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– Robin Wait ladies and gentlemen. [applause] – I dropped this on Adam about two minutes ago, said Adam I probably can’t introduce myself so you should do it. Then he did a good job, I should hire that guy. [laughing] So I’m gonna talk to you today, about something called the magical marketing mystery machine. Who wants to know about the magical marketing mystery machine? Who would struggle to say the magical marketing mystery machine? A few people. So basically, what I’m gonna be covering is most people who know me, so I’m a business coach in the local area. I have a slightly disruptive way about how I go about coaching my clients. As you may have noticed, and no offence to anybody who is in a suit and has grey hair, but I’m a business coach in a tshirt. And I believe that coaching is all about having fun basically.

Creating success whilst building businesses whilst also having fun. So what I’m gonna be talking to you about today is my take on marketing, which is gonna be slightly disruptive. I’m gonna be throwing an awful lot of different ideas at you, and I’m hopefully going to change, not just one or two of your perceptions around marketing but all of your perceptions around marketing, and your approach to marketing. Does that sound pretty cool? But first, I want you to do something for me.

If you don’t do this for me I’m not gonna give you my talk. Okay, so stand up all of you. Now if you have got my book, take your shot and left a review you have my permission to sit down. [laughing] online. Okay, so if you have got my book and not yet left a review please put your hand up. Oh! That hurts, you guys can sit down too.

So, this is why I don’t really need to give myself much of an introduction. So there’s a few fantastic people here who don’t have my book yet. But what I want you to do if you want a copy of my book just go to that address, write it, you can sit down now. Write this address down tys promo and once you’ve filled in that little form just come and show me before the end of the day and I’ll give you a copy of my book. Okay and those of you who didn’t leave a review. Okay so that’s it, so what is marketing? So everybody’s perceptions of marketing. Marketing is about Facebook groups, it’s about twitter, it’s about your website, its about youtube, it’s about flier drops, it’s about email newsletters.

It’s about Facebook ads, it’s about networking events, its about Instagram. Who agrees with me, that’s what marketing is all about. Yeah? A few people nodding going yeah. Now you all know where this is going, most of you who know me, it’s all bullshit, it’s not true at all. So this is where the magical marketing mystery machine comes in. Magical marketing mystery machine looks a little bit like that, we don’t really know what it spits out but it’s got a funnel and we put stuff into it. So we chuck in mail chimp, youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, vlogging, twitter and our website. Facebook ads, we shove all of those into our magical marketing mystery machine basically into our funnel. And that creates customers right? Yeah, creates clients. Every time, all the time isn’t it? So we’ve got all this content out there and we’ve got clients, that’s marketing right? No, marketing is not any of those things.

Those are just tools that we use in marketing. Okay this is the first thing I want you to get your heads around. Those are just tools used in marketing. Process of marketing is actually very different. If you remember the hopper there, that nice shiny silver hopper there, actually the hopper for most businesses looks like that. Anybody know what that is? It’s a muck spreader, and it sprays marketing shit all over potential prospects. [laughing] so just a very quick marketing 101 for you. By the way I’m gonna make all of these slides available for you just for the people in the room today.

Not in the Facebook group. I’m gonna send a PDF out by the Eventbrite listings okay. So that you will get a copy of this. Basically marketing 101, identify your target market, makes sense, you all know that. Where do they hang out? So very simply we’ve gotta actually get a bit stalky and start to understand our clients really really well. Most people don’t take the time to go through these basic steps in their businesses. So, we just start producing content. And that’s it, they told us to do Facebook ads, and we just start doing Facebook ads.

We haven’t actually taken the time to work out who we’re targeting those Facebook ads at. We just chuck out a blog article we haven’t taken the time to do some research to work out who that blog article is actually aimed at. So we’re gonna slow the process down, and start to know our clients a bit better. We’re gonna go to them, and we’re gonna make it easy.

So we do need to know exactly where they hang out, because we need to be in front of them, and not just once or twice, who’s tried Facebook ads and it didn’t work? Yeah, who’s tried email marketing and it didn’t work? Yeah, who’s tried blogging and it didn’t work? Okay, the reason why it doesn’t work is because most of us try it once. And we’re actually we’re not experts in Facebook advertising, we’re not experts in email marketing, using mail chimp, not experts copy writers and bloggers.

We’ve got a couple in the room today hopefully. So what we’ve got to do as business owners is show up regularly enough and with the same consistent message and make sure that when our clients, our prospects are in the right mindset to buy our products that we are the one who appears front and centre foremost point in their minds. And we have to do that by not just doing the odd Facebook ad but learn how to do it well and do it consistently. Not just do one email marketing campaign and go oh it didn’t work for me. Because the likelihood is, I don’t know, maybe if you work with parents of school aged children, and worked for parents of school aged children, and you sent your email out at nine o’clock on a Tuesday morning during half turn. Had you sent it the same time next week they wouldn’t be on half turn they probably might be sat at their desk doing a bit of work. Okay, that’s how email marketing works, we’re consistent with it. Okay, so it’s really important consistency is the key.

These three numbers, I want you all to write them down, right now everybody. Seven eleven four. Stands for seven hours of engagement, plus eleven touch points, and four locations. So, most of us do our marketing based around these touch points. We’ll get a brochure and a website, social media platforms, youtube channel and different marketing channels set up. But the reality is nobody is gonna buy your products or services unless they’ve had seven hours of engagement with you. And it’s not me making these numbers up. Google did a study with all their gazillion bits of data. It’s now in a book called zero moments of truth. Okay, they said if we don’t engage prospects for seven hours, it’s unlikely we’re gonna get the as clients. So imagine you come to a networking event, a bit like strouthnet, and you’ve got a business card. And you talk to somebody for five or ten minutes this morning, and you exchange business cards.

Maybe you go and have a look at their website, if you can find it. And maybe browse their Linkedin. Well we’ve got four touchpoints there, but each of those steps like you’re talking business cards like 15 seconds if their a bit anal at just staring at it. You’ve got the five or ten minute conversation, maybe two and a half minutes is the average time of engagement people spend on websites these days. And then maybe if they scroll down your Linkedin profile probably may not see anything of interest in there. And I’ll explain to you why later on. But we’ve got nowhere near that seven hours worth of engagement. So, this is why I focus my marketing around things like speaking engagements, because I’m up here now and I’ve got captured your attention. You can’t, well you could walk away if you wanted to.

But I’ve got you for the next half an hour. If you take my book away and read it as most of you did, some of you didn’t leave reviews, not holding onto that, much. I do remember all of you though. [laughing] but you read the book, it’s about an hour and a half to read, two hours maybe if you’re a bit slow, and then you start to get into my YouTube channel. Maybe you’ll sit down and do a consultation with me. And I’m starting to check off, by the way no money has exchanged hands by this point. Okay except for the twenty five pounds you paid for the ticket strouthnet, but that’s for the networking side of it and the speakers, and for lunch and things like that. But we have to all be looking at how much engagement we’re building up with our prospects. And that will start to, if you start to introduce free gifts and things that you know, there’s another one in the goodie bags, a couple in the goodie bags actually from one Sarah Townsend, who’s produced a fantastic brochure, and we’ll talk a little bit more about that later on.

And also, the book which you see in there about lean content. And I suggest all of you sit down after today and read both of those because they are written two guides written by expert copy writers. Fantastic fantastic gifts that we’ve been able to arrange for you today. But those are really great examples of a gift to all of you, and you will now sit down and read them half an hour or an hour something like that. You’ll have a bit more trust and engagement. Now if you’re looking for copywriter, who you gonna turn to? Probably one of those two people I should think.

And we’re gonna get one for Debra as well for the next strouthnet. So how do we go about the engagement process? And this is actually what marketing really is okay? It’s not about the content and the tools we use and things like that. But its actually about the process of nurturing our prospects, and the journey we take them through. One thing is standing out outline, the second thing is like where we drop the ball as human beings and business owners. So we’ve got the content to start off with.

But then what we’ve got to do is transfer that, the content that we’re putting out there into conversations. Firs mistake people make is when a client or a prospect puts a hand up and they say I’m interested we ignore it. We do nothing with it. We go I don’t know what to do next, because we don’t have the marketing asset. We don’t have the brochure, or the lean content book, or to take your shot or something to give to our clients. Our prospects, okay. So what we’ve got to do when somebody says oh I really like that post you wrote about whatever it might’ve been. We say well that’s cool, if you wanna know more about that, I’ve got this free 42 page PDF guide, why don’t you go and read that? Or I’ve got this ten minute video, which’ll really help you through that challenge that you’ve got in your business or whatever it is. So, basically what it comes down to is like, most people have some form of intelligence, right? We hope.

When it comes to your products and services they literally have none. So you have to literally take them by the hand, and lead them on this journey through your products and service, and your customer journey. Next thing we actually want to get human element into it. So we take it offline okay. If any of you think that you can just do business online these days because the internet has made it easy it’s all bullshit. People buy from people, and it’s turning round full circle and it’s coming back to people want to sit down with other people and have face to face human contact. We are pack animals at the end of the day. And then finally, finally after the end of that seven hours worth of engagement, plus those eleven touch points, across multiple different locations, we’ve earned the right to be able to ask for some money in exchange for products or services.

That happens at the end. And what that does is it builds loyal customers. Second set of numbers, and I want you to write these numbers down please. Seventy ten two. This is a second set of numbers that came out of zero moments of truth. Most business owners focus on this number down at the bottom, our kpi’s key performance indicators in our business are based on turn over and sales, profit. Who aggress that those are the right kpi’s? A few of you are a bit mmm, okay. The reason why they’re the wrong kpi’s is because by the time most people get to review those kpi’s. The horse has bolted. We’re doing an annual review and we have no way of influencing that number up or down okay? Whereas actually on a monthly basis, if we look at the number of leads that we’re pulling in, so these are, these are lead indicators, that’s a lag indicator. If we’re measuring the leads, and we get I don’t know, six months through the year, and that number is only ten, it’s unlikely we’re gonna hit our kpi.

So we need to start measuring our leads. Has that changed anybody’s perceptions about the volume of activity which they’re doing in their business right now from a marketing perspective? There’s a couple, a few people, yeah there’s a few people starting to nod. So it’s really important that we measure these numbers. Now, I don’t want any excuses. I don’t want people to turn around and say I’m not a numbers person.

Again, that’s bullshit, you cannot own a small business these days and not know at least enough about the numbers in your business, marketing, sales activities, things that work for your business, how the accounts and the bookkeeping work to at least be able to tell somebody else how to do it. You’re doing yourself a disserve if you don’t understand even a little bit about these things. You cannot use excuses like I’m not into numbers. It doesn’t fly with me, that’s not a business owner. I know my numbers. So in 2017 I collected 815 business cards from various speaking gigs I went to. I book 125 consultations and I got 40 clients. 15 of those were in my group programme, I had five ad hoc clients, eight breakthrough clients, and six clients came in and left my programme.

Which means I have an attrition rate of 12%. So I now that on a weekly basis if I sit one consultation a week, my business just stays where it is. If I sit two a week my business grows. Very simple metric all I’ve got to do is fill up those consultations. Is this changing anybody’s approach to how they might deal with marketing now? Yeah and how we might measure it, good.

So, this where it’s gonna get really interesting. So what sort of things do we actually want to be writing about? Because quite frankly, I know this is my anti like lifting everybody up speech. But quite frankly most of the content I see on Linkedin and blogs and things like that on YouTube is just dull. How many of us read a headline and go, yawn, not another one of those, in fact of ’em don’t even have a headline, you know, and they expect you just to read this thing. And then you’re kinda like, you’re left even if you do read it, because maybe it’s one of your associates or contacts, and you’re just left feeling a little bit flat. So, we’ve got to find some really cool and interesting stuff to, so I’m gonna show you some tools now. Tend to steer away from tactical stuff, but I’m gonna give you lots of tactical stuff today. Practical stuff you can do right now, starting today that’s gonna change the way you market, to your prospects. So the first tool I want you to look at, is one called on to the public.

So on the the public takes search terms, so there’s a little search box just down at the bottom here. Takes search terms, like business coach, and then it starts to tell you about what your prospects are actually searching for on google and bing. So most of us think we know our clients, we don’t stop and do the research to work out exactly what it is that they’re searching for. So, people are searching for, well this one’s obvious. Who’s is the best business coach in the world? Where to find a business coach, what can a business coach do for you? How much does a business coach cost? Why do you need a business coach.

So this is what people are actually searching for. They wanna know extra information about a business coach before they make their buying decision. Okay so this is a great opportunity just to get to know your audience. Where it got really interesting for me for business coach is, who here struggles to niche? Does anybody struggle with that, they don’t really know what their niche is? Well this gave me about twenty. So business coach, and massage therapist, tradesman, interior designers, accountants, online business, small businesses, et cetera et cetera. So this is in one simple search, took me about 20 scends. I got a whole host of information about what people searching for online. And all of you can get access, you know this is a free tool at the moment.

So use onto the public, write down onto the public. One of the other things about, sort of what content you actually need to be putting out is, who’s familiar with the term sell them what they need not what they want? Yeah, again, bullshit. We market, basically we tell people about the awesome outcome we’re gonna deliver right from the off. So mine is if you work with me, my intensive coaching programme I’ll double your turnover in six months. Now some of you will be thinking they’re not sure about that, but I’ve got things to back that up. I’ve got plenty of clients in the room for example. But most of us are afraid to really kinda big ourselves up. And like shout about the really great stuff that we do. And one of the key things I try and get my clients to a place is that we have that much confidence in products or services we sell that you can offer 100% money back guarantee in it, without worrying about it, because you’re that confident you can deliver that outcome.

So we start to talk about it, and we start to use that message in our marketing. We don’t make false promises. We don’t lie about stuff, we tell people what we can do. And you’re all good business owners. You run great businesses. So tell people about it, so important. So we market to what people want. We sell them what they want. So we give them a bit more clarity and a bit more confidence that we can deliver that awesome outcome, it’s simple isn’t it? The mistake that most people make, and look at this, when you look into it look at Linkedin next. And you’re looking at people’s posts and what not. You’ll see that most people go straight to feature selling. Now I could sit here and tell you that my coaching programme requires you to meet me once a month for two hours, that there’s a Facebook for accountability and this that and the other, but the reality is actually none of you are interested in that. Because you’re all sat there thinking what’s in it for me? All of your prospects are all sat there when you speak to them, thinking what’s in it for me? And for most of them their biggest problem is going to be time and money in some way shape or form.

Make that problem go away, take that pain away okay? So we need to be talking about that as an outcome. We need to sell them clarity and confidence around that and then finally, finally we deliver the features. We deliver what they actually need okay. Plus the awesome outcome. Basically tell ’em what you’re gonna do, up your turnover, do it and then tell ’em what you did. And that should be obvious. In fact you shouldn’t even need to tell ’em what you did. Is this all making sense. – [Audience Member] Yeah! – Okay. So, the next thing is, how do you go about writing engaging content. There’s a very simple principle in copy writing which two or three copy writers in the room will know about, the aida. The aida principle, so make a note of this. The first one is to grab somebody’s attention. Okay, when I talked about the magical marketing mystery machine everybody’s kind of interested in that, and you’re like all I’ve got to do is get you hooked in to listen to the next sentence that comes out of my mouth at that point, okay and as long as I’m relatively interesting you’ll stick with me.

So, first we gotta grab their attention. And by, think about, there’s a picture of a drill up there. This is very much like the typical like why do people go in to buy a drill. Yeah it’s not to drill a hole, it’s not even to put a screw into the wall, it’s probably to put a picture or something like that up there, and actually it’s not even about the picture, it’s about the content in the picture, and the emotion that picture draws out the person looking at it.

Not about the drill. See how far I took that then? Most people in marketing don’t even get that far, okay. So we’ve got to think about the benefit behind the benefit in your business, for your prospects. Not just the first thing, not just the I’m gonna save you time, I’m gonna save you money, but what is that actually gonna mean to you? I’ve worked with a client who I took them from a thousand pound a month to four thousand pound a month in twelve months, okay. It’s not about the money. The simple fact is that what that meant with a boyfriend girlfriend and their two children that they can actually then rent accommodation, they could actually start to put aside a significant amount of money for a deposit on the house. So it’s not about the business. It’s not about the money, it’s about the house. That’s the benefit behind the benefit for them. So, whenever you start to think about your prospects go deep, keep on digging okay. Another thing about writing content, the headlines, the attention grabbing pieces. Well there are some fantastic tools which I found out there, to just kinda help you along the way.

Now most people will say you know when you see posts which are like top then tips for email marketing you will go, oh not another one of those posts, and some of you will. But the reality is that person’s actually thought about who that target market is and the fact that if you don’t read that you probably haven’t got a problem with email marketing. So if you’re sat there thinking oh not another one of those posts its not because of the headline its because you’re not interested in email marketing okay.

This is a great tool portent idea generator basically. And what it does, it’s made up typically with four parts, you can put a search term in there. You can keep on hitting refresh, and it’ll come up with some really cool like articles for you. So, this one came up, how to build an empire with a business coach. Seventeen bs facts about web design that everyone thinks are true. Now who’s gonna read that article? Yeah a few of you are gonna read that.

Sixteen secrets about pigeons the government is hiding. [laughing] who’s gonna read that even if you’re not interested in pigeons? So this comes up with some really great stuff, and the idea is it doesn’t have to be the sixteen secrets. You just get the structure of the headline right. Something that’s catchy and amusing like that, I don’t know, probably I can put that at the start of a thing about business coaching but the problem is then it’s not related to pigeons. Coaching pigeons, sounds weird. Unbelievable shiatsu success stories, thinking of you when I wrote that one. So, you know you can get some, it’s just about having a few power words in there. Unbelievable like it catches the imagination, you’re like oh I’ve got an unbelievable gosh, what were the other ones? Sixteen secrets the government is hiding, it’s quite powerful bold statement.

Seventeen bs facts that everyone thinks are true, you can see the positivity, that ones a bit negative, but you can see the positivity in the headlines here that grab people’s attention. Another tool which I found its called title hyper this one is brilliant, I kid you not, it gives you 700 headlines in one click, it’s obscene. And I put in get more leads. So get more lead strategies for beginners. Three mistakes in getting more leads that make you look dumb, quickest and easiest ways to get more leads. Of those three titles, how many of you would’ve read one of those if I’d written it? Yeah a few of you.

So, and there’s seven hundred of those. You can just knock yourself out. And that is blog content until you die. It’s just brilliant. Also, how many people use stock photos. Come on fess up. Right, no more of those bland stock photos, where people are like in suits and their blue and they’re shaking hands right. Let’s try and get a bit more creative about the imagery which we use. Because again, the imagine and headline are what’s going to pull people into that.

So this again, there’s loads of silly little tools like this. You know break your own news. You just punch in a headline in the ticker and you end up with a fantastic graphic that you can use in social media. Again, a lot of you, probably looking at this you’re going well would I be drawn in by that, well yeah, probably if you know me. Like oh what’s he been up to now. – [Distant Audience Member] What website was that? – That is, it’s break your own news.

Again, if you over use it, now I can see there’s gonna be fifty posts this afternoon. [laughing] But again, if you over use it then people will get probably a bit bored, you’ve go to mix it up a little bit. There’s some cool stuff hat you can do on Instagram as well now, rather than just posting up single images. I’ve seen a lot of people chopping up images into four blocks, and then as the Instagram tiles get laid up then you can make up a full picture with it, it’s like, it’s crazy.

And even little things like that, especially if you’ve got a brand which really kinda pops out can really make kind of your Instagram feed quite interesting. So, the next stage is interest. The headline’s great. But if you can’t write for toffee, somebody’ll read the first sentence or two and they’re just gonna get bored and they’re gonna disappear. So what we’ve gotta do is we’ve gotta get to a point where each sentence is leading the reader into the next sentence, and the next sentence and the next sentence. The purpose of every sentence, get them to read the next one. So, I had a challenge in my group that’s called the fearless post, and where it came from was I got this cold email from somebody and I don’t normally get too riled but this one got me particularly angry.

I replied to it and I gave the guy ten tips on what he shoulda done because it was, well basically here’s the tips basically. So I wrote this as a Linkedin post. Top then email marketing tips headline. Who’d be interested in that? Yeah a few of you, you’d read it. Don’t address the email personally to the recipient. Show people that you’ve used the blog to gather content on the web. Use the words me, I, and us as much as you can. Offer absolutely no value, and I mean no value. Use really poor grammar. Remember people will buy your shit just because you send them a totally cold email, that’s a good one.

Don’t include link to anything not even your website, just in case they get distracted and don’t buy from you. Definitely don’t include any type, you get the picture anyway. So I was kinda taken the piss out of this email. But with a hey here’s my top ten tips and then, the idea being that I want people to react to each one of those. I take questions at the end if that’s okay. So, the idea being that I want people to have some kind of an emotional reaction to that, even if it’s mmm I did that in my last email marketing campaign.

Turned out this guy was actually a 21 year old YouTuber who was earning eighty grand a year through YouTube. And my gut, I listened to my guy and actually when I got his cold email I could see the naivete in the email which he sent to me and actually we chatted a couple times and he’s actually a really awesome kid. Driving a rang rover that I want. [laughing] which brings me onto desire. Funny enough. So again the desire is all about heaven if you do, hell if you don’t. So if you don’t buy my product this is what’s gonna happen. So quick example this basically I did a talk in front of eighty, a hundred and twenty business students and went through three steps of market research with them. First one was, like what’s the idea, does anybody think it’s a good idea, and it said a product you pop in your mouth that helps you connects to your smartphone and tells you how clean your teeth are, when you finish brushing your teeth.

Cool idea and a few people like that. Second one was attaching monetary value to it. And we did a dutch auction and we ended up with about twenty people who’d pay fifty pounds for this thing. But then I said right, step number three and this is the heaven if you do, hell if you don’t. If you don’t buy my products, one of your teth is gonna fall out in the next thirty days. How much will you pay for it now? Okay we had ten people who’d pay two grand for it. Heaven if you do hell if you don’t. That’s about building desire.

I’ve got to have this product, got to have this range rover. And then finally we got to get people to take an action. Again you get to the bottom of the page and like oh great headline, engaged, oh gosh I really want, what do I do next? I’ll leave a comment or I’ll share. And for most people there’ll be a comment or share or a like, and we will do absolutely nothing with it. Okay, so you’ve got to give somebody a very specific action to do at the end of it. Could be a limited time offer, or download my pdf and my lead magnet, or go and watch this video. Or here’s a small short form I want you to fill out and I’ll give you a bit of a diagnostic. So it could be any number of different things. I’m gonna come back to aida later, because there’s an exercise I want to do before the break. How do I remember to do it? I use todoist. Todoist sends me an email every single morning, with a list of the stuff I’ve got to do.

Karen is also part of the secret sauce behind the systems and optimization of my business. And basically then what I do is I put in things like post to Linkedin daily. Now I’ve got my aida formula. I don’t need to have like content like programmed in. That’s just spouting out like dull and boring and vanilla. All I’ve got to do is remember to post in Linkedin using the aida formula and I can write great engaging content. I do it when I’m feeling inspired, and when I feel like I can inspire you guys. Don’t use automation systems please. If it’s like for events then fair enough, because there’s a time limit coming up, and it’s easier to programme that stuff.

But if you want to engage people properly write content specifically for them, to have a specific outcome and purpose. Like I said the slides are all gonna be online later. So, how do I systematise it? I get Karen in. There’s, so basically some of you have worked with me you fill out my type form first, and then it uses zapia to then squirt the data into insghtly which is insightly’s a crm. So remember marketing is about the followup sequence. Right, the customer journey, it’s not about checking content out okay.

So, these tools, type form zapier and insightly are the first steps in my engagement process. Fill out my assessment, it creates a contact and organisation and an opportunity in insightly automatically. And it allows you to mail chimp with a double opt in gdpr compliant. I know you love that. [laughing] So I’ve automated all of those processes. What it also does is it puts in six tasks into insightly to remind me to follow up with those people. So I can’t drop balls. And I can give you a really great example of how this worked for me recently.

I had three people who’d filled out my assessment and so they were in as opportunities, but hadn’t booked their consultation. Now before, and how many of you will have dropped the ball at this point? Before I’d have dropped the ball. How many of you would’ve dropped that same ball? You would’ve forgotten about maybe you’d have touched base, oh I meant to send you that thing, oh you didn’t book, oh yeah we’ll make excuses. But I actually emailed them, the three of them it’s ten thirty in the evening. By the morning when I woke up I had two books on and the third one since booked on. So, these are all ways of increasing our conversion rates. Marketing is about the whole customer journey. Increasing our conversion rates. The customer journey to the sale.

Not about the content we put out. So, one more thing, and then I’ve got an exercise for you to do. And I know we’re gonna run over probably by five minutes so apologies. But this is really really important. In fact I’m gonna skip straight, so I’m not gonna, who wants to know about the martin minibus? Yeah okay. Kinda teased you with it, see what I did there? Built a bit of desire.

Oh I might, or I might not, no I’m not gonna tell you. No I’m gonna tell you. So, who’s got products or services that ware worth about 5k? Okay, so Ian we’ll stick with you. So, how much about five k yes ten k. – [Male Audience Member] Yeah 5. – So we’ll stick with ten k. Now I didn’t drive here in my Passat that I wish was a range rover, I actually drove here in that really funky looking minibus. I’ve got ten of your perfect clients out in my minibus. They’ve all got black satchels full of cash. And I’m gonna go and get them from my minibus, bring them in here, and they’re gonna empty their cash all over the floor, you’ve just got to give me some money. How much you gonna give me? That’s ten clients ten grand each. I want you all to think about this. What would your answer be? – [Male Audience Member] Three grand? [laughing] – Oh you stingy man! Oh goodness, twenty okay I’m working with John, would anybody give me more, is this gonna become a, 25, okay how much? Perfect, well actually my normal figure is about 15% Ian just so you know.

But no, how many of you spending 15% of your turnover on marketing activities at the moment? Yeah a few hands shot up. So I believe that once you, I haven’t got into the marketing mix today but once you’ve found the two or three things that really work in terms of from a marketing perspective for you, for your business, and it’ll be different for everybody that’s why I haven’t done the marketing mix today because it isn’t for everybody. You should be turning up the volume on your spend and marketing, on those two or three activities that get you the clients regularly and often. Okay, most people are afraid right, to spend money on marketing because we don’t have the minibus, we don’t have the guaranteed outcome at the end of it.

But if we know that there’s some things that is a bit of a guessing game. If there’s something which we know engages our prospects and raises the chances, the odds of us getting those clients we just gotta turn the volume up on it, be just bite the bullet basically. Now, the reason why the next activity, by the way questions we do is like a it’ll be an open Q and A with both Adam and I at the very end. So about quarter to twelve.

I got one extra activity which I wanted to share with you. I did this whilst I was out in Cyprus mastermind about three weeks ago. And I was on a mastermind with ten butch blokes, like all fitness professionals and me. And this activity made all of us cry like into gibbering blubbery messes, so I’m giving you a bit of a warning. If you don’t want to partake that’s absolutely fine. But this will change I hope. It will not create a personal improvement for you, but from a marketing perspective it will also get you to rethink the content you’re putting out okay.

So what I want you to do, whoever wants to play the game, and get stuck in, I want you to spend just three or four minutes think of the first person that you love and write them a letter. This is the power of words, aptly named from your book. But I’m gonna demonstrate it. Somebody you love, just write them a letter, just first thing that comes to your mind, don’t even think about it. Just write it down on a bit of paper. Just scribble, scribble start writing some sentences down. Could be partner, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, dead relative, whatever doesn’t matter, just write the letter down. What I’d also encourage you to do is this letter actually is to get a really nice piece of paper at some point and actually if you haven’t finished it now don’t you can finish it later.

But actually, write it down to the person that you wrote it to and if you can give it to them, really important. – [Male Audience Member] State their name I guess? Well yeah there is that. So here’s my letter. I was gonna read it to you but I thought I might struggle. [laughing] In fact I’m gonna read it to you because it’s about the words. Dear Sophie, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

Three weeks before you were born i contemplated taking my life. When I looked at where I was and where I wanted to be I felt like a complete failure. Your mother was pissed off with me, my staff were pissed off with me, I wasn’t being a great Daddy to Poppy, and most of all I hated myself. So when I stood in front of the train line trying to work it all out I thought of you. You weren’t even here yet, three weeks to go. And I knew that I had one more shot to prove to you how great I really was. So here I am. Daddy. [applause] so please I beg of you, think about the content you’re writing down. No more of this bland like vanilla bullshit. Let’s entertain some people, write some really good stuff. Write some decent content okay. Your business is great, like shout about them please.

Thank you. [applause] Let’s take a break! [laughing].

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