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YouTube Ranking Today , we’re talking YouTube thumbnail performance and how you can easily boost your YouTube ranking, including how to access advanced, click-through rate data for all your videos and translate that into getting more views on YouTube. ( mid-tempo, music, ), Hey it’s Justin Brown here from Primal Video, where we help you leverage video to amplify your business and brand. If you’re new here make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything we mention in this video, you can find linked in the description box below, Let’s jump into it. Whether you realize this or not your YouTube. Thumbnails are a critical element of YouTube, ranking and video. Optimization

Every time your video is shown in search results or in a viewer’s suggested, feed YouTube is tracking that as an impression Every time a video gets clicked. That’s tracked as a click. The ratio of total clicks that your video gets versus the total number of times that your video is shown is called your click-through rate. It’s a great indicator that YouTube can easily use to compare your videos to all the other ones that are displaying alongside it. Why is this important Really quickly if your video has a low click-through rate relative to other videos that are shown alongside it, then YouTube is likely to rank it lower in the feed or in the search results so that it can better highlight the content that viewers Are clearly more attracted to

Thumbnails are a big factor in grabbing that attention and determining whether it’s your video that gets clicked In this video I’ll, be showing you how you can easily access advanced, click-through rate data for all your videos, so that you can see what’s working, what’s not and improve It fast Stick around to the end, because I’ll also share with you a free resource that can easily 10X your results with keyword, research and YouTube SEO To access this data. You will wan na make sure you’re using the new Studio Beta If you’re, seeing the old dashboard click on the new one here and then go over to Analytics. Then you just come up at the top here to Reach Viewers On this page down. In this chart is the one that we’re talking about.

You can see here our number of impressions, Then right below, that is a click-through rate of 5.7 %. Our videos in the last 28 days have had 12.2 million impressions with 702.5 thousand views, which gives us that click-through rate of 5.7 %, With this number 5.7 %. I don’t want stress this enough that to not be comparing this number to anyone else. This really is individual to your channel, But no matter what this number is, it should be your goal to improve that conversion rate, so improve that ratio from people seeing your content to people clicking on it. But there really is no point where it’s like. That’s an awesome, click-through rate and that’s a really poor, click-through rate, because there’s so many variables that come into play with this. If I come back up here to Overview and then come down here to Top videos, let’s hit See More, This is bond to bring up all the analytics and data from our top videos. Here,

Again, we’re just showing last 28 days at this point and we’re specifically looking at watch time here. These fields here are customizable. So if you’re not seeing Impressions click-through rate, then you can hit plus then go to Reach down to Impressions, click-through rate and that’ll bring up this column here. If we click on the title, then that’s gon na sort them by click-through rate. You can see the top one here is our average, the 5.7 that we saw, We’ve got a few videos here that have a 10 or over 10 % click-through rate, and some of the other ones down at the bottom here are down around six. This page here is only showing our top 50 results, so the top 50 results in regards to the videos with the most-watched time on our channel. If you do wan na show more than the top 50, if you showing this data, this click-through rate impression data for all of the videos on your channel. Then here is an advanced way to do it.

If we go back up to this arrow at the top corner here, it’s sure to give us the ability to download either a Google sheet or into a CSV like an Excel file. We’Re gon na pick CSV here, save it on our desktop and now, when we open that up in Excel we’ll just spread out some of these columns here, we’ve got our video title. We’ve got our watch time. We’ve got our views, average view duration, video thumbnail impressions and video thumbnail impressions, click-through rate. This is the one that we are talking about. If we scroll down here, you can see that we’re going much more than 50. Currently on our channel, we have 256. Videos Might be a couple here that are unlisted, but for all of them you can see the click-through rate, the click-through data, showing here in Excel. The next step, then, is to look at your highest-performing videos or the ones with the highest-performing click-through rates, and then you wan na look for any commonalities or similarities with these top-converting thumbnails, the ones with the highest click-through rate, because these are the ones that are working For you, and are your standouts on your channel

Look at those thumbnails: What did they look like? Did most of them have a lot of text or no text? Did they have your picture on them? What were the colors like? Were they really bright or were they more of a dull thumbnail? Whatever it is? That’s common amongst your top ones. You’ll then really need to start implementing that on some of your older thumbnails as well or at least for your newer thumbnails going forward, Then you can go back through and try and update some of your older thumbnails that maybe have a much lower click-through rate and see How that works, If you do try this, what I would suggest is that, after applying the new thumbnail that you give it at least a month to see how it goes and then measure to see if it’s an improvement or not

But anything under that is not to be enough time. You could also try something totally different, a brand-new design or theme for your thumbnails and see how they go Again impressions click through rate. This is all data-driven You’re able to make good decisions based on this data here that YouTube is providing. Your goal now becomes to increase that click-through rate. If you’re interested in AB testing or split testing your thumbnails, putting up two versions and seeing which one is going to get more clicks, then TubeBuddy has an awesome feature that will let you do this Pretty much. How it works is that you’ll assign two different thumbnail images to the one. Video and TubeBuddy then will automate the rest and it will serve half of those impressions or half of the times that your thumbnail is loaded to one thumbnail and half to the other.

After the set period of time, it’s about showing you which one was the impressions click through rate winner, which one of those had the highest amount of clicks per impression. This feature is absolutely amazing, but it is only available on their legend planned, which is one of their higher ones, but it’s definitely an awesome tool to have Now that you’ve got a solid understanding of how important your thumbnail images actually are and how to go in And interpret your click-through rate data, we have put together a free resource to help you out with your keyword, research. This is a fast-track checklist, that’ll step you through the key YouTube, ranking factors to help you 10X your results and how to get the most out of your YouTube SEO and keyword, research To grab a copy click. The link onscreen now and I’ll see you soon..

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Impressions Click Through Rate

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