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[dflip id="1973" type="thumb" ][/dflip] Let’s let this tool that archives and indexes content from Google, Yahoo. The 3 people that go to Bing every day. I think they have a bill too because when they have 3 people they ring the bell. But it’s mostly from Google data. Google has the largest search share of any search engine on the planet. Best Strategies Keywords And Content So, there you go. Alright. So, let’s go down here. So, 3d printer, you’ll see here let me walk you through what you’re looking at. 3d printer that exact phrase gets 301,000 searches per month. “Dear Reader” Don’t Bother Reading This Post It’s Only For The SEOJust Click The Book Cover Above To Read The PDF – Then Click The NEXT Banner Below.

That’s a lot. It gets… And it’s also people are paying $1. 36 per click to be findable for that. Best Strategies Keywords And Content So, if you’re thinking about what’s the value of me ranking organically, just take 300 thousand times a dollar 36. That’s the most value of that keyword. Kind of the street value of that keyword if you will. So, that’s probably a good one.

Best Strategies Keywords And ContentBut that’s going to be pretty hard to rank for. So, let’s pick something a little more specific. Typically the longer the keyword, the shorter the search volume. Which you’re like that’s like a record scratch. You’re like, I don’t want lower, I want bigger. Best Strategies Keywords And Content

Not in search marketing. Search marketing is about getting a longer keyword phrase and getting maybe a smaller amount of searches but those searches are amazing. They’re targeted, they’re fired hot. We want those. When I was at Yahoo, we studied keyword lengths.

And when we had 3 keywords, 1, 2, 3, 4. They were a 36% conversion rate. And a 36% conversion rate means they did something when they got to your site. They followed you on social. They subscribe to your blog.

They did something. That’s really what we want them to do at the end of the day, is do something. And also, we’re not these huge corporations with huge marketing teams. We’ve got to be a little more scrappy. And we got to figure out the keywords that are really we stand a chance to actually rank for.

So, you want to pick something that’s 4 keyword phrases in length ideally. And then we want to find something that’s beefy enough or interesting enough that we could own that keyword. Remember, the keyword is the boss. We want to make sure they’re picking the right boss here. So, you’ll see if we’ve got all kinds of things.

We’ve got the best 3d printer or metal, cheap. Let’s see, 3d printer price, printer designs. Models. So, I own a 3d printing company that I’m going to want to definitely be tapping into all of these different things. These might be YouTube videos, they might be blog posts.

Keywords Mistakes You May Be Making

They might be hashtags I use. And there are some serious like a cheap 3d printer gets 12,100 searches a month. That is a lot. Now, a lot of people like, “I don’t want cheap.” That means they don’t want to spend any money. Not necessarily. I think everyone wants a good deal, right? Everyone wants a great deal. And we put cheap in. It’s because we want a great deal.

It’s not because we’re not going to spend any money. Does that make sense? Like it’s… So you want to really pay attention to when they show up in that way. So, let’s keep looking down here. Let’s find something really interesting here. I’m going to go back up and type in the filament. The filament is the plastic that you put into the 3d printer and then that melts and extrudes to make all this cool stuff.

As a 3d printer or maybe in a filament maker, I could do 3d printing filament types. 3d printer filament wood, metal. They actually have a wood filament. It smells bizarre when you print it. It smells like you have a fire in the fireplace.

It’s very strange. But they have all kinds of really cool stuff for filament. So, I’m going to go in here. I’m going to go back to 3d printer. Now, that number has a very big number.

There are 300,000 which is a lot. I’m probably not gonna rank for that. But you know what? I know that I should be talking about that. So, 301,000 searches per month.

I’m going to put that down right there under search volume. 3, 0, 1. Comma, 0, 0. So, another cool part I should say is SEM rush has a cheat sheet. So you’re like, “Okay, great Heather.

300,000 searches.” Like, “How do I even know how much to write on that? Is it a thousand? Is it 100,000?” How much?

This tool has a cheat sheet that we can go in and say, “Okay, great. I want to rank for 3d printer or 3d printer filament, So, I’m going to come in here and I’m gonna put 3d printer. This tool is called the SEO content template. And the reason that this is like changed my business is that it gives me the actual cheat sheet. We used to count.

Let’s go to the top 10 sites. Count repetitions on each page. And then do a word count. And we had to do these in these massive spreadsheets.

It was such a pain. When I found this thing I practically cried. Because I’m like, “Oh, my gosh. This is now going to save me so much time.” So, take a look at this. What this tool does –the content template tool is it goes in and says, “Okay.

Here are the top 10 sites that rank for 3d printers.” Gives them right there. And then with this tool does as it goes it visits each one of those sites and calculates a formula –a cheat sheet by which we’re going to write our page. So, in the top 10, there’s already an algorithmic equation of why those are there. I don’t have time to figure out why they’re there.

I just know that those guys are doing something right. I want to do more of what’s right. I also like to think about this as cool kids. So think back to high school or elementary school. You know who the cool kids were.

best keyword research toolThey sat in the back of the bus. They knew all I eat the same sandwiches. They all had the same outfits. They hung out together. That’s a cool kid.

If I could have gotten the recipe to be a cool kid in high school, that would have been a game-changer for me. But I want the cool kid formula. And that’s what this is. Each keyword phrase has a specific formula. So, as I come down here, look at this.

So, here’s all the top 10 that currently rank for 3d printers. Right here is semantically related keywords are the keywords at the bottom. And the keywords that drop down at the top of search results. Look at all these. When I go to sit down and write this, I know exactly what to use.

I’m going to talk about rapid prototyping, I’m going to talk about print quality, objects, the build plate. That’s the bottom part. 3d models, 3d objects, all kinds of stuff. It tells me exactly if I want to look like a cool kid, then I’m just going to talk about those topics and I will instantly look like a cool kid. And I will rank for that phrase.

But you got to go a little deeper than that. How much do I write? So, this is a B fee keyword. And I knew that because it had 300,000 searches. But I have to write 2585 words exactly to rank for 3d printer.

Now, there are a million ways that we could make that look pretty, and that you can work with your web designer to do that. But 2,585 keywords are a lot of content. So, where my mind goes is I’m never going to rank for that. But I could take a stab at it. And I’m definitely in the right lane.

If I did something like 3d printer magic. That would be completely unfindable. Because I made it up. 3d printer however I know and I can look at how are people searching for that. And I can start to nuance my saw leadership around other elements like 3d printing filament, 3d printing plate.

Cheap 3d printers. Things of that nature so that I can actually compete under the lower-lying keywords and eventually percolate up to something like 3d printer over time. But it takes time. So choose wisely. Now, I can export this into a word doc. I can send it to a writer to write this on based on this. I could dictate into my phone and have it transcribed. I use a tool called rev. R-E-V dot com. And I could just dictate it and I have that cheat sheet in front of me, I’m going to dictate. Best Strategies Keywords And Content I’m going to make sure to talk about these things. I’m going to make sure to get that amount of copy.

I dictated in my phone. I upload it to a transcription service and boom. I’ve got my blog post for that keyword. Best Strategies Keywords And Content And you know that you’ve created a piece of content that matched the blueprint. So, let’s go back. So, that was 25, 85. So, I’m going to go back to the PowerPoint. And my keyword, I’m going to put 25, 85. Okay. Now, I’ve got my completed keyword map. So, what you’re seeing here is now I have a couple of choices. I’ve got the keyword footprint.


Best Strategies Keywords And Content