Why Easy Blog Networks Are Used Less For SEO

Easy Blog Networks

Why Easy Blog Networks Are Used Less For SEOOK so you’re probably thinking this is something way back in internet website marketing time-line So the big biggest question still is – Does Easy Blog Networks still work in 2020? Will they increase your website’s rankings, and do private blog networks actually still work for SEO? Well, in this video, I’m gonna teach you exactly why I wouldn’t touch Easy Blog Networks with a 10-foot barge pole, and why you shouldn’t either. Plus, I reveal some of my top tips for avoiding these nasty Blackhat link building techniques, and I’m gonna show you some alternatives to Easy Blog Networks so that you can still boost your website’s rankings without doing it within Blackhat and risking it for a biscuit, So let’s just jump straight in. By the way, if you don’t know what is essential, a way of getting quick backlinks to your site, so you buy a bunch of expired domains, you link them to the website you wanna rank, and then, you drive more authority, boosting your website’s rankings as a result, in theory, but it’s all smoke and mirrors, as you’re about to discover, so the biggest problem with is the fact that they’re just a Google penalty waiting to happen because with Easy Blog Networks, you’re essentially manipulating Google’s algorithm, cheating the system, and artificially boosting your rankings,

So you’re getting links to your content not because it’s genuinely valuable, but because you wanna cheat the system, and this is a real problem because it can really damage the quality of Google’s rankings, and if they serve content that’s not that valuable, it doesn’t help the user, then, the user’s not gonna stick around, and it could cost Google a lot of money in the long run, and that’s exactly why Easy Blog Networks is against Google’s webmaster guidelines, so if you get caught, you could receive a manual actions penalty, and get put in the naughty corner, which means that your rankings, your traffic, and the overall value of your website could get destroyed overnight, which is savage because it could take months, or even years to get your rankings back, so building a website is like building a house, and if you build your home out of Play-Doh, it’s just a matter of time before things get messy.

Now, you might think if you use Easy Blog Networks, Google will never catch you, in the same way, that if someone robs a bank, they don’t expect to get arrested the next day, but the truth is, it’s so easy to tell an Easy Blog Networks, so usually, they have no traffic, they have terrible content, and they have a very spammy backlink profile, and the truth is, if they link to you, they’ll probably link to anyone, right? So that means casinos, (mumbles) websites, porn websites, and all the other drags of the internet, so it’s very easy to tell if you’re using an Easy Blog Networks, and that means it’s just a matter of time before you get caught using them, but now, some people, not you watching this, of course, but some people might look at link building and say, I don’t know how to do it.

It’s too hard. I can’t build links without Easy Blog Networks, but the truth is, when we have so many link building alternatives, we have no excuses, okay? So this is skyscraper technique, it’s guest blogging, it’s audio link building, it’s HARO, and these are all powerful ways to build links to your site without running the gauntlet, and hoping your website won’t rank overnight, and if you need more tips on this, your boy Julian Goldie’s gonna help you out, so subscribe to this channel, and check out the mobile link building tutorials, too, because they’re gonna help you a lot.

Why Easy Blog Networks Are Used Less For SEO
Now, you might be surprised by this, but actually, Easy Blog Networks are not cheap. In fact, they can get very expensive when you’re building them out, so you’ve gotta pay for the expired domain, pay for hosting costs, hire a team to build out the website, pay for content on the site, and this can really add up. In fact, it can get quite expensive. So it blows my mind that someone would pay for this risk, and the truth is, using Easy Blog Networks is like smoking in 2020. It’s toxic, it’s expensive, and to be honest, if someone does it in front of me, it pisses me off. One of the worst things about Easy Blog Networks is the fact that it’s all about short-term gratification because people use them, I find, in the easy way to build links to the site, rather than focusing on how to protect their website long-term, and it’s taking the path of least resistance, so this is such a bad mindset for your business because if you take the short-term gratification, and you don’t worry about the future, then, the long-term consequences on your business could be really severe, and you’re not even thinking about them, so it’s like corona right now, for example, right? I could run down to 7-Eleven, binge on Oreos, sweets, and crisps, and everything like that, and pummel my immune system, or I could make the salad, level up my health, feel better, and fight off infections, and that will help me a lot more in the long run, so it’s all about your mindset here, and the other thing is, as well, that nothing worth doing comes easy, and that’s especially true of link building, so with Whitehat link building, yeah, it requires a little bit of elbow grease.

It’s a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes, but it’s 100% worth it. Plus, if you ever go to sell your website, the sales value of your website is gonna be destroyed if you’ve been using Easy Blog Networks, and so, nobody wants to invest in a website that’s built on Easy Blog Networks in the same way that I don’t wanna buy a fireplace that’s made out of chocolate, so how can you avoid going to the dark side, and using Easy Blog Networks because I know that if you’re new to this, it may seem really difficult to find out, right, what’s an Easy Blog Networks, and what websites I genuinely wanna link from, and this is a big problem, actually, because you don’t just go on a website, and it has a big sign that says Easy Blog Networks, don’t get a link from us.

These Easy Blog Networks websites are sometimes well hidden, so here are a few tips to avoid going to the dark side, and the first thing I’d say is, look at the website’s organic traffic because first of all, if it doesn’t get any organic traffic, then Google doesn’t like it, and also, it’s probably an Easy Blog Networks because if it has the authority and it’s not getting organic traffic, there’s something wrong there. Also, look at the look and feel of the website. So, does it feel like a website a human would genuinely read, or is it just there for link building purposes? And also, look at the content, so is it well-written, does it have a decent word count, does it include loads of grammar mistakes, and does it seem really dodgy, or does it look like a blog that’s well-written, and has a lot of thought put into it? Also, check out who are they linking to because if they’re linking to loads of random websites or loads of spammy websites, then, that’s not a good sign, and they’ve probably got a really poor backlink profile, and then, finally, if you wanna check out the history of a website, which I’d recommend doing because Easy Blog Networks are essentially expired domains, so you can use a tool like Way Back Machine, and this will help you decide, okay, is the website spammy? Do I wanna link from here? Was it dodgy before? And these are all the factors you can use to check if the website’s worth getting a link from.

So now, you know that Easy Blog Networks aren’t really worth the risk. You’d be crazy to use them, and they don’t really help you when it comes to SEO, so if you enjoyed this video, please smash a like on it because when you like it, (mumbles) blesses me, and that means, my video will be shown in front of more people, and I can help more people from my channel, but if you don’t wanna like it for me, do it for this cute puppy sitting in a teacup right here. Thanks for watching…

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