😱You must do these 12 tasks before you change your WordPress theme

You must do these 12 tasks before you changeyour wordpress theme. Now changing your themeis a bigger deal than what you think changing atheme can really change your site. It can changeyour conversions, it can change your opt-ins allkinds of things. So there are certain steps thatyou’re going to need to take, and i want to walkyou through all these in this video, so you don’thave any problems until you get the best resultsthanks so much for watching this video don’tforget to subscribe, hit that subscribe buttondown. There turn it from red to gray, don’t forgetto ring the bell turn on all bell: notificationsso you’re notified each and every time i go live or If i upload a video yeah changing that theme it’s.

not as simple as you would think you gotto go through these steps. Number one make noteof any theme: customizations you’ve done, maybeyou’ve added some code, maybe you’ve customizedsome things. All of these things have to be notedand done on the next theme. If you don’t, they willnot work properly. People don’t think about thisover the years they add different things to theirsite.

They tweak different things, they customizethings and then, when they go switch to anothertheme things break and your website doesn’t workwe. Don’T want that happening. Make sure you getnumber two. The website theme performance. Metricsthis is super important guys if you don’t havethis, if you don’t know how your site’s performingthen you’re not going to know if the new themehas caused things to get screwed up, okay, thereis a tool you can use i’ll put it on the screenhere use this tool right Here and you can checkfor free what your speed, what your loading speedof your website is because, if it loads a whole lotslower, that’s going to affect people going to yourwebsite in the performance of the website.

Overallthis is a great website, testing tool. It’S calledis, it wp. It’S a free website, speed test tool. Allyou have to do is enter your website and analyzethe website. It’S simple and easy to use.

Numberthree. You want to make note of the current widgetand sidebar theme areas when you switch themessometimes. These areas are in different placesand that could mess them up. So you want to makesure they’re working properly number four youwant to copy existing wordpress tracking codes. Alot of times people will put their tracking codesdirectly into their theme and when they do so whenthey switch themes, they lose all that they don’thave that data anymore.

So you don’t want that tohappen. I do suggest using monster insights. Whichwill help you with that i’ll put the link hereon the screen, and that way you won’t have thatissue here’s what it looks like when you go tomonster insights right here. It says: get monsterinsights, you just click right there and you canget it and it will help you out and save you alot of headaches number five. You want to back upyour current wordpress website.

Now, there’s a lotof software’s out there that can do that, but youwant to find a wordpress backup, plug-in installthat and use that to backup your site that wayif anything goes wrong. You can always restore yoursite and you’ll, be back to where you were beforenumber six. You want to put your wordpress websiteinto maintenance mode, really important that youdo that, while making changes to your site, it’salways good practice to put your website, intoa maintenance mode maintenance mode, letsyou display a user friendly notice to yourvisitor, which looks something like this. This helpsprevent, your visitors from seeing your websitewhen, it’s half finished or under constructioni, do recommend you using the see prod, plug-init’s, really the best drag and drop wordpress pagebuilder, and it’s used by a lot of different peoplethis lets. You easily create custom maintenancemode pages landing pages.

Coming soon pages and401 pages number seven: is you want to test thefunctionality of the wordpress plugins that youcurrently have you want to go in? There make sureeverything’s working sometimes when you switchthemes that can cause things to go haywire rightevery time. You do something else breaks on asite, but you want to make sure you do that. Soyou have everything working properly next youwant to test your new website, template acrossdifferent, browsers and across different devicesit may be different on a tablet or on a mobilephone or in a desktop or in firefox or exploreror. You know chrome, whatever you’re using so youwant, to make sure you test it in all.

These areasto make sure it’s working properly number nine youknow, while you’re at it delete any plugins thatyou’re, not using right now, all that additionalstuff on your website that you’re, not usingslows everything down it can cause conflictsand cause the things that you do want to workto, not work. Number 10: let your users know: thatyou got a new website that you got new stuffthere. That’S super important that you do that getin touch with your readers and tell them aboutyour new website. This will prepare your audienceso that they’re not confused right uh by anybig design, changes and think they’re at the wrongwebsite and just actually leave here’s an exampleof, a post right here that a company shared abouttheir new website. You can see how they did iti recommend notifying your audience via emailnewsletter social media and push notificationsyou’re going to be tempted to justchange themes and not do all this guysand.

I want to warn you at thispoint: do not do that, do not do thatchanging. Your website theme is a bigger deal. Thanwhat, you think, and i don’t want you to be put offby this video. I don’t want you go. Oh my god i’mnot going to change my theme.

It’S too much workyou should do it. You should do it definitely doit. If you want to change your theme, you shoulddefinitely do it, but just be aware of all theseother things that you’re going to need to dobe, aware that you know your audience could cometo the site and they could be shocked. They couldbe, like oh, my gosh, i’m at the wrong website. Whatis this or i don’t know how to use this or wherecan i find stuff.

Let them know you did thisright to make it easier for them, so you wantto prepare them when these emails you’re going tosend out now a number 11 is you want to test yourloading speed once you’ve done all this test, yourloading speed of your new site and remember In thebeginning, i said to check your loading, speed, ofyour site and check all the data on your site. Nowyou can compare it to the new theme and see whatthe difference is, and if you need to make tweaksif, you need to make changes. If you need to correctthings. Now is the time you’re going to want to dothat now, if you feel uncomfortable doing any ofthese things, you can certainly hire somebody tohelp, you be cautious. Okay, when somebody getsinto your wordpress website, they can breakthings and if they break things that could bea problem.

But remember we got that backup. Rightwe got that backup so make sure you alwayshave that backup you can find help on fiverryou can find help on upwork. You can find helpon freelancer.com just make sure whoever it isthat. You see their reviews, you see other jobs theydid.

Maybe you know somebody who’s already had workdone on their site. You can talk to some of yourcircle of friends and see if they know somebodyand give you some recommendations if youdon’t feel like you’re up to doing thisdon’t, do it? Okay, that’s the advice. I would giveyou. If you feel like you can’t do this stuff youfeel like it’s way over your head, if you feel likewhat i’ve, given you in this video is more thanwhat, you could totally comprehend um.

Don’T do ityou know. You can always learn this stuff on downthe road, but you can certainly get help there’speople that are very adept at doing this, that dothis kind of thing all the time that won’t haveany issues. So don’t worry about it. Okay, upworkfiverr freelancer.com, any of those sitesyou can find somebody who can help you outnumber 12 you’re going to want to monitor yourwebsite bounce rate.

What is a bounce rate, abounce rate is when somebody comes to your siteand, they immediately leave within a second or twonow. This can have something to do with your newtheme, so you want to make it as easy as possibleto navigate your new theme. You can do this bymaking the navigation menus, easier and morefriendly to use you can do this by having moreinternal links on your site. There’S many ways: youcan do this: to make your site have a lower bouncerate, but this is something you want to monitor. Inthe beginning, you initially may experience ahigher bounce rate just because people come toyour site and they don’t recognize it dependinghow much of a change.

It is if it’s a huge changeyou’re going to see a bigger bounce rate justbecause, they don’t know where they’re at howeverthat may be offset by people coming to your sitewho are new to your site, who, like the new themeso overall, you know, maybe your new people bouncea Little bit more, but you get new people coming, inwho, actually stay on your site, become customersof your site and at this point once you’ve doneall these things. You’Ve got these 12 steps. Doneit’S not a bad idea to survey your audience sendout an email say what did you think of our newwebsite? Hey if you fill out this questionnaireor five questions about the new website, i’ll sendyou, a free 49 report on how to lose weight orhow to garden or how to do woodworking or whateveryour niche is uh, offer them something to fill outthese surveys. So often i will have a companysend me a survey to let me you know, fill outand grade their company or grade their service orwhatever, and they don’t want to give me anythingwell, i’m not going to do that.

You know the theodds of me feeling if i filled out every surveyevery time, somebody at the grocery store said youknow circle this and says fill out the survey, if idid that every single time i wouldn’t have time torun my business and you probably wouldn’t eitherso, make sure If you’re asking them their opinionsmake sure, if you’re giving them a survey to dothat, you give them something of value for doingit that you pay them back in some way. Hey take mysurvey and here’s a coupon code for 10 off yournext order that will motivate some people to doit and then you’ll get that feedback that you needto make sure that your site is operating. Properlyi hope this helps you out guys. If you want somemore information on digital marketing and sellingonline, i have a free course below it’s. A 97 courseyou can get it absolutely free.

All you have to dois click and learn no credit card required. Alsoif you haven’t done so so far. Please make sureyou subscribe hit that subscribe button turn itfrom red to gray. Don’T forget to ring the bellturn on all bell notifications, so you’re notifiedeach and every time i go live also give me athumbs up that thumbs up is so important as amatter of fact. Let me show you what it looks.

Likesee that thumbs up right there, yeah that’swhat, it looks like, and you need to click itdown there and give me that thumbs up. It helps meso much. I would really appreciate it. Thank you somuch for watching this video. I appreciate youwatching it and i’ll see you in the next video hey thanks for watching my video don’tforget to subscribe to my channeland click that little bell right.

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