Why I’m Embedding This Youtube Video

Why I'm Embedding This Youtube VideoSo in this video tutorial, I’m going to show you how to embed a video about how to embed a video. Let’s say you find something of educational value on YouTube. You can do the same thing with Ted Talks. A lot of video-hosting sites provide the embed code where you can actually just grab some code, a little snippet of code copy and paste it, bring it over to your course and you can drop it right in there. You don’t have to download the actual video and then upload the actual video to your Moodle course You can just.

You’re sort of reaching across the Interweb and you are playing the video right within your course I’m going to search for something that I’m looking for. Let’s say I’m looking for a video on the Moodle grade book. This one sounds good to me.

Let’s say I’ve looked at it, the Moodle 2.0 grade book part one. I’m going to stop playing it right there. This is the video I want to use within my course. The first thing I’m going to look for is.

Down there should be a share button and it says Share or embeds this video Whether I want to go to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, email, embed or this is the link to the video itself I don’t want to just provide the link, I want the video to play right within my course Right here I’m looking for the “embed” button when I click on that, down below a snippet of code appears and it tells you how wide the video is going to play and how high it is going to be I’m just going to copy that and return to my course I’m working within the course you guys are all part of I’m going to scroll down to week number six Here it is…  Click on the link below when it opens up you get to see – My must use tools


You have to know where you want to embed the video on the page.

As I scroll down, I’m looking for a place within this page to embed the video Right in here… I’m going to drop the copied code, right after the “P” tag I’m going to then paste the code for that YouTube video There it is right there, that’s the piece of code I had copied from YouTube I’ll update that, scroll to the bottom and click save and display And if I’ve done all this right, you should see the Moodle grade book video from YouTube And it’s available right from within my Moodle course

So you just started your new youtube network and wish to obtain customers you wish to obtain eyes on your videos we’re going to discuss some strategies of how to do that below on the journey all right so your entrepreneur that’s lastly determined to start purchasing youtube

All of us know video is just a powerhouse right most definitely concerning 33% of all on the internet activity is invested in viewing video clips I understand I enjoy a whole lot do you I enjoy it generally an entire day specifically also in the united state. An estimated 85% of all our target markets get on the web enjoying videos however obviously, if you’re seeing this you currently recognized that right so we’re not going to offer you the advantage of video rather we’re going to talk via different techniques to boost your youtube subscribers

Exactly how to obtain clients on youtube quickly you wish to make certain you have a channel so you wish to first, naturally, create your channel consider concentrating on something one-of-a-kind as well as an appealing experience production, for example, an icon that’s recognizable distinct, and also identifiable yeah absolutely and within your channel there’s an area to produce a trailer now this trailer is commonly 30 to 60 seconds that will basically tell your prospective customers even existing clients what it is that you do as well as what you stand for

So when developing your trailer we recommend basically developing a little bit of a highlight reel of all your ideal web content since this is usually what people are going to see initially when they concern your channel currently

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