Video Is The Hottest And Easiest Way To Market

Viral Video

viral videoViral Video Is The Hottest And Easiest Way To Market, If You Have The Right Tools! Too often, videos leave viewers hanging at the very end of the ‘clip’ and that are when they will ask what’s next and click on other ‘recommended’ videos to watch more of other videos. As a marketer you just lost a potential click to your website.

The viral video solution to this is to always leave your viewers a link inside the video (preferably at the end of the video) and on the descriptions’ section. This way, you give your viewers who are impressed by your video a place to go to learn more about your stuff. Make sure that the URL that you use in your video is short and simple and easy to type it out on the browser.

A good trick to use here is to actually encourage people to click on your link by offering a gift. Mention something like this “Go here now to get a free gift just for watching this video” and you can even encourage them to share your videos by giving away more gifts. This is a perfect way to get a lot more views to your video and more traffic to your site without any extra cost.

Generally, you do not want all kinds of traffic. It’s better to have less traffic, but instead you get targeted traffic. Getting prospects that will buy from you is very important, and it will also save you the time and effort invested in making the wrong videos for the wrong people.

Do put your attention on the comments’ section and monitor it closely should you allow people to comment on your viral video. Deal with all negative comments A.S.A.P and see if you can stop the negativity and turn it to your advantage. Never start a flame war or argue mindlessly with bad seeds. Instead see if you can reply in a calm and professional manner to show the rest of the crowd that you are mature and know what you are doing.

All these little viral video efforts are usually noticed by a lot of the people who lands on your video page, and you will generate a good credibility for yourself if you can churn out constant good videos, and act maturely in front of all your audience. So what are you waiting for? Let the good times roll and get your camera ready to shoot. You know what they say you are only one video away from getting famous.

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Viral Video

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