Why Why When Marketers Should Adhere To

Guest Blogging

Why Why When Marketers Should Adhere ToOver the years, blog posts are still gaining popularity through the various discussions and topics that are published. For a savvy marketer, this is an opportunity to shine and be identified as an authority in the area. Search engines have been changing algorithms so that updates are now important meaning that staying within what is new is a must if you want a good ranking in SERPs. It should therefore be a priority to write in a meaningful way so that your audience can find value in whatever you want to communicate.

Small business enterprises and bloggers find it a great advantage to have other people come and write about things within their niche. This is a welcome move because it allowed others to give their opinion regarding different things. This led to more discussions as well as shares. This is how guest posts were born.

What it is

This is writing blog posts or articles for websites other than yours. There are so many websites that need original and authentic materials on some topics that are most relevant to their site and this allows a lot of mutual benefits. Such sites allow the author to add a kink within their bio to ensure that the writers are authentic. The guest blogger can also take advantage of traffic within the guest site.

The Benefits

Guest blogging offers a lot of benefits and it could be the key to your success in business. It is always important to write about topics that come to you naturally, which makes people relate to you easily. Blogs can be inventive and informative adding value to the audience.

Guest blogging is one of the things you should consider doing. There are many benefits associated with this.


A guest blog allows marketers to show their authority within an area of expertise. If a site publishes something that you wrote, they essentially recognize you as an authority in that area. It shows that they do trust the information that you share. When you get the chance to write about something that you specialize in, you can build your credibility and the audience will view you as someone who can provide even more information in the future.


Guest blogging gives you a platform where you can start your brand. This increases exposure to a great extent. It is important to find a site that has content, which is very similar to the business you are in and then request to add a blog. The published post will be able to see and read about what you wrote. It does not matter where a guest post is placed; it always gives you the opportunity to write what you already know.

Google Authorship

When you guest blog, it becomes so much easier to attain the authorship of Google. Google will know exactly who you are. By using Google, your name can appear next to your photo you the search results. Google authorship is very helpful in rank improvement and improving the click through rates.

Improve Writing Skills

When you guest blog, you are essentially putting ideas into writing. If a site happens to publish the post, it means that you have already started building a portfolio. Some of the readers may actually inspire you with their comments.

New Leads

When visitors get to see the blog post, they have the potential to become leads for the business or brand. Writing a guest blog means that you are widening your network and may get new leads. It is possible that some of the visitors will be impressed by what you write. This will in turn make them want to know more about your brand. You get the chance to reach new contacts within the industry that you operate and build strong relationships.

Web Site Traffic

Why Why When Marketers Should Adhere To

This is a very important aspect when it comes to guest blogging. Traffic translates into leads and conversions, especially when your site has good content. When you are writing a guest post, it is important for you to request that a link to the website be added. Such a link can get you valuable traffic, especially after people read the post. When you notice more traffic, it means that people are interested in what you have to offer.

Social Networking

In the present day, it is important to link content so that you can be a part of an inner circle. Usually, when you write for a site, your post may be shared widely and discussed by the readers on different social forums and sites. As such, the writer can follow the discussions and comments and gain even more insight about what they should add and what is unnecessary.


The blogging community often frowns on the idea of making money only. However, it is a benefit to the writer if they are paid for the authentic guest posts that they write, whether indirectly or directly. The guest blogs should be of mutual benefit because let us face it, hosting a site will cost you money. When you are running an eCommerce blog, it does not make any sense not to earn something in the process. If you make money as a guest blogger, it means that you will have an income that can then help you run the site that you host.

According to the above post, you can see clearly how important guest blogging is to both the writer and the blogging site. It does not matter what you are trying to achieve. Everyone has different targets. You may be in need of recognition for the expertise in you.

You may also be trying to sell your brand so that you can build your business to greater heights. You should start by sending an email to the site of your choice asking to contribute to blog posts or articles. In return, you may get a monetary compensation. There are also those who opt to have a link that directs traffic back to the website that they host. This in a way makes the readers associate what they read with you and your brand.

Guest Blogging

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