Blogging Tips For Newbies

Blog Marketing Tips For Blogging Newbies

If you are into blogging, or you want to start a blog, you may have already come across lists of content on how to get into blog marketing. There are so many tips available on the internet today and most people are learning through this media. However, some of the lists do not work and everyone has an idea of what should be and what should not be done for a blog to be successful.

Before you even start blogging within website blog marketing, it is important to learn as much as you can about it. While nothing good comes easy, it is possible to start from scratch and create a blog that will be the envy of the online community. Regardless of how successful or how long you have been blogging, there is always some room for improvement and learning more things so that you can have better results. The digital world is also quite dynamic and you have to accept the fact that learning is a continuous process.

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Regardless of what you blog about or how long you have been doing it. There are some tips that can actually assist you to be even better.

General blog marketing tips

  • Do not copy. As much as you can, try to be original. Maybe you want to start blogging because you feel inspired by someone that you really admire. Avoid copying what they do and find something that is unique, by so doing, you will have continuity, and you will get new ideas more often than you can imagine.
  • Always stick to the truth: you should never lie, cajole, or even mislead people. This is because people are more aware today and they will find out when you tell misleading things. Trust is hard to get and can be lost just as easily.
  • Be good at what you do: there is so much mediocrity online today. Do not add on to it. It is always important to be as outstanding as possible. This is what people will notice.
  • Patience is always important. Getting a great standing in your niche will take time. Success can never be achieved in a day.
  • Have a theme: always work on a theme. When you have a theme, you will know the topics to write about. Always know that readers will stick around because of the voice you pray and not necessarily the topic.

Community and growth tips

  • Measurements: It makes sense to measure stats, but this should not be done too early because it can be frustrating. You should not be worrying about the numbers very early on your journey since this can waste valuable resources and time. Do not concentrate too much on the trends either. Ensure that you install Google analytics eventually. This will guide you on the areas that need to be modified.
  • Sharing: When you are creating content, it is important that you make it as easy as possible to share it. The most shared content is usually done through social media platforms. Allow your readers to share content with friends.
  • Interaction: you should always encourage people to engage with you. It may be reasonable to have some posts that are not entirely finished. You can then ask for people’s opinions to make the conversation complete.
  • Networking: as a blogger, you should always uphold networking. This can be done by connecting with other bloggers as well as your readers. If you fail to do this, it means that you are losing a lot.
  • Guest posts: so as to get your blog out there, you should take the time to write guest posts that can be linked back to you. Also, allow others to write guest posts. This widens your reach even further.

Writing tips

  • Content: if you want to be relevant, you need to concentrate on content that is timeless. Old content is usually taken as irrelevant. Do not just come up with news headlines, you need to be a resource that most people will look up to for insight.
  • Do not over or under-do it: when you want to make a point, it is possible that you will overdo it. Also, there are times you will feel intimidated and you end up doing too little. Writing too much might make people lose interest before they get through the article. Writing too little may also make people feel like you do not give enough.
  • Be clear and make a point: blogging is not all about words. It has to come together in a sensible way. The audience needs to understand what you are saying and the point you are trying to make.
  • Be bold: when you pick a topic, you need to be bold. This is the kind of thing that people will relate to. Have conviction and if you happen to be wrong, retract and admit it. There is nothing as humbling as this and people will take note.
  • Sentences: short sentences make more sense than long ones. You notice that it is easy to get lost when you choose longer sentences.

Inspiration and motivation

Bloggers should never give up. You may start a blog that does not capture the attention of the audience immediately, but this should not be your reason to stop. Stick with it until you make it. Learn blog marketing from mistakes made and improve to be better.


It is also important to write often. Capture some new ideas and then create posts from them. There are many tools that can help you come up with the best content and ideas.

In the world of blogging, there is nothing as important as a critic. You need to expect it and accept. Be prepared for this and use such critic to better yourself.

Inspiration is important and you should seek out ways to get it. It is the only way that you can become an inspiration to other people. By filling yourself up, you will be able to fill others up as well.

You should also accept that some people will visit your blog marketing but will just scan through. Ensure that you write for these kinds of people too. When it is possible to scan the blog, then you will earn people’s attention.

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