you need to do is create a second page and we will automatically start testing which one performs best so you get more leads into your business.

Now as you can see there’s a lot happening inside the dashboard but there’s a lot happening below the surface as well. For example, we’ve got a really advanced fraud detection engine to make sure people are not able to actually fraud or trick the system to refer themselves, for example, so you know you get quality leads into your business.

So I hope this quick video gave you a little bit of an insight into what it looks like on the inside. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us we’re here to help and we’re looking forward to helping you get started using your UpViral campaign and help your business get more word of mouth as well.

Talk to you soon.


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